Chicago Pizza & Pasta

2810 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving
(972) 600-9233

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Trevor J

Excellent bread they have for their sandwiches

Joy Albano

So yeah, it was way better than I expected. So good I forgot to take a picture of it. We wanted something other than bbq in TX but I was surprised at the pizza. Especially, Chicago style but this place did it well. We just wanted a simple pepperoni but it wasn't simple at all. It was amazing. We will revisit this joint again!

Ivan Leonel Blanco

Pizza was amazing, lasagna was delish and the salad was super fresh! The staff was friendly and very welcoming!

Rob B.

If you like lotsa dough with a few sprinkles of cheese on it and mediocre wings, then look no further. However if you like deepdish Chicago style, keep looking. Papajohns n dominos is pizza heaven compared to this. Left overs next day was awful too. Goes right into the trash.

Zachary Bissinger

I've been on the search for a decent pizