Taco Bell

2245 W Holcombe Blvd, Houston
(713) 661-8122

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Jeff Teal

Shell of tacos ice cold like they came out of fridge. Was given different sauce than what I asked for. Probably will never return.

Samuel Stewart

It's a Taco Bell. They serve cheap, high-calorie combinations of meat, cheese, veggies and tortillas in a reasonably quick manner, and I haven't been stabbed there. If you have any requirements from a Taco Bell other than those, you have no business going to a Taco Bell.


Great food, speedy service, and an area to lock up my bike!

Tee Bee

Burritos do become tiresome at times..unhappy with how the crunchy tacos become soggy with time if not eaten right away. I need not say it is not authentic Mexican food. But it's something different to eat here and there.

Barbara Hester

I was really happy that this location serves chili cheese burritos, but I think the recipe has changed since I had one last unless it's just been so long since I had one that I don't remember what they used to taste like. I had a Doritos Loco taco and that was good as always. The fries tasted different, maybe a little undercooked? Still good tho.

David Lindsey

Much better than I thought it would be. I haven't been to Taco Bell in many years, but the people I was with wanted to go so I agreed. I got a 2 taco's and a Grande Chicken Nachos. Took the nachos home and mixed in baby greens from Whole Foods and made a decent taco (nacho) salad. And I really liked it, so I will go back. If you don't mind eating fast food try it out.

Patricia Meza

Excellent customer service. Great food . Beautiful place and relaxing.

Victor Gonzales

food as expected, some locations better than others, favorite location 59s @ Kirkwood easily best taco bell

Ted R

Its another Taco Bell. Nothing distinctive. Service tends to be better and faster than most similar chains, including other Taco Bell's in the area.

Michael Newton

Very clean and staff were super friendly! Jamiel our cashier was exceptional and went above and beyond serving us. It's always such a pleasure coming to this location, and that's not always the case for a Taco Bell.

Harold F.

this is the second time i went to the taco bell at 12025i greenspoint dr houston tx 77060 the first time i ordered 2 chalupa box and i told them no cheese any where cause im allergic so i get home thinking i would have good food too eat bit into it tasted some cheese had too use an epic pen so i take it back come back home and still some fucken cheese in it go back the 3rd time they finally do it right then they gave me a fucken 5 dollar coupon for any taco i chose too get......so today i figured too give them another try wrong so today 5/20/2019 i go back ordered another 5 dollar chalupa box and grande nacho shredded chicken box and they gave me grande chicken nachos box and 1 chalupa beef and it was not what i asked for so this so called manager was being ignorant and she really didn't care about what i ordered and being a bitch so when i asked for a manager she got smart with a smirk on here face i will never go back and they lost a customer what a damn shame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie F.

Quick service. Great prices and order was made fresh however, they did forget lettuce on my tacos. And then when replaced tacos had barely any cheese. The Mexican pizza was perfect made exactly how I ordered. I mean this is fast food but it shouldn't be that hard to get the order correct


If you are a fan of Mexican cuisine its probably a good place to eat, its been my first time at taco bell and I'd say its okay i get 2 burritos one with meat another with beans. It tastes well but I am not sure does the tortilla should be raw or not? But mine wasn't fried and the meat in burrito tasted like mashed meat you know. Maybe it's okay I've never eaten burritos before, but for its price around 2$ it's acceptable. Also want to mention there is a self order machine so you can order from touch screen. The staff were friendly at that time I came in there. Also want to mention that the men's toilet was pretty clean. It had soap, hand dryer was working properly.

peggy malone

Close to my job. Funny staff. Am able to veganize my choices. I like the experience.

Byron Ross

Soft tacos no lettuce and Diablo sauce.

Philip Gerard Bergeron

Awesome staff all of Them are very nice, kind and friendly to everyone that comes in.

Wonhee C.

This place changed my life. They give an abundant amount of sauce and all the food is always so fresh. They never fail to provide me with comfort, authenticity, love, and happiness and my favorite steak quessaritos. My favorite items include the forementioned steak quessaritos, steak chalupas and of course Baja blast freezes. This place has been an integral part of my college career and I thought I would give back by writing a killer review to encourage others to visit this place. Thank you taco bell.

Alc Breland

Nothing wrong with the place as far as I know. The guy was kind and helpful at the window. It's basic boring regular Taco Bell. Ok if you're in a pinch and don't feel like getting real Mexican/Tex Mex.

Robert E.

Much better food then a year ago. Recommend using the screens to get all the options that are offered. Highly recommend the new fry combos

Shaili B.

This is the best Taco Bell in the area! They are consistently great. If you go in the drive-thru, you never have to worry about it taking up too much time or them messing up your order. As a vegetarian, I always order everything "substitute beef with beans". I've been to this Taco Bell at least 50 times as it is very close to my apartment complex and, they have not messed up once. They also give a good amount of sauce packets if you ask.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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