Burger King

1950 Esters Rd, Irving
(972) 870-7402

Recent Reviews

Michele Hernandez

great service and the food was great had no problem at all

Rigoberto Rodriguez

Manager Leo did let me in for a take out he said due to pandemic the lobby is close I told him I don't fit in the drive thru... I drive a semi... I guess semi they dont eat due to the pandemic.... it that SAD!!!!!!

Matthew Whittington

I have tried the garlic bacon King today and it was very delicious than previous bacon kings

Yessica Martinez

The staff was very friendly the food was very good and the restaurant so clean great experience!

Tiffany Richard

Would give this specific location no stars if I could. Dude to convenience, I come to this drive thru on several occasions and almost never had a problem. They have given me attitude a couple of times and I brush it off, everyone has a bad day. However the last time I came, the manager called Diana had the worst attitude I’ve seen in any restaurant I’ve been to as of yet. Everyone in the store looks miserable and It’s a resemblance of the manager herself. Not to mention I caught them swatting flies.. WHERE THERES FOOD. Get it together people. Don’t come to this location unless you want possible flies in your food and bad customer service. Will not come here ever again.

taylor smith

great service i had no problem at all will definitely be coming back


Will be calling corporate office. I am so tired of the rude people that work here. Not only that but they act like ur here begging for something free. No!! I am a Customer that comes here all the time to buy for me and my husband. Sometimes they are doing nothing but playing around on top of the roof of the building. Wth!! Do ur work.

Brown Nicole

I simply asked for a double cheeseburger with no bun….. which means I want everything else which is 2 patties, 2 slices of cheese, mustard, pickles and ketchup!! WOW


Noone speaks English, takes 15 minutes to order when noone is in the line, closes an hour before they suppose to, food was soggy and tasted like cleaning supplies.

cheyenne houston

If I could give 0 stars I definitely would. Me and my boyfriend just left this location, the two cashiers working tonight , one man and a women with a Spanish accent was so rude and unprofessional. If your the manager of this location and your reading this you really need to fire these two people. Especially the women oh my god! This business is going down the drain because of the employees you have here.

Debora Andrade

really good service, love the food especially the tacos.

Alexis Solis

The costumer service is good my food is always fresh

Mrs. Love

Yikes! The flies in this Burger King are bigger than the whopper! They need to tidy up it's a filthy mess in there.

Joe Ramos

Nuggets was fresh and good. Restaurant was Nice and clean.


Went there twice.Both the time the cashiers at the drive through were very rude and very unprofessional.Would never visit this place again.

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