Auntie Anne's

3651 Irving Mall, Irving
(972) 257-0043

Recent Reviews

Jesus Jimenez

Came in for thrre t mobile special Tuesdays deal, both ladies where sweet, i always go for the original pretzel with butter,

Sima Raymajhi

One of best place to eat in the mall. People working here are very helpful and generous.

Gazala Memon

I asked for a small cup of pretzel bites. The person at the counter kept insisting that she didn't have the small size and all she had was the large cup. I told her it's on the menu and she should still sell the small cup. Finally after couple of minutes she agreed and handed me a small cup. After we left the mall, we realized that almost the last one fourth of the cup was filled with burnt and bitter bites.

J family hendersons

We asked for a sample she said for paying customers only.

Siju Thomas

Yummy pretzels

Amber N

Service sucks!

grant z.

Pretzels must have crack in them. Addictive and delicious

Google LLC

The corn dogs aka mini dogs taste great.The food here taste good all the pretzels all the things that come in cups,they taste remarkable.The only complaint I have is that the lemonade doesn’t taste as good as you think it would.I really like that they have a soda dispenser for people who don’t like the lemonade they have.Overall this place is great and the lady who attended us the other day was very friendly she even started a conversation with my mom.In my experience of going there I haven’t experienced a rude cashier,in fact they have all been quite friendly.Good Job Auntie Anne’s.

MacArthur Kennebrew

I went to the upstairs location and was shocked to see that the food was being served and prepped without gloves. I watched the server/cashier make a customer's cinnamon pretzel bites (2 orders), place them into a serving cup, then take her gloveless hands and place them on top of the pretel bites to compress them inside of the serving cups. On top of that there were no hair nets worn. I decided to get a cup of water instead only to be charged .75 for faucet water. This has left a negative image for me about this company.

Ana Castro

Downstairs in the food court is less crowded & friendly service! Fresh & well stocked! ^_^

Mykie D.

I love Auntie Annie's pretzels. Especially while browsing the mall