Argentina Bakery

3401 W Airport Fwy #112, Irving
(972) 252-4809

Recent Reviews

Pamela N.

We were visiting the restaurant next door and thought I would pop in for a peak. Geez, what a find! I had no idea that Argentineans were baker masters. You should see this showcase of the most beautifully prepared cakes and candies. The cakes are pieces of art and look way too pretty to eat. I didn't try a slice but next time I'm in the neighborhood you can bet I will! Instead, hubs picked out some yummy cookies and I chose a delicious cake-like petit four. However, I didn't understand what the card said so not sure exactly what it was. The inside was dark wood with leather covered seating - very inviting and warm. I'd say this is a cool place with a cool vibe and I will definitely be back to sit down with my piece of cake.

Saharsh Reddy

Good selection of cakes. Small chocolate cake had a very thick layer of cream which was a spoiler but the cake inside was delicious.

Alexis R.

The service is cool, however they served me regular milk when I asked for almond milk as a substitute. I'm paying the price now due to my intolerance smh.

Amy Morton

I had to review this place because oh god did it change my life. Every pastry is good, and they have the best empanadas I've ever tried. I plan on going as much as possible in my short time in Texas. Do yourself a favor, go check it out and bring home more than you think you'll want/need. You won't regret it.

Stephen M. Bauer

I moved from NJ to Irving, Texas more than a year ago. The Argentine Bakery is my favorite place to go when I want to get out of the apartment or when I just want to relax with a book and a cup of coffee. Besides coffee, the had their empanadas, tres leches cake, and a few other goodies.

Diann N Russ Allen

New discovery but they’ve been in Irving for 15 years. It will be on my route when I’m in Irving. Coffee was really good and the pastries were excellent as well as the empanada

Lindsay Krasniqi

This is a quaint little bakery and coffee shop nustled in a shopping center. We got beef and spinach empanadas and 2 machiatos that were made perfectly. For dessert we enjoyed a Blueberry Cheesecake and Strawberry macaroon. They have a large display with lots of delicious looking desserts, would definitely give it another try!

Ashley D

Empanadas are my fave item here, kids like the variety of goodies in the bakery cases. I've purchased a smaller cake from here before and it was delicious as well.

Janette Silva

Delicious pastry.. a little expensive but it's worth it once in awhile.. the cakes are so good. Recommend this place.

Danny kurdi

The best organic juice I ever tried hands down. I got the go green 20 ounce cup. It was perfect. I felt great energy afterwards

Shana H.

Absolutely wonderful! From the empanadas to the dirty chai latte frappe! Great find for a quick breakfast & coffee. We will be returning for the pastries!!

Vy P.

WOW! This is such a hidden gem. You walk in and there are cases lined with tantalizingly beautiful and fresh baked goods. The back has various Argentinian groceries and staples. They have really tasty uncommon takes on lattes (coconut, charcoal, etc.) and they taste great. The empanadas are delicious. I got the spinach and cheese, and although it was a tad bit salty, it was so hot and crispy and full of flavor that I didn't mind so much. My friends got the brisket one and they said it was amazing. They make them fresh and you can smell the hot ones coming out of the oven--makes it hard to say no! As for the sweets, everything tasted as good as it looks. They have French, American, and Argentinian pastries, and they make all of them very well. I also think it'd be hard for you to find a good place that makes French pastries with Argentinian flavors this good! Overall this is a wonderful quick stop for a snack, or a quiet/cozy place to meet with friends for coffee or to do work or study. I will definitely be back to try everything else in the bakery.

JFW Barnes

I felt like I was right back home in Argentina. The food is absolutely perfect and not too expensive. I just wish it was bigger!

Todd Milburn

Coffee was pretty good. I also tried the chicken empanadas- also good.

Angie Fernandez

Best tres leches cake. Best dulce de leche cakes. Must try.

Ani A.

The place is cozy and they have lot of choices for desserts; however, you probably can do better empanadas in your home. Also, the cake was super sweet. I like their coffee and the atmosphere. I give 4 stars because it makes me remember my home country Argentina.

Tracey Lynn Elizabeth McElhone

Great selection of mate, friendly staff, amazing empanadas and pastries!

Joe Gonzalez

Came from out of town to visit & found this great bakery. Delicious!

Mary C.

