Taco Bell

2701 Yale St, Houston
(713) 862-0289

Recent Reviews

Rico G

Not so great ?

Yes S.

Most of the time this is my jam. I wanna pay cheap prices for my cheap meals, man. In the past 6 months, it's been kinda meh. I think some of the employees must have left, because the service has changed. I went recently and the price increase made me cringe. I paid for it, because I ain't no D., but woah. Since it's a franchise, I get it, the prices can be different. #6 for Chicken Chalupa meal was $12.33. I was super confused. Checked the taco bell menu on the official site and it was listed as the normal $8 and change. Makes me sad, because I really liked this place. They do get the orders wrong sometimes, and don't like to give you sauces. You have to ask. I am a drive through only for this site. Inside you wait a long time.

David Ray

This is a Taco Bell and KFC together. The mashed potatoes must be an instant mashed potatoe. Not good at all.


Good tacos.

Melinda Ainsworth

Cheap but tasty

Chandra Williams

Always on point with fresh food

doris lim

Great friendly staff and good tacos.

Shandra Conner

Food hot and fresh!

Rod Keels

I like this Taco Bell/KFC. Sonetimes couples or families can't agree on what to eat when they dine out. At this location, you have many choices.

Linda Costigan

This is one of the best window people, always greets, a friendly tone of voice

justin Allsopp

It's good stuff and cheap

Robbie Huery

It KFC and taco bell in one very clean and nice place. They are very friendly

Mary Trujillo

This KFC Taco Bell is usually very efficient and a helpful staff. This evening, the staff was not good. I didn't get a receipt. The tacos I ordered were not even warm. Disappointing.

John Sanchez

My order has not been right at this location on multiple visits. Check your food before you drive away.

Kelsey B.

Stale chips. Often get our order wrong when we order vegetarian. Just go to the other Taco Bell's in the loop. Not this one.

Honest Answers

Is okay for a quick bite

Melva Louis

My go to when I need Tex-Mex quick!

Tom Boudreaux

The manager here is probably the most personable person I have met in the fast food industry

Trevor Howington

Fast and friendly service!

Stephen Bartusiak

The Baja Blast is so amazing!

Robert Henry Jr

Chips was steil the food was cold and the entire establishment was filthy

MTY Trader

Order just the Meximelt. That alone will kill the hunger.

Dante G.

Don't waste your time!! If I could give it zero stars I would. I live right down the street and only come occasionally because every time I come I end up in the drive through for 10 minutes and have to pull in front and wait another 5-10 minutes for my food. Today I went and ordered one $5 fill up and sat behind two other cars in the drive thru for almost 15 minutes. I get up and pay and was told with the car in front of me to go wait in front. We waited 10 minutes before a guy with a huge bag of food came up to our car. I told him it wasn't ours that I just ordered a $5 fill up. He walked around the parking lot but the food belonged to no one. I waited 5 more minutes before I parked the car, got the kids out and went inside to get my food. Horrible service and a poor attitude from the employees I encountered. Whoever owns this store needs to do a complete overhaul. I'll never come here again.

parrish warren

Kind of hit and miss. The food is always okay just not always prepared with love. Management is excellent about addressing issues with customers.

Christopher Reed

Worst service ever. Waited over 10 minutes but was never acknowledged. Asked numerous times if someone could take my order only to be told “we will be right with you.” Not saying much though as I rarely have a good experience at a Taco Bell, but absolutely terrible.

Ben S.

Slowest Taco Bell I have ever been to in my entire life. Order was wrong and took 30 min to get food in the drive thru!!!!!!! Never going back.


Staff was very unprofessional. They completely ignored multiple customers standing in the lobby. We had to shout at then multiple times to even get a response. Several of them were screwing around in the back instead of paying attention to the store. When I finally ate, there were pieces of lettuce in every taco I had when I asked for none. It is clear they do not keep their workstations clean nor do they pay attention to the stations. I wont ever go back there until they fire the kids and hire people who will actually work.

Bradlynn Wood-payne

Rediculusly slow service and staff is very rude and ignorant

Elizabeth C.

Zero stars for this place!! I had to put one star because it has to be rated!!! The place and staff here are horrible!!! The people here are soo rude and impatient. They take forever to get your order. It doesn't matter if your dining in or going through the drive thur. They even get the orders mixed up. The food is not always cooked well either!! Sometimes you get it cold or not fully cooked . I used to love coming here. Honestly I don't anymore..thought I could give this location another try but This place is just horrible. They need new management here. This place has gone to shit. I'm soo surprised that this location is still open. I telling you this place is horrible. Please avoid going to this location. If you do be prepared to wait a long time just to give your order. Especially longer just to get your order.

Nick W.

Look I don't expect a gourmet meal but get my order right make sure it's hot and make sure I get proper serving sizes. None of this happened at this place. They forgot one of our tacos, the tacos we did get were broken and the bread from my KFC sandwich was stale and disgusting. If you want taco Bell go to the one on ella.

Roland B.

This Taco Bell is my guilty pleasure. I avoid eating in because it seems like the drive thru will always have priority. My orders are slightly off every once in a while, but not by enough to be an issue. (SourCream on items that done have it)

Arleth R.

avoid this place at all cost !!!!!!!you might as well eat off the floor . i found a hair in my taco!!!!!!!! when called to report it the manager was very rude & unprofessional . definitely calling health department on them...

Joseph S.

Come to this location if you enjoy very rude counter help. I asked a question about the difference in the way tostadas were prepared and all I got back was attitude . Avoid this location.

Skylar G.

I'm done with this location. Today is the third time I leave there disappointed. This location has KFC as well and if it weren't for that, I wouldn't come here anymore. The first time I was disappointed, we came for KFC and they told us they were out of biscuits and offered a jalapeí±o to replace the biscuits for the family meal. Made no since. The second time around, they were out of chicken. This third time around, it's Monday August 8 at 4:40pm and they are not serving Taco Bell?! What the hell do they serve and how are you out of food every time I come here?! I would seriously like the email address to their corporate office, they need to know how this location is losing business.

Janet E.

Worst customer service; they try to rush you even though there's noone else on line. I promised myself a few weeks ago that I'm never going back ever again. This is the kind of place you want to avoid because of the risk of them not being sanitary. Don't ask me why I still kept stopping, it had to be hunger and plus Taco Bell is one of my faves. I've stopped here like maybe 5 times over the past 10 years, and it has always been the same.

Bailey B.

Let's be honest, you can't expect much from Taco Bell anywhere. This Taco Bell/ KFC is exceptionally shitty. Each time I make the mistake of stopping here on my way home, I am shocked to find my experience even shittier than the previous one which I hadn't thought possible. The most recent Taco Bell travesty was crunchy/ soggy food. It was like someone with my exact order came by an hour earlier and backed out so they just stuck the whole bag under the warmer. That's really the only explanation I can find for dried beans and crispy- edged, soft flour tortillas. Of course unless the incredibly lazy staff just prepared the commonly ordered Nast to be ready made so they can dick around on Facebook. To make a long story short. Save yourself the disgust and mosey on down to the Taco Bell across the freeway, one exit up on Ella. And don't ask me why the hell I don't take my own advice. I must love to bitch about my bad experience.