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Elizabeth Lozano

I moved away from the area about a year ago, and anytime I come back this is my first stop with the family because we get in so late. The staff is always so nice despite the late hour, and the food is consistent and good. Despite it being your run-of-the-mill, late-night diner menu, it's always delicious.Food: 5/5

Rose Marie D.

I ran here quickly tonight after sitting in ER all evening. They finally put my mother in a room so we needed something to eat desperately. I ordered 55+ chicken dinner for $8.99 on the menu. I was in such a rush that I didn't realize my card was charged $11.34 total. Is there that much tax on $8.99. I know I should have been more observant but I was not. Are they wrong. Or am I. I'm still at the hospital. No plans to go back tonight. Hope the manager reads this and give me a free something next time I go there. I must mention that all the staff were very very friendly for the short interaction I had with them. And the chicken dinner was okay.

Shantrice Peterson

Sylvester our waiter was very courteous to our needs. He had a polite smile and brought our order out hot,fresh and correct with gratitude. The location was clean and the store manager was a pleasant encounter. She had great hospitality with a welcoming spirit. It really felt like being on the presence of family. I ordered the smoke house combo with a coffee. It was so good.

Jibsam Arias

Amazing! We left the waffle house down the road because of their poor service and atmosphere ! But I highly recommend this place, out waitress on point, the host on point, the food was well prepared! Love it! I am from Dallas and by far this IHOP has achieved all my expectations!Food: 5/5

Nayelly Santana

Went in with my siblings after a concert. Staff was really nice and our server Jordan was very attentive and sweet. He made our night great with awesome service and funny jokes! Food was also very good, overall a nice stop by!

Roxana Lee

The waitress was excellent the food was great it was a nice enjoyable time as you see I got my coffees worth for sure and still got out of there before beer 30 hour LOL thank you IHOP to a great meal and service and thank you to all the back workers that we do not see while we're dining in I don't forget about y'all I used to be in your place thank you for all your hard work that all y'all do cook Busboys and any others.

Mary Ann Rodriguez Berreles

The service was very good and the waitress nice. The only thing I had a little bit of a issue with is that it was hot in there. I mentioned it to the waitress. But I understand that it was out of her control.

Ahide Reyes

Ms. Tammy was so nice and warming. Exceptional service and Id rate it at 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Because of her . My boys love the family environment and we’ll definitely be back soon !!! ? ☕️ ?

Jos Diaz

My husband and I had a horrible experience from this IHOP. We ordered the "Big Steak omelette" and the steak was so over cooked that it was burnt and the omelette itself tasted burned and the steak was tough. We also ordered some crepes and they were also over cooked. It was tough to cut with a fork and even tougher to chew. For the price that's being paid for the items, I would expect close to fine dining.

Curtis Jackson

I was promptly seated without any wait. After 5 minutes, no one came over to serve me. However, I got MAJOR'S attention and he was beyond EXCELLENT. He made me feel like a real priority. Well manored, attentive, fast and accurate. He truly made my dinning experience a pleasure. IHOP is very fortunate to have a server like MAJOR...GREAT JOB!??

Pedro Ponce

Food was, decent. Have had way better food at IHOP.Steak omelet was tasteless, no flavor, no seasoning, nothing. The salsa that came with it tasted like water and tomato paste.Service was ok.

Kyle French

I've been there 3 times in 10 years. Always disappointed. Took forever to get service, then a long wait to get drinks. Food was served cold. Had to ask 3 times for napkins. No silverware, had to eat with plastic forks. The place is filthy and the wait staff did not earn a tip from me. They acted like we weren't even there and so did I when time to tip. Horrible service!

Isabel Garza

I have to praise Major for his excellent service today. He was very attentive, even though it was super busy. Excellent service, attitude, and personality. Thank you, Major!

Ebony Johnson

Had a great experience. Went in the morning, luckily because it got busy at 11a. The only complaint that I have is that there is not enough parking available. Took us about 15min to find a park.

Mexican_boi 2.

This IHOP was not that bad as we were seated pretty quickly for a family of three. The waiter was nice and asked for our drinks and brought them out quickly even though they were packed. The only reason I rated this business two stars was because the food took so long to come out for us even though our waiter kept telling us our food was coming out every 5-10 min but in reality it took them a whole hour before our food actually came out; by the time we started eating everybody left and the building was empty only with a few customers. Yes the communication was good but yet our order wasn't correct and was cold by the time it got to us. My girlfriend ordered an omelet with a hash brown on the side and they had brought her out pancakes but she told them it was not correct and the cook said "I'm sorry she has the wrong ticket and it was hard to read." My girlfriend and I were there to celebrate her moms birthday but it was not all fine and dandy. We seen as new customers walked in and be seated and their food coming out quickly which annoyed us. So if you do come to this restaurant just make sure to bring some patience and eat a snack before you come if you are really hungry.

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