10771 Gateway Plaza Blvd, El Paso
(915) 229-7966

Recent Reviews

Becky Lewis

Had a great experience during lunch rush. I didn't have to wait long to order or receive my food

Marco sanchez

Great service, even though they were pretty busy....08/28/2020 8:10p.m

Judy Wright

Food is good, they just need to learn what sandwich goes with what was ordered.

Elizabeth Ortiz

Great staff! Ordered 15 breakfast sandwiches. Prepared quickly. Hot and fresh. Thank you.

Anna Lewis

The baconator fries are the reason I come here. We order online and pick up from the drive thru. It's very fast, and I haven't had a wrong order yet, though I think we've only come 3 or 4 times.

art aguilar

The service was fast and correct. Really enjoy my take out meal

Shelby Elliott

Everytime I order through here it’s either wrong or extremely delayed. Funny how the drive through is the only thing open and they STILL get every order wrong.

Brian Lakes

Had to go through the drive thru. Line was really long but went by fast. Staff was friendly and the food was correct.

Caryn Hart

Got our order completely wrong. They should’ve given us a whole new meal because all of our food was cold by the time we went back to pick up the nuggets that they had not put in the bag. When they were giving us our food, we also had to ask for the frosty and two drinks we ordered or else they wouldn’t have given that to us either. Not to mention, they weren’t busy at all when we went and one lady in particular was rude.

Vincent Z.

Their service couldn't be worse, last time I used the drive through I was missing a triple burger, and this time I'm missing a large coke,

Tiny S.

the service here is so bad i waited about 10 minutes just to get a sugar cookie and that wasn't even with waiting in line.! there was one lady who was on her phone the entire time i was waiting, dont get me wrong the food os really good but the service is just straight up terrible

Sandy Contreras

Best service. Friendly staff. Quick drive thru.

Ben Davis

Clean, fast, friendly, soda machines had a good mix, and food was great and cooked to order. Even the high chairs where very clean. Only complaint was the bathroom didn't have a changing table.

Alfredo Perez

Good counter service. Food was hot and looked and tasted fresh.

Robert Silva

Salad and a burger maybe bad convination chicken on the salad tastes medecinee or I guess it's there receipe it's fast food hu? I go back to the bake potato again it's safer, oh and the restroom was flooded

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