Vivi Bubble Tea

325 Coneflower Dr, Garland
(972) 414-8333

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Nghia N.

Service is slower than normal due to COVID-19 but that has not affected the taste. They are taking precautions to keep customers safe. My favorite is the 3Q Milk Tea with pudding, boba, and herbal jelly. They also have macaroons for sale.

Ryanne D.

YOU MUST WEAR A MASK!Place was very clean and the employee was cleaning when we walked in.Customer service was ok. Not very friendly or overly helpful. Drinks were made fairly fast and they tasted good. One of the boba bubbles had lots of hard pieces in it (mango), which ruined the drink. Other drinks were good. Cost was reasonable!

Blaise B.

I wish I could give negative stars. The customer service at this establishment is incredibly unprofessional and has no care for its patrons. I was in the shop trying to get a drink with my girlfriend. When we first walked in the two employees who were there never greeted us. They just proceeded to continue their conversation and pretended as if we never walked into the shop. After getting their attention so that they can take our order, a young women with glasses approached the counter to take our order. As we were giving our order to this employee, she stopped attending to us and focus all of her attention to a group of people that were walking outside the shop. I looked behind me to see what was going on, and when I turned back to the counter the young lady bolted from behind the counter to chase the group that was outside. This was a group of her friends that she had to go hug and completely abandon her job. As she left the counter she did not say excuse me or any indication that she had to run out the store. This is so incredibly rude and unprofessional. This young lady does not need to be working at this establishment, or maybe she wasn't trained on how to treat customers. Something needs to be done here. After this encounter, the second employee did not say anything to acknowledge what just happened or apologize. I could no longer do business with this establishment that has no care for customers so I left the shop. As I walked out, my girlfriend and I waited to confront the young lady with glasses while she was catching up with her friend. When we confronted her, she told us that she had taken our order, which was clearly impossible be cause my girlfriend hadn't even said why she wanted to get. THIS WAS THE WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD. Do better because this is unacceptable.

Esmeralda Lopez

Good boba and I like their flavored ones, wish they had more variety. Good customer service and usually not a long wait. Also a good place to hang with friends

Tyler Polk

I got the blue galaxy and loved it!! The Rose lychee macaroon was good as well!

Izac H

Took 35min to make my daughter's drink they said they have to fill the online orders first not coming back bad service wth!

Arleen Macias

Best bubble tea I have had! My daughter and I go all the time.

Amanda Brooke Anderson

I lovehow your drinks are made to order fresh and not premade and that you all actually take concern for dietary restrictions. My favorite bubble tea by far

David Watts

It was a fresh and new experience!!

Kristen Fitzgerald

I had to wait 45 minutes last night for two drinks. One of which was made wrong. By that time I was so irritated I just wanted to leave rather than get it fixed. Also when I asked the cashier if my order was going though because people who ordered after me where getting their drink before me she was rude. I have been going here for years but I think I will no longer be doing my business here.

Gillian Wang

The food is quite delicious and authentic.

Sybil Blackmon

Really nice and speedy customer service. I wish I could remember the cashier's name but she helped me pick out a drink that I ended up loving. The tiramisu boba tea was delicious! I definitely will recommend to a friend and be returning soon myself. 5/5


I love going here for the blue galaxy... i useally get it with mango popping bobba. I highly recommend this place.

Brandi Locke

Love the tea, I got strawberry with aloe, yummy. Baby girl got strawberry with strawberry bubbles :)

Zara and Abe

Any Boba lovers?! This place is cool and employees are very nice and helpful! So many options and add ons ..

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