Pho Kim Kim

1029, 1020 Hwy 6 N Suite, Houston
(281) 206-7938

Recent Reviews

Dulce Guerra

I asked for tofu spring rolls and they gave this meat instead that I don’t like, shrimp is good but the meat not at all! I’m so sorry for the bad review.

Chih Hua Chi

Love the pork chop dish !!

G G2

Great owner and manager. My lunch was absolutely delicious! I had the beef pho and it was really good along with their homemade Vietnamese egg rolls. They had tasted a bunch of mass-produced egg rolls that many of the other Vietnamese restaurants have been serving and said no way. Could we do the same thing at our restaurant. They have made everything home made with their egg rolls. They were top-notch. I will be coming here for lunch very very often. So glad it's close to my business

Ariq Rahman

Broth was amazing and the noodles were cooked to perfection! I opted for the spicy broth which was amazing! The owners were a treat to speak to as well!

Alberto Reyna (A. J.)

My wife and I chose this place on a whim, and are so very glad we came.The spring rolls were delicious. The shrimp was fresh and still warm from just being boiled. The peanut sauce was perfect. Not too thick or too watery, just the right consistency to stick to the rice paper.The Pho combo is very hearty. The broth is delicious as is, no need to add anything for flavor.The grilled chicken vermicelli bowl is delicious. The chicken is juicy and flavorful. The fish sauce added a nice spicy flavor to the dish.We will definitely be back to try other menu items.

malathi govindaraju

The sweet and sour chicken was one of the worst I ever had. The lunch was in the last day of 2021. I never gave my name.

ben tran

Great foods here, people are super friendly. Foods come out fast and hot. Totally recommended, I have the Vietnamese broken rice and the pork was super delicious.

Tonya Wiseman

One of the best eating places that I have eaten in a long time. I got the pho soup it was delicious the broth was well seasoned. The eggrolls are spectacular. My son loved the sweet tea. If you are looking for a delicious meal this is the place you would want to go. Thank you for everything

Danky Kang

Nice and helpful staff. My girls only eat chicken nuggets but they tried what was recommended and loved it. My wife hat a salad with filet mignon and she said it was better then the pricey place i took her to for her birthday. The potion sizes are Texas sized. It may cost a bit to take a family of 5 but everyone was happy and satisfied and wanted to go back.

Đại-Nam Huyền-Linh

Delicious warmed-food, super friendly service

Daniela Soto

The food is delicious. My fav is the combo vermicelli! Great service! I wouñd definitely recommen.


You know the old adage about not telling a book by its cover? Well, this unassuming little hole-in-the-wall place doesn't look like much but I would be happy to return. Of course I can't comment about the whole menu because I've only been there once but my wife and I thought the food was excellent. I can't begin to remember the name of what I had, but it was number 41 on the menu. It was little chunks of sirloin steak cooked just a tad on the well side of medium, but tender and tasty, with rice and some vegetables.

Carmen Lozano

My spicy beef noodles were delicious.. Ate everything except the meat..

Fabian Guerrero

I was no content with my to go order-vegetable fried rice-box was half full for a $12⁹⁵. I use to order in other vietnamese places, where I can pay about same price with more vegetables more carrots, more broccoli, even bok choy - this one was lacking it- and tofu. A rip off, it seems to be other cheap place in TEXAS!

LeeLee P

The food here is sooooo good. The broth has such a great flavor. The food is always fresh & flavorful. The family that runs it is such a nice family.

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