Hubcap Grill

2021 The Strand #3, Galveston
(409) 220-3551

Recent Reviews

Gloria Smith

The burger I ordered had way too much Mustard and they had to remake it. Went to the ladies room and was met with so many trip hazards. The bathroom was not very clean. Also, the fries were cooked in old oil, so were not good. I left with out eating.Food: 1/5

Donut Holer

Ordered Cheeseburger w/ No cheesburger w/ onions.Bun is at least 2 days old. Stale and crumbly.Burger over cooked and has no flavor.Service was so so.....order at bar where bartender was non chalant and not helpful. Could not or would not answer simple questions regarding drinks and food.Waitress was very good and apologized for bad food.I do not recommend this place for hamburgers.Overall not a place I will visit again.


The demise of this establishment is built-in. Burger was a bit less than average quality. If there is a manager here he seems uninterested in repeat business. Ugly smudges on the big glass windows and a very cluttered ordering counter. Oddly, though this is mostly self-serve, the receipt offers two levels of tipping, with options of 20% or 30%. Waitress who served the food was nice.


We had a great lunch with family and friends. The burgers and fries are out of this world. The service was attentive and the price was good.

Kathy M.

Cute spot for interesting burgers! Only place I can find fried cheese curds! Always friendly and informative staff!

Galvatraz Island (Galveston)

Amazing Burgers, Beer, Cocktails & Deserts! Local or not you’ll love this place. The sweet couple that owns this joint does a settler job. You won’t be disappointed trust a local!

Jerah M

Great burger great environment the hangover burger was the best ever.. Must t visit in Galveston downtown area. Great for couples and families.

Claudia B.

Went there today for lunch on the Stand. I'm not big on burgers but OMG theses burgers were amazing. I will definitely be back. I had the Philly cheese steak burger, my husband had the mushroom Swiss burger, and chili cheese fries. It was all delicious. Highly recommended.

Jarrod B.

Predatory business practices. Advertising happy hours that are impossible to achieve.

Blake P.

Stopped in for lunch on a Sunday. Ordered drinks and food. The drinks were forgotten and had to remind the bartender we ordered them, but everything was really delicious. I got the sticky burger which was amazing and the country fries (gravy was soooo good!) Definitely want to try some of the other specialty burgers on the menu

Jeremiah L.

It's kind of self serve which is fine, you find a table and order your food at the bar, the beer is more expensive than other places near by ($10 for a saint arnolds Oktoberfest) the Philly cheesesteak burger was great though! Texas fries were burnt, the jalapeño poppers were also burnt. The bartenders were either busy cleaning a glass out or having a conversation with a random dude at the counter. They weren't very busy at this time I think there were maybe 2 other small tables at the time. Maybe they were just having an off day, but I don't plan on revisiting.


Sadly we expected a decent hamburger and did not get this. You have to order at the bar and the person who took the order had no customer service skills or personality. Then you pay and have to tip which starts at 20%, 30 and 40%. Well we don’t have our food or much service at this point but you don’t have any other options. The food was delivered by the nicest person in the place and then they disappear. Both burgers were average at best. I had the muffuletta which was very bitter and spicy. I love muffuletta sandwiches but I scraped what they put on off the burger. This place has potential but not with the service and attitude they portray. Sorry won’t be back.

Brent E.

Nice historical haunted bar. Cool decor and good service. Bernardo serving and cooking is a multitasker. I just had a basic bacon cheeseburger and it was very good. The fries were super if you like them seasoned.

Rachel A.

Love the vibe of this place! New Orleans feel with great food and amazing service! Highly recommend!


The only thing that hurts the rating is the "order from the bar" venue. To me, it make the restaurant experience less enjoyable because the whole group has to go to the bar to order, or one of the group has to "volunteer" to be the waiter and get everyone's order--including the drinks! This NOT a great start any social gathering at a bar. OK, I got a painful complaint out of the way. The good part of the review is that the restaurant is located in a nice historic building on the Strand. You still get a sense of the original interior along with an eclectic assembly of car parts, and other artisty stuff to dress up the place. There are ample tables, a private dining area and a comfortable sitting area. The food is very tasty. The staff is friendly. Parking is on the street, but you must have the parking app to use it. We did enjoy ourselves here and will keep it in mind when we need a good burger. The onion rings are a much better choice for the side than the fries--too soggy. The portions are large and 2 women can easily share a sandwich here.

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