8036 FM 1960, Humble
(346) 907-1657

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bev hiller

I just had their breakfast tacos. So delicious!! I only wish they had coffee but the smoothie truck next door did so it's all good. It's a beautiful day to sit at a picnic table and eat after fasting for the last 16 hours for labs. These definately hit the spot! Thanks to the lab tech who told me to check out this place ?

eddie cortez

Tacos are almost $3 and they barely serve any meat with it. I understand the grilled onions is extra but even w out it the toco is $2.75 i believe. Management should be ashamed to charge people for this. I understand prices have gone up but the fajita is not actual fajita (beef skirt) its low grade meat. I dont mind the type of meat bc they season it pretty good and its common in food trucks. It seems the gathered the last piece of meat on the griddle left from other orders. Really disappointed as my initial visits here were actually quite filling. I hope management changes this serving or else they will loose customers. I have gone down the street and had homemade tortillas with actual guisados for the same price and they come with double as much meat. Management please don't be greedy with your cu your customers this will only ensure you loose them. No excuses for this.Parking: Plenty of parking

Asdf 1234

Good juicy meat tacos. Very fast and cheap. Nice patio area. No grilled onions, limes, or grilled peppers tho. Music was also so loud ordering was difficult. Nice place overall.

yeyo yeyo

Terrible service!!! Not one to leave reviews but this was some awful service. Ordered 6 tacos for 16 bucks. Ok kinda pricey but whatever. Ordered a agua fresca for 3.50 for a total of 19.50. When i paid and got my food, the old fair skinned lady with black hair refused to give me the agua and claimed i wasnt charged for it even though the ticket was scratched from 16 to 19. Thank god for her coworker the voice or reason who called her out and agreed with me. She argued with me and even charged me tax! Presumably out of spite ( what taco truck charges tax for cash payment!!?) . From the moment i got there the lady had a nasty attitude and a stank face. Your money would be better spent elsewhere

Julissa Cardenas

The food is alright, I can’t complain. The place is really nice, has a lot of tables so you can have dinner in their “patio”, but the music is extremely loud! I get that they need to have a good vibe environment, however, you don’t enjoy sitting there, you can’t hear anything, you basically have a silent dinner.

Andrew Rios

I have been going to this place for some time. In general they have good food. Most of their items I have enjoyed. However, their tacos come with little meat on them. The burritos are not so big with a big burrito price. I do enjoy their sopes. I believe they are the best thing on their menu. I dont recommend the gorditas, most simple plain gorditas ever. Sopes are way better. Now they are offering burgers and hot dogs. I have not tried them but at their prices I won't be either. The whole idea of eating at a taco truck is mostly cheap n good. Why would I pay the same or more here than at the full service restaurants. Smh.

Jorge Flores

It was not decent meat was chewy and little to no flavor and salasa sucked ordered over 30 bucks worth tacos quesadilla Gordita etc..and only gave me 2 salsa and had to pay for more and only disappointed not even flavorful and yet not spicy.

Ale Ontiveros

My first time trying this spot, I got 4 tacos 2 of pastor, 1 of beef fajitas and 1 of chicharrón it was the best of all 4. Amazingly I’ll be back for sure.

Rocio Doherty

Excellent tacos. Real Mexican food!

Thersa Booth

This was the worst place! Why? They had no customers and the order took forever, forgot my sour cream and the money value was not worth it! The service was bad.

Yamilete T.

Food is okay! It took forever :( the girl in the front is a bit rude. The quesadilla de barbacoa is a good choice! I thought maybe they were having a bad day and went again but was sad the second time around as well. The charros beans do not recommend.

Jazz Cortes

Sadly, today It was my first time buying from here and I'm totally disappointed! The "tacos" where almost empty!!! I bought close to $30 dlls because I wanted to surprise my family after work and I was the first one in shock!!! I'm not talking about the taste, I'm talking about there being barely any meat in them? If someone gave them 5 stars, they were lucky, they are probably family members or friends. Not coming back to this place at all! Hopefully after this review they will do a better job!!!

Emiliano Martinez

Food was nothing special I ordered 4 tacos 2 tripa and 2 suadero the tripa was pretty much burnt the suadero was ok. The amount of meat I got on regular size tacos was pretty much what I get on small street tacos in other spots. The Milanesa torta was ok but overpriced at $10. My whole order felt overpriced for the quality. The lady that takes the order wears gloves but seems to touch everything as I saw crumbs on her gloves. Sadly this was my second time trying them and wont be going back.

Andres Jasso

This food was good.Tacos, Tortas, Hamburgesa, Gorditas, Hotdog, Quesadillas.We ordered a bunch cause we were drinking too and it was all good food.Definitely worth it.

Kimberly C.

Pros: The fajita is seasoned well. This truck is almost always open and conveniently located in a parking lot of other food trucks. Cons: This taco truck is extremely overpriced with poor customer service whether they are busy or not. I like my shells crispy and this truck cannot achieve that request. Also, the tacos do not come with like but they do come with one green sauce. If you want red sauce that's $.50 extra same for limes. I think they should reduce the container size of the sauce and make it free like everyone else. These same tacos in downtown or midtown are 2 for $1 for minis and $1 regular tacos. I was hoping this would be my next go to but looks like I'll be on the hunt in Humble for a consistently good taco truck.

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