The pastries here are beautifully displayed and made! I ordered a few things that looked good. I didn't even know how to pronounce it, but they accommodated me and put it in a box and gave it to me. I tried each thing and it was delicious! I would definitely come here again!

David Fulfer

I traveled and lived in Argentina for around 15 years. They have the best empanadas I have ever had. Also, cortado double was amazing! I just wish I lived closer. I would be a regular customer.

Curbside Fabrication

Great for a cup of joe sit outside and enjoy the weather and a small pastry

Mark Perez

Great place, this bakery offers coffee, tea, hot chocolate and the best empanadas.

Mary M

THIS IS SUCH A CUTE UNDERRATED CAFE! I found this place one time just browsing the area was amazed with the amount of desserts and goods they had. Coffee even had other milk alternatives loved that. Came back to show a friend they fell in love just as I did! I'm sad i didnt know this places existed until now

Mercy H.

A must bakery/cafe to try! Charcoal Coffee Mocha is to die for with hint of subtle coconut, not sweet! Well balance and delicious. Nicely pair w beef jalapeno Egg empenada ( no pic) Will come back over and over

Pine Apple

I love this place for its empanadas! So far it's been the only place to go to for that. Also, I enjoy their hot coco it's on point for me it's not too sweet. I have not tried their desserts but they look delicious and unique. There does need to be more space inside as it does tend to get crowded.

Richard Tran

One of my favorite coffee shops in Irving and even the greater DFW metroplex. Definitely try the empanadas and alfajores when you're here! Service is always friendly and accommodating.

Matt Webster

I would like to thank all of you for making one of the most beautiful birthday cakes for my employee! The entire staff loved it and your staff was super helpful and so nice! We will definitely be using you again. Thanks so much .

Pieraldo Pecchio

Excellent empanadas and pastries. Particularly recommend the spianch and the jalapeno ones

Kou L.

Cute little bakery/coffee shop. Came in after a food hop and wanted some desserts. There were plenty of desserts to choose from, desserts I've never seen or heard. So, to start I decided on getting the little desserts so I can try as many different ones as I can. The price is affordable and the desserts were great. Service was great also. Will come back when I'm in the area.

Karol C.

This is a nice little place to get some nice hot drink and enjoy some pastries. They have a variety of baked goods, just go for it & give it a try. Some of them looked overly sweet, but they weren't so that's a plus! They also have a variety of drinks from teas to pumpkin spice lattes.

Elvira A.

Terrible cakes. EXTREMELY moist and that's not always good, I learned. Icings are also terrible. Cakes aren't fresh at all, super stale in fact.

Unkn0un Dud3

Coffee is not the best but whatever I get is always good, pastries are amazing and the empanadas are second to none... we go there every weekend for breakfast. Keep in mind is Hispanic so if reggaetón, bachata, or the fact that they have no dietary options bother you then this is not the place to go. There are more options and is always nice to find an old style shop without this vegan, gluten free, fat free stuff

Stephen Butterworth

Excellent selection of savory and sweet pastries. The cakes look amazing. They also have great coffee drinks and sell an assortment of Argentine good.

Van Patel

Amazing bakery with coffee, cakes and empanadas! Super cozy comfy chairs and sofas. Delicious pastries, custom cakes and cookies! Hidden gem!

Edwin Hernandez

For the most part, the shop is fine. There is Wifi and a decent amount of seating. One electrical plug. However, prices have steadily been increasing. Across all items from coffee to empanadas, which is unfortunate. I understand you have to make a profit, but you're heading into specialty coffee prices, which this place is not. Also, the bachata music was really loud. I could hear it through noise isolating earphones...Other than that, this place is still good. Just address some of those issues and you'll be excellent.

Jaygee Shrestha

Always amazing cafe. Really enjoy the empanadas, the brisket are my favorite.

Sylvia A. Ahedo

I love this place e the brisket croissant was delicious! I will be gong back soon !

TheEmpressOfFly C.

Couldn't love it more!!! It's a funky little café with all kinds of sweets and great coffee. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised. The empanadas were out of this world. I had the spinach and cheese, and I was not disappointed. The staff was friendly, and the music was good. It's a hidden gem. I'll be bad sooner rather than later.

Jonathan Fabian Pinho

Nice setting overall and delicious food.


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