Bar Louie - Firewheel Town Center

340 Coneflower Dr, Garland
(469) 409-6090

Recent Reviews

Miranda Jack

Omg the julio margarita is bomb. Get it with mango!

Collette Williams

Limited menu,but they paid attention to details and made great suggestions.

Lilia agui

ANTHONY Was amazing! Very sweet and doing his best as the bar got busy! Best customer service I've received in a while! I was there this past Saturday!

Hail Heros

Good burger. Rude owner. Charged me twice then blamed me, the merchant etc. I got a refund from Postmates. Then the owner calls me to complain. I know times are hard for business And the Rona regulations. But don’t charge me twice and then act like I need free meal. The $20 burger was tasty and I thought my $10 tip would be helpful for his business. Now he’s lost a customer.

Valerie C. Mundrake

Great place! Staff is amazing!

Valerie O.

Do NOT order to go here. It's comical how sh**ty the order was thrown together. The chicken sandwich had literally 15 pickles thrown on it, the Cesar salad with "jumbo" shrimp came with a little bit of dressing with 4 small shrimp. Not worth $30+ dollars. Will never order to go from here again or go there in general.

Todd Edwards

This is a great place for late nights. Serving food and drinks until 2 AM. Check it out after a movie or shopping

Dawn Ellis

I came in last night (3/3/20) for burger night and it was amazing! I sat at the bar with Anthony one of my favorite Bartenders and he took great care of me per usual. Love the service, love the food, I will always be back.


Marcus is one of the most knowledgeable bartenders I've ever met. I'm definitely coming every Monday to see him.

Kajal Rana

Had so much fun drinking blossom ELYX ✨

Bill Crawford

Excellent burgers and tots. $5 burger Tuesday is the best. Earl is the Mgr at Fire Wheel. Very friendly and takes care of the customers.

Samantha Hicks

Had an afternoon drink with my daugther. The beer was cold and the drinks were great. The fish and chips were hot and fresh. The staff was friendly and smoked. The appreciated your business. Great Friday after work place to relax. Second visit here. Staff is wonderful. The food was fresh and the drinks were cold. Everything was organized and clean. The restrooms were really clean with no graffiti. A welcome touch. Price is reasonable. Will come back again. Parking can be difficult on the weekends.

Elisa Rocha

John is an awesome manager and his staff is just as great! Very attentive, personable, and just all around great people. Good music and great food! Whether it’s with the kids who enjoy all the huge games or a night out with friends, we always have a great time at Bar Louie!

Jose Gonzales

Felton is a great bartender, always checks up on you. He makes me feel like I'm at home.

Brandi Small

The Philly burger was so good, ate it before I was able to take a pic. Had no leftovers! that's a first for me.

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Bar Louie - Firewheel Town Center

340 Coneflower Dr, Garland, TX 75040
(469) 409-6090