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Kenny J

Call the store to check on my order it said 24-34mins after i ordered online i forgot to do an online tip so i had cash to tip havent heard nothing its been 1hour. This is crazy i would like a refund and for my food to be free due to me waithing 2hrs for food i was told to go to another and just do pick up. Any other pizza hut is normally on a timely manner and if they are running behind they apologise and give u something free to makeup. This location doesnt care and its young rude tennagers and young adults. Figures spoil my son birthday all he wanted was pizza hut pepperoni pizza he loves it.

Elizabeth Lopez

Awful flavor in wings

Lisa H.

pizza had no flavor. my partner ordered the boneless wings and one of them was BLACK inside ??! yuck I have no idea why I didn't read the reviews first ESPECIALLY from a pizza hut

Rodney Rodriguez

They took over an hour on my order after saying it would be ready in “10-20” min.. and I’m STILL waiting. This is ridiculous.

Angela P.

Wow... it took 2 hrs for 1 large pizza... I will never be ordering from this location again, also the phone just rings and when they do finally answer you are on hold for a long period of time . First and last time ordering from this location . Never AGAIN!

Cristina C.

Wow 2 hours to get my pizza ... y'all need help ! Hire people. How are you guys so damn slow

Jackie R.

We ordered a cheese stuffed crust pepperoni pizza and some BBQ wings. When we got it, the crust is insanely chewy and the pizza has almost NO sauce. It honestly tastes like it's been sitting out for a day. We had to dip it in a bowl of marinara sauce for it to be edible. The wings were dry even though they were covered in sauce. Glad I had a coupon. Last time we're ordering from here.

Tere H.

Have been waiting for a single pizza and wings for almos 2 hours! Placed my order at 719 this establishment is under new management but still isn't doing something right! Ridiculous don't waste yalls time coming here! The workers are unprofessional getting into it with consumers yes we understand with the weather and covid they might be a bit slower but they can't take this long for a single pizza!

Bruce N.

They advertise a 10 dollar 3 topping delivery. I go online. Order. Go to checkout. Add 20% tip.
Pizza $10
Tip$3 and some change? That's not 20%
Delivery fee. $4
Tax $1.60
$19 and change.
Ok let's pay. Won't let me pay?
You have to spend $12 for delivery. WTF??!!!!!
I'm at $20 right now.
Cancel order. Get in car. Little Ceasars hot and ready.
$6.50 we have a new place to go.

Reginald A.

As a huge, long time fan of Pizza Hut, I was beyond disappointed both in the customer service experience and quality of pizza I received at this store. I paid for a large pizza with pan crust, but the crust of the first pizza I received was doughy and dry and unevenly made. I drove back up to the store, hoping they'd share my dismay at the product and replace it. I had to physically demonstrate to them the fact that the pizza was so doughy you couldn't even pick it up without it tearing off into a million pieces. Then they reluctantly offered to make me a new one, and I accepted since they already had 4 other disgruntled customers standing in line - one of which was demanding a full refund for his purchase. The second pizza I received was far worse than the first one - almost intentionally so. The crust on this was even larger and doughier and it wasn't even sliced it was one greasy undone pizza! Trying to pick it up was even more of a disaster. I'm irate at the fact that I even paid for this!

Eduardo R.

Worse service ever. Ordered pizza on my app, 10 minutes later it says it's out for delivery. Mind you, this Pizza Hut is around the corner from my house, I waited almost 2 hours for the pizza man to knock on my door, when I opened to greet him, he seemed in a rush, like he had stopped somewhere he wasn't supposed to. The pizza was cold when he got it out of the bag. I refused to take it. This is not the first time they've done this. The first time, I had to drive up there to see what was taking so long, after almost 3 hours of waiting, by the time I got there, Pizza Hut was closed...

Anthony N.

Do not go here.  They make your pizza wrong.  They are ignorant.  They don't deliver to any are worth delivering.  Did I mention toon they are ignorant

Gaby L.

We placed our order at 7:06pm and got a text at 7:47pm saying it was out for delivery. At 8:30pm I decided to call and see what was going on. They told me to call back in 10mins if it didn't show up. Called and all I got was busy lines. Kept calling and finally got to someone in placing a delivery and told them I wanted to know what was going on with my pizza, not pizza and wings... just 1 two topping pizza. They kept transferring me over to the store and kept getting busy lines. Called one last time and finally someone ended up getting with the store and in the time I was on hold the delivery guy was here with my cold pizza. I asked why it took so long to deliver and was upset and only said he was the only driver. This place needs to be better at communicating with customers.

Troy W.

This place took my money at 12:45 at night for delivery. NO DELIVERY EVER HAPPENED! NO PHONE CALL EVER HAPPENED! NO EMAIL EVER HAPPENED! NO REFUND HAPPENED UNTIL I CALLED PIZZA HUT THE NEXT DAY. They left me in a hotel room with no meal, no way to contact them since they had closed at 1. This life long patron of Pizza Hut was told by your actions that I'm not appreciated or worth a call or email ( which you had both). And I listened to you! NEVER AGAIN, GOODBYE

Ana P.

SAD to give them such a poor review. I waited 3 minutes before I decided to start the stop watch. 9 minutes passed before an employee came to attend me. Waited another 5 minutes on Pizza that was suppose to be ready 20 minutes ago. The young girl smiled kindly, but that's all the customer service I received. I noticed the people waiting prior to me were still waiting when I left.

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