Black Pearl Oyster Bar

327 23rd St, Galveston
(409) 762-7299

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When visiting Galveston we eat seafood at every meal. We tried Black Pearl Oyster Bar for late light lunch because of reviews, its location, and because it is an oyster bar. Upon entering we could see that the room was not the cleanest. It felt as though everything had a film on it. Fans and vents were covered in dust. Of course, we ordered oysters which were not cold as they should have been. Tea was OK. Will not recommend nor return.


I❤Black Oyster. My first visit here & it was exceptional. Very kick back place. We had a spectacular waiter, Kevin. Super personality! Polite, great customer service skills. He's a star in my book. The kid (because I have kiddos his age) was awesome. If someone is just doing their job I don't say anything. If someone did a horrendous job, yes, I'll say something and if you are shining bright (even right at closing time!) I'm definitely going to give you a shout out. Also the FOOD! SCRUMPTIOUS! If oysters are your thing....we had oysters. Oysters diablo, oysters haelen & oysters Rockefeller. ? Alse had the red beans & rice ? (my mouth is still watering ?) and the crab cakes ? (so far nothing has beat the crab cakes I had on the pier in D.C. but these came in second). For a drink I tried the calypso punch. It was great! Watch out for that floater though, lol. Definitely coming back for a visit. Highly recommend.

E.M. QueenB

Looooved it. Had a shrimp cocktail, salad and a fresh fish plate. All top notch. Totally going again.

William W.

Don't let the mirrored windows fool you. It's open, and it is better than most other reviewers have told you. We just stopped in for oysters so I can't tell you about the rest of the menu. The BEST raw oysters we've had so far on the island. Onion rings were also excellent. We will be back.

Frances T.

I'm giving this place a 3 star and that's because of service. Our waitress Haeln really didn't seem like in a good mood or as if we were a bother to her. We googled this place since we were tourist in the area. We ordered oysters which were happy hour oysters. A dozen for $14.95. They were delicious. I also order fish tacos which had good flavor. My husband ordered the grilled salmon. The food was good. The place is very tiny and limited seated. The wait staff could be a little more friendly and less on their phones. I would only recommend this place for the happy hour oysters.

Michael C.

Used to love coming to Black Pearl Oyster Bar when visiting Galveston. But last night would have made for an epic episode of either Kitchen Nightmare or Bar Rescue. Where to begin? Came here with my wife for a date night last night (Saturday, July 31 at 7:30p) and the place was in a complete meltdown. After a short wait, we were seated at the bar because no tables available. No problem. We'll make the most of it. There was still a mess at our seats from the previous guests --- dirty plates, ketchup smeared on the menus, food, and the signed check that hadn't been picked up yet. We sat there for a few minutes with this mess in front of us. The bartender then came and grabbed the check but never acknowledged us - she just shot us a weird look and walked away. I gave her a half smile hoping she might engage us. No luck. After a few minutes she returned and handed us two more dirty menus in addition to the pile of dirty menus already in front of us and bluntly asked what we wanted. She was clearly flustered. I could tell she was having an awful night, so didn't want to make a big deal of it. I asked if it would be possible to take away the dirty dishes and wipe down our area before we ordered. She rolled her eyes, walked away and came back and wiped it down without saying anything. In wiping things down she pushed a bunch of crumbs and liquid into my wife's lap. She then disappeared again for five more minutes. She then came back and said "do you know what you want yet?" again without ever greeting us in any real way. My wife asked if she was having a good night, and the bartender replied "No, it's just too busy." She looked like she was about to cry but also too angry to do so -- the way a teenager does when they're flustered they don't know how to emote. We handed the menus back, I told the bartender that I hope her night gets better, and walked out. I stopped and told the hostess we were leaving, that the bartender and wait staff were having a terrible time and we didn't want to add to it. She was sort of flustered and offered a half apology. I think everyone was doing their best, but last night their best really sucked. What a mess. Such a shame to see an otherwise good place fall apart due to poor management. I hope they can pull it back together soon.

Kristy S.

Small dinghy looking bar restaurant. Food was pretty good drinks good service good. Very tiny places we sat at the bar Bc there were no tables available. We had fried mushrooms, oysters 3 ways (kinda bland-- needs salt), crawfish platter and I had the blacked seafood spicy dish that was pretty good. Overall good place to checkout.

David O.

They do not know how to make gumbo. Seafood gumbo does not have sausage! Gumbo was thickened with added flour. Ruined the taste. Disappointed for what they charged. Raw oysters were excellent.

Marie Evans

Tuesday July, 20, 2021 @ 6:15 very excited to go there but was quickly disappointed with the service at the bar. The bartender/waiter who name was LeeAnn was very rude and unprofessional, wasn’t helpful or friendly at all, The food was very horrible the gumbo taste like dish water and on top of that everything was very expensive Bartender/waiter definitely didn’t get a tip because of how rude and unprofessional. We actually felt like she really didn’t want us to sit at the bar by the way her name was LeeAnn. I walked in Saturday around noon and asked for some grilled or smoked oysters The bartender told me to come back Later in the week she was a nice young lady very helpful she had a twin brother that was working there real nice respectful but when we came today it was a very different atmosphere Will never come back would never recommend anyone to go there they need customer service and bartender training for sure. $75 worth of nothing but Hell hope we don’t end up in emergency room tonight from eating the food. Thanks A lot LeeAnn for making our evening and our night horrible.

Maria Evans

It's the best spot on the island for lunch or a casual dinner. Best oysters outside of Portland, I mean it. We never come to Galveston without stopping in!

John M.

Great local seafood hangout. Oysters here are Super fresh and a great price! Love the fried okra and the mixed seafood special.

John D.

Went in for dinner with the family didn't even make it all the way in the door when the lady told us it was a 20min wait. Asked if they needed a name or a number and was told no you can just go stand outside and wait for 20-25 mins. Might want to invest in a system for clients who can't be served immediately.

Lorena Montufar

I loved the food here!!! It was a great evening for hubby and I. Our server was great! They're was an argument between servers and it was right infront of us but we really didn't care, felt like we were watching a show with food. ?

Steve H.

Place was packed; but, got a seat at the bar. Had a shrimp cocktail that was very good. Staff was curt and all business. One bartender has some personal drama going on that we tried to support her. But, as the night went on, so did the drama. All set with that.... Will probably return. We were told by some locals that they have very good étouffée - will try when back in town

Tanesha M.

Where do I begin... I really had high hopes for this restaurant due to the numerous positive reviews but I am EXTREMELY disappointed. I placed a order over the phone for a bowl of beans and rice and bread pudding which totaled a little over $23. When I arrived I got my ticket but ended up being charged $13 more than what I was told over the phone but the bartender corrected it (and was extremely apologetic). The real problem came when I got back to my hotel to eat my food... 1. The beans and rice smelled like it would be really seasoned but tasted like straight up water. With all the bay leaves I found in the bowl you'd think there would be some kind of flavor. I should of listened to the 1 review that mentioned feeling as though they may of had covid because they couldn't taste anything (I now see they were not exaggerating). The meal came with a side of garlic bread. My bread was ice cold and soggy at the bottom so I couldn't even enjoy that! I would give it a solid 2/10 because the rice wasn't over cooked. 2. The bread pudding..... I wouldn't even call it that to be honest. More like slices of white bread baked together. There was no sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, or nutmeg (I guess the chocolate and rum sauce was supposed to be enough). The top of this "pudding" looked like the end of a loaf of bread. I would give it a 1/10 because the rum sauce was decent. Overall the food was horrible and if I knew how to get my money back I would! Don't waste your time or money here I threw all of my food in the trash where it belongs!!!

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