Walmart Bakery

12236 Montana Ave, El Paso
(915) 255-4031

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J B.

Stopped for some essentials while traveling east and was very impressed with the friendly associates that asked if we needed assistance. This happened from three individuals, one in the water section while he was stocking shelves, an individual in electronics as we were passing through and a young lady who identified herself as an associate and directed us to the hardware department for command self adhesive hooks. The reason I detail that is I did not get their names and they were great. The stores in California and Nevada could use this store as a good example of what to do with customer relations instigated looking away. I also want to add that this was the cleanest and most efficient and well stocked store that I've ever seen. Keep up the good work.

Alan H.

The management of this store does not support the wearing of masks for all its patrons. This was brought to the attention of managers when people with children walked in and refused to put them on. We are on the national news due to the pandemic and its policy and a city ordinance for masks to be worn in public for the safety of Walmart employees as well as its patrons. If you don't wanna take any risks, we suggest that you visit another store.

Ryan W.

We moved to El Paso right before the New Year and have traditionally 'played it safe' while grocery shopping. Walmart, Target, Sprouts, the stores we are used to seeing in various states. These week we decided to stop into Vista just to check it out and left with a hand basket full of stuff. I'm almost certain we may not buy meat or fresh produce from anywhere else on a regular basis the rest of the time we live here. From fresh tortillas, to King Crab legs; massive steaks to hot or cold queso; giant chilies, large jalapeños, and a great selection of other fruits and vegetables. Do yourself a favor, if you have thought about stopping in before you've already wasted too much time; do it!

Anthony Bombela

Always good

Steven R.

I'm at this location 4-6 times a week. One time I bought buttermilk as it was with the 2% milk. I tried to return it I couldn't because I didn't have the receipt.. it has been a bothersome to me that this store doesn't permit the customers to enter or exit the same door and actually has someone on the payroll directing's not only annoying it's unfriendly and takes the pleasure away from shopping here.. I'll go back to Sprouts

Anthony J.

I went in to the store to by prepared food for my whole week at work while I was ordering another customer came up told the employee that he was in a hurry and she decided to help him so I walked out i usually go in every week to order food for my work week spend more than $100.00 every week this will be the last time me or my family enter this establishment

Joey C.

I gave this grocery store 5 stars for two reasons. They have The absolute best tortillas in town, there's no doubt about it. Also, they have an offbrand cola that I love.

Antonino T.

Called for the manager hector to talk to him about the rat poop all over the tostadas. It took about twenty minutes three calls later I walked away to see him arriving at the front when I was checking out. I told him about the rat poop but he didn't seem to care that much or wasn't really surprised by it l. I don't think I will be coming back I used to love the place and always thought it was clean but after today I question this stores quality of cleanliness.

Anthony J.

Nice clean and prices are reasonable like this better than walmart will continue going here

Patrick M.

The only other Mexican grocery stores that I have been to are HEB and Central Market in San Antonio. This market certainly has an authentic Mexican feel compared to HEB and Central market which seems more of a hybrid. I didn't shop for produce but would stop by on some weekends for their barbacoa, brisket and pork from their meat station and various pastries from their bakery. Their brisket alone is something to worth trying. The price is reasonable at what I believe was 9.99/LB and their other meat stations as well. Their drink station was also really good (aqua frescas?). If sprouts wasn't located to close to this area, I would most likely have done my shopping here.

Happy G.

Wonderful bakery and produce sections, even a small selection of frozen vegetarian foods, plus a ton of prepared foods and desserts. We were just passing through but will make a point of stopping by this market whenever we are in town. I love it!

Allan P.

I love this place so much!!!! Every time I'm home from San Antonio I stop at Vista right away for burritos and Agua frescas. Always great cuts of meat and outstanding service. I love HEB here in San Antonio but Vista will always be number 1 no matter what.

J G.

This will be the third time i left the store because of the long checkout lines...especially if u get something at the burrito bar...come on!

Kennicia H.

Great place to grocery shop when they have monthly sales, staff is predominantly Latino with most being able to speak & understand English well. However, the N Zaragoza location on the Far East side I had an hygienic issue with; while speaking with an employee by their baked goods area a fly seemed to have gotten into the glass enclosure & landed on a few of the baked goods the employee shushed it out of the enclosure, did not remove any of the food it landed on & closed the enclosure. That was a turn off for me so I didn't purchase my intended pastries nor have purchased any baked goods from there since because sadly when I mentioned it to her she took the trays out once she assumed I left she placed them back into the enclosure.

Jin G.

Place is big and nice. Crowded on the weekends best to beat the crowd during the weekdays. The bakery has some amazing treats. They have a coffee shop, burrito bar, and drink bar inside.

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