Taco Bell

1701 California Pkwy S, Fort Worth
(817) 568-8994

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Nicholas Billeaud

I got here at 1:52 last night (Thursday) and was denied service because they were closed. Let’s not advertise something we aren’t actually going to do. This is the 3rd time this has happened here. What is going on with the late night fast food around here…

Karan Mills

Food served hot price & quality not way to pricey for what was bought

Eduardo Estrada

I've past by here more than a couple of times and every time the fail to give me napkins. And one time no straws.

Jr Fukitt

Has always did the best to make every visit the best. Several times the mgr made sure of it when brought with issue. We all make mistakes it’s how they are dealt with that matters.

Tristan Byram

Never prepare orders in time for Uber Eats


Pretty great, people working there make sure you have everything you asked for!

Jasmine Reynolds

My whole order was wrong I ordered 1 quesadilla and a chalupa box. Instead I got 6 quesadillas and 2 bean burritos they got my drink right and the quesadilla right only.


Love me some Taco Bell. Give me the whole right side of the menu


Yeah it's taco bell. You're probably here because your... Um... Enjoying herbal enhancement... Easy a taco, nacho or burrito. It's delicious because it's great um... Brownie supplement.

Auto Maxx

This place here is the most amazing Taco Bell I ever been to.The manager and her staff are the best people in the world, they help you with anything the bathrooms are always clean the lobby is always clean.its a great place to eat your food at, it just has a good atmosphere. Now let me talk about the food a little bit the food here I believe is better than any other Taco Bell they just use the right amount of sauce they use the right amount of beans, rice, beef, guacamole, sour cream, etc. If you want to take your family out for a nice meal and a great environment around a lot of nice people Taco Bell on James Crowley Road is a place you want to go.

Chels Nevels

The taco bell off James and I20 is horrible. The one in NRH is way better

Lovie Jones

I'm not sure what's the problem with the Nacho Fries. But this is my 3rd time getting them all three times. I've had issues. I wish that they could make them to order. This would avoid unsatisfied customers.


This is the worst Taco Bell I've ever been to. They gave me my bag I sat it in my lap next thing I know I'm wearing my food because my bag was leaking thru and soggy

Andrew Arrington

will not EVER order from this restaurant again. They need to train their staff better or something cuz no matter how I phrase my order whether I use the drive-thru or have it delivered, the order is ALWAYS wrong. Tonight we used Uber eats to deliver our food after a long day. This time they gave us the completely wrong order. Maybe this wouldn't be such a reoccurring issue if Taco Bell would label the bags, but whatever. So we got a refund on the items. So I drive to the restaurant to order through the drive-thru. The items looked correct until I got home and see they forgot my cinnamon twists AND made the quesadilla incorrectly. This is the LAST time I'm ordering from this place. They majorly suck. I've given them too many chances.

Swift Winds

Taco Beezy fo sheezy. That 5 layer was cheesy. But.. Never greasy.When life gets hard. Taco Bell makes it Easy

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