Taco Bell

1701 California Pkwy S, Fort Worth
(817) 568-8994

Recent Reviews


Friendly service food is great.

Kamille Davis

I love the chulpa cravings box

Ale Bonilla

Can order some vegan options But very difficult to explain. it would be great if menu would include those already since all the ingredients already exist to do so

Nick Farr

Always give the food out fast an fresh an the get busy but they cook the food fast the employees are nice

Cheryl Stellner

The tacos are great, we have tried other places that sell tacos, but they just can't hold a candle to Taco Bell.

Don Dehoney

dpnt try to come to taco bell and get your food last minute. go home and eat your food dnt wait till they close and try to order. noooooo go home

Hallie Vasseur

The woman who works the drive-thru in the morning is so friendly and kind.

Steve Marten

good for taco bell. I haven't eaten at Taco Bell since Pepsi sold the company. It was pretty decent but I have a real issue with eating at a restaurant that has Illuminati commercials

Caleb Hurley

It came out quickly but only partially correct.


It was good. Enjoyed the tacos and everything else

Johnny Aguirre

Very clean & the drive thru people seem genuine also the new dollar item soft crunch is worth it!

Mike Quinn

Maybe hungry, idk but those Supreme tacos hit the spot! Too bad service was lacking?

John Martin

Really clean even the restrooms considering the area. Staff was friendly and pleasant food was fast and fresh one of the best TB I’ve been to.

Hanna B

The staff here is super friendly, and get you your food quick


Nice clean facility and restroom (:

Roderick Butcher

Good friendly customer service accurate on orders also very accommodating to get the best value for your money.

Isaac De La Torre

They ok but maybe they can add big mac pls

Mario Diaz

Wish I had a negative star here.... Paid for my food with a card, the person never returned my card. When I went inside and talked to the manager, she told me I could not be right about her employee not returning my card, without even double checking. She ashamed me by saying, very loud and in front to other costumers, "so wow you really know your card is here".... Look this is costumer service 101. Won't ever come back here. Had to wait for Monday to get a new card. This was a Friday. Get it together taco Bell. Love your food not the attitude!

Marshal Clough

Friendly and efficient staff. Inexpensive eats and open late for midnight munching. Conveniently located right next to I-20.

Raven Gruber

The service here has gone down hill, the employees especially in the evening are rude and unpleasant to be around. I have Always loved Taco Bell since I was a kid and I am so disappointed in the service here and Everytime I have ordered any kind of burritos are not made with love but are in fact very sloppy 😑 . Anyway that's just the way it is and how I feel! Discussted and very Dissatisfied!

John Bonham

This place got me so sick. Do not eat here, I was sick for days after eating here.

Kelly Thetford

Very clean that's a must in fast food.tasty tacos

Brittany Lowry

Not thinking, we went to taco bell at 1130 PM on a Saturday and it was ridiculously crowded BuT for a Saturday it was understandable. The food was very good but also not what we ordered.

Austin Jessup

Food was fresh and staff was friendly. Clean store and restrooms, would recommend this location based on my some visit here

Arnitha Renee Walters

Customer service and cleanliness of the store was excellent food just isn't as good anymore

Holly Turner

They dont even deserve a one star. I pulled up to the drive thru box at 1230 they close at one I sat at the box for 5 mins no answer pulled around to window no person called the store phone they ignored my call then put the phone in busy mode so no calls came thru. It is now 1250a and still no one has come to the window. I heat them inside and another car just pulled up behind me in the drive thru. Quiet sad honestly I chose to bring my buisness here as I get off late and was hungry only to be ignored and have sat in the drive thru for almost 30 mins now and no one has come to the window.

Shahid Ahmed

Cleanliness was so so. Older furniture and a bit grungy.

Nijean Diggins

On time my son love it.

sheryl Hogan

Prices has always been affordable n the food is my favorite fast food place to go!!

Sandra Weaver

They discontinued the spicy tostada... Just to charge twice as much on a "double tostada" i was told it has double beans... Shoula took a pic... There wasnt even rnuf beans to cover 3/4 of shell with even a thin layer. And the potatoes were CRUNCHY...even the manager knew it. When i called she owned up sayibg she noticed they were bad after i left... Her customer service was great at least.

Tarik Jackson

I dont eat that shyt thats death food you serious never ate it never will dont eat fast fake food

Twilight Howell

I love the breakfast crew , they are friendly and caring Ty to the morning crew at my taco bell for always being kind to me and my husband.

tommy Humphries

I got a 5 dollar box was surprised because it was very good and the inside was clean very pleasant....


Watermelon Freeze @ $1.00 3-5 Happy Hour a treat & so refreshing!!!

Jake Castillo

Food was great, employees are very friendly, and it is just a nice place to eat and relax!

Brandy Underwood

Excellent customer service, fast & efficient food quality, with a great smile. The best tasting, Beefy Frito Burrito, I've ever tasted in my history of Taco Bell. Keep up y'alls dedication & hard work.

Heather Smith

Other then the service being a bit slow the service was good.

Jlo Jones

Nice and clean with fast service.

Hugh V Eubanks

Clean, well lit, and great staff.

chars live

Lets say is fast food and clean place