Kintaro Ramen

2801 W 7th St, Fort Worth
(817) 887-9013

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Sarah M.

Pretty good ramen! I got the curry veggie one. Two thing is I wish I removed the ginger since it's very strong and it didn't really taste like curry. Boyfriend said the same thing. Service was good. You got to order through a machine and they asked for your names to make sure you got what you wanted. Next time, if ever I'd get some edamame.

John C.

I have placed a few orders for pick up and everything has always been great and ready fast.

Jose E.

Second time was a charm for my daughter and I. Really good service and good food. Although, I did felt that it was a little more saltier than last time we went. Besides that, it was really good. Tonkotsu

Jennifer F.

Food was decent, service sucked. Went on Tuesday night and it was pretty dead. We got sodas and after the food came they never came to check on us. I had to take my glass to the bar for a refill. Even after that no one checked on us and we were the only ones there at that point.

Briana V.

Best Ramen! They noddles where perfect. The amount of spice was amazing! All around amazing food and staff !


Surprised how nasty it was. Must have lots of fake reviews. I don't know how anyone could like it. Extremely salty with not much flavor. Would give 2 stars for how fast it came, but the a/c also wasn't working when I went. But then again, the noodles were hard, so maybe it would've been better if it didn't come out so fast and cooked a little longer.

Carissa B.

Ramen is incredible. Best in town. Be careful with the spice levels. They don't mess around. When they say spicy it's spicy.

Drew R.

Before stopping in I did take a look at the reviews and noticed they weren't so hot. However, when reviewing pictures all the ramen looked the way it should. Having ate ramen literally around the world at too many places to count, I think it comes down to people not knowing what ramen should taste like in the area. Ramen should have Al Dente noodles, eggs should be soft-boiled marinated, broth should be thick, creamy, seem a little oily, but rich in flavor. Chashu pieces are generous sizes but could be slightly less charred (I do like charring but just a tad too much that overpowers). I definitely recommend stopping by and trying out the ramen if you are a frequent ramen eater.

Ali Atchison

We ordered ramen and okonomi fries for take out last week.As you can see, the fries barely even make up half the container (less than what you’d get in a small fries at McDonald’s). In addition, some of the fries were not even fully cooked. Quite disappointing as the flavor otherwise was very good.The ramen we asked that one come with the egg “on the side” due to religious reasons. Clearly meaning I wanted my egg in a separate container from my ramen but they instead set it to the side of my ramen bowl. The other ramen we ordered normal and the egg came in the center of the ramen.That said, the Ramen was delicious and the service was very good as well.

Heidi Y.

The service was great! It was a quick sit down and leave type of place. The ordering and paying is through the tablets in the middle. One ramen came out spicy when it shouldn't have. I thought that the gyoza was overpriced for the size of it. But overall, the 3 star rating is due to the broth. It was quite salty. I had the habanero spice on the side because I had an inkling that it was going to extra salty with it but I wanted it spicy. So I barely ended up enjoying the spice because if I had added more, it would've been a salt mine.

Brandon C.

This place has always been my go to spot. The staff is really nice and the place is never really packed. Ive never had an issue with any of my orders or a bad experience in general. I usually get the Tonkotsu with a side of Chicken Karaage and it never disappoints. Always on point with the taste. The prices do tend to change but it really isnt an issue for me. This place always has a special place in my heart!

Mike S.

So my go to Ramen place is most definitely Hanabi Ramen & Izakaya but when this place opened where the old Oni Ramen used to be me and a few friends decided to check it out. I ordered the tonkotsu Ramen Which is my go to order and I have to say I was pretty disappointed, the ramen noodles they use we're very thin like angel hair stuck together also the broth was just too creamy and left oily feel on my lips. The service was pretty slow four of us got our orders at the same time but are fifth person didn't get there till 10 minutes later even though we all ordered at the same time. They have beer taps on the wall but when I tried to order a beer they said they did not have any? Overall unfortunately I would not recommend this restaurant if you're looking for good ramen just go right down the street to Hanabi it's far superior

Nessa K.

It was ok. Had the spicy tonkotsu, it was ok. The egg was good and the broth was ok. Also had okonomi fries; if they didn't have so much mayo they would've been great. Service was 5 stars.

Reigh E.

I stopped in here for lunch today for the first time since it was Oni Ramen. I definitely miss Oni - the tan-tan men was my favorite. I had Gyoza and the Tonkotsu. They were both just okay. The gyoza was just a little too bland but it was pan fried very well. The tonkotsu was good but still not as good as any of the other ramen I've had. The noodles seemed too tough and chewy. The broth was bland, and the egg was cool. I did like the ordering station - it's always a bonus to be able to counter order (or kiosk order) and be able to leave as soon as I'm ready.

Laurel Wallace

It was a relaxed environment with delicious ramen that you could select what was added. The only negative as all restaurants is it was chilly inside as the temp is set for the staff and not the customers.

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