14515 Katy Fwy, Houston
(281) 497-3232

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Regretably ordered online from this place for the first time today. My "salad" was finally ready 15 minutes after the pickup time, and was just sad clumps of ingredients dumped in the container, not mixed together at all. Made me late for my meeting into the bargain! If you have the time and are okay with standing in line for your salad, you are GOLDEN here - the line staff are GREAT and will make you a lovely, fresh salad. But I'll never order online again.

Margaret Holland

Always super fresh ingredients, great service and tasty is really good.

Denny N.

Very good salad!! Fresh ingredients, just alittle on the pricey side. But it was good so there's that! I'll be back lol

T Williams

I love Salata and this location is no exception. Friendly staff and clean. My only complaint is picking up my online order from a table that everyone passes by. Although the bag is closed, if the staff isn't paying attention the food could still be tampered with, especially the drinks. I will continue going, but will order inside.

Jizelle Cruz

I loved my experience today. I love that you can create your own salad. The staff was friendly and the dining area was clean. I definitely look forward to going back.

Thong Lam

First time at a Salata and it was amazing. Choices of ingredients are spectacular. Great and friendly staff.Will be dining here quite often going forward!

here andthere

One of, if not my favorite restaurant hands down. It's always so fresh and filling no matter what I get, price is fair too for the quantity, I always have some left over for at least another meal. Curious about buying their meat a la carte cause it's just that good.

Mathanee “MJ” Perez-Ortiz

This place was very nice aesthetically and one of the women behind the counter were very accommodating as it was my cousins first time there. She answered all his questions, let him sample what he never tried, and helped us. Very good customer service!

Ella Xu

This is a well designed store. Upon entering you are immediately set into the line to customer your salad. The layout is very similar to Chipotle, and there are many options for customizing one’s meal. It would be nice if they had preexisting salad choices; as someone who does not make salads often I had no idea what to put in mine so it ended up tasting not all that good.


Great customer service today by the woman in my picture! It’s my birthday month so they load a $12 credit on your account when you sign up for rewards and download the app.

Ap. Darrell Sias

The veggies and all thats involved with salads was fresh.Excellent

Xiomara Benefield

Very upset! Placed an order for delivery, not only did my order NOT come, but the phone number provided doesnt even work . 18 dollars down the drain

Ashley Nelson

First time ever eating here and it was delicious


Never been a salad kind of guy till today when I tried salada !! This place is so good I got a wrap with a sea food mix ???GO NOW IF YOU HAVENT

Justin Cade

This rating is based purely on their customer service, respect and deceptive pricing. After making my way down the entire ordering line there was a small section that had quinoa listed with no price next to it, which on every other part of the line indicated there was no up charge. However when I checked out there was three dollars added to my order for it. I pointed out to the cashier that it did not have a price next to it and he told me I was wrong. He did nothing to try to help or address the situation other than tell me I needed to pay. I did and when I went back down the line I double checked and when I pointed it out to one of the line workers they moved the magnet with a price over to quinoa to make it more clear and said sorry. Still nothing was done to correct my order charge. This is disappointing as We return to the office to work I would make this a regular stop however after this treatment I don’t see myself coming back. It almost doubled the cost of my order and that’s unacceptable.

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