Kintaro Ramen

2801 W 7th St, Fort Worth
(817) 887-9013

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Jessica Whyrick

Honestly the BEST Miso Ramen I have ever had in my life and I'm so sad that I had to move back to Kansas, I miss it so much.Food: 5/5

N C.

Got the Tonkatsu ramen. The noodle type and texture is kinda unique. The broth wasn't my favorite and it was a bit too salty. Ordered at the iPads upon entering the restaurant. Paid street parking or a parking garage right around the corner. They validate the parking when you order the food. I was lucky enough to find a free 1 hour parking spot in the parking garage; these spots are limited.

Maria Perales

The service was good but the food was not good, it was just white stew with noodles that tasted not very good, all of the food had the same flavor. I would have rather eaten a pack of noodles and saved myself a lot of money. Also another thing is the way the food is ordered, it was myselfand the people that i went with first time going and we were confused on how to order, we eventually did thanks to a customer who told us how to order. Turns out that we weren’t the only ones who was confused because there was a guy who was sitting down waiting for 15 minutes until a customer, not a worker told him how to order. I suggest maybe putting a sign for those who are new to the restaurant?

Nataleigh Willis

Delicious ramen shop! You place your order at a kiosk and a server then brings it to your table. Service is quick and friendly. We tried the tonkatsu ramen and the okonomiyaki fries. Both were delicious, but the ramen stole the show.Food: 5/5

Shelley Renae

The customer service is impeccable and crystal and then one of the cooks was Great! But I don't really like not ordering from like a sit down menu. Kind of thing necessarily and I think it made both myself and my boyfriend at the time. A little under the weather or nauseous because it didn't seem to sit well.

Monserrat A.

I went here when they first opened a few years ago.I decided to get back on the Ramen caravan and just ordered the vegetarian curry.So glad to see that they’re still using savory, incredible broths and fresh ingredients.Thanks for continuing to please the palette.

Play Nice

Kintaro Ramen was like a culinary adventure, and I didn't even need a passport. I ordered Dracula's Bane and Karashi Tonkotsu Ramen, and let me tell you, those bowls were delicious.The broth was so rich, it was like a billionaire's bank account, and the noodles were perfectly cooked, like they had their own personal sous chef. But the meat? That meat was so tender, I almost thought it was whispering sweet nothings to me.And the ambiance was on point, too. It was like I was in my own little ramen cocoon, surrounded by the sounds of slurping and chopstick clacking. It was like an episode of Iron Chef meets ASMR.Overall, I'd say that Kintaro Ramen is the perfect spot for a cozy night out, or even a fun first date. Just be sure to bring your appetite and a sense of humor, because those portions are no joke.

Chris Weber

They were wonderfully gracious in five minutes before close and delivered a gorgeous takeout experience for the three of us and made a truly breathtaking core memory for my youngest. She will be back and I will be bringing others in-between my weekends with her and her sister.The choices and customization are awesome along with the ordering yourself and seating to service; I love to add gratuity for the bulkier grind of the server rather than rush them to the table to do drink service.The vibe and cleanliness set everything at ease and the location is next door to the parking garage where you are validated with a QR code by the register after you order, how cool is that?

Sheniqua W.

Draculas bane was delicious and service was great. Loved the atmosphere and music selection. Definitely will be back and highly recommend.

Reyna A.

This was such a beautiful place to go to and enjoy the food. When you enter there's a screen where you can see the menu and pay right then and there. Unless you're paying with cash you'd have to go to the bar area to pay. The restrooms are very clean and the entry path to them is very fun. The service there was also good but sometimes it was a little hard to get their attention just in case you needed anything. Lastly, the prices there aren't crazy !

Christine L.

Ordered take-out on a Friday before the dinner crowd. The food was spot on. Service was pretty non-existent. Considering how slow it looked, the wait time on the food seemed a bit longer than what I would deem acceptable. When I noticed another party that ordered the same time I did get their food, that was my cue to inquire about my order. Disappointed the staff was chit chatting and not keeping track of the parties coming in to order to make sure orders came out in a reasonable amount of time.

Dreamer Vega

You will not find better miso ramen in north texas other than Kintaro. The pork was so tender and had a really nice flavor. The eggs were boiled perfectly and the ramen had a nice thin texture to them. But what really made this dish was the BROTH. It was creamy and had so much depth to it I could not stop sipping on the broth even after I ate everything else in the bowl. I would be surprised if it was made from a powder because this stuff is drinkable. Can’t wait for my next bowl.

Kathy S.

Food was salty. Service sucked they literally were turning away people because they said the kitchen was too busy. The moment customers come in they were like "you can't order."

Kaleb J.

Kintaro Ramen, formerly known as "Oni Ramen" is located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth on the corner of a building. I was in the mood for some ramen, something decent and filling. You walk in and order your food from a self-service kiosk, and seat yourself.I ordered the "Karachi Tonkotsu Ramen" with an extra egg, pork belly and some "Spicy Edamame" as a side. The ramen was decent (7/10). The broth was heavy and missing some flavor. I could tell this wasn't a traditional ramen place because of how it tasted. The pork wasn't very flavorful but still delicious. The egg was severely lacking that "umami" that you usually get from a flavor egg. The texture of the egg was almost perfect but not quite as the yolk was pretty runny. The Spicy Edamame was a hit (9/10). I've tried many different kinds of spicy edamame and this was better than most of the others I've had.I would recommend this place to people who haven't had ramen before or want something "quick" because it doesn't take them long to get the food out. (Went around lunch time on a week day). All-in-all a 7.5/10.

Scott N.

I like the set up that order and pay at a kiosk and don't have to wait on server if busy. Staff was friendly and attentive. Food prices aren't bad. Got sweet tea that was way too sweet, so be aware of that. Food was good but not outstanding so is reason for a 3 stars. But if like ramen it's not a bad place.

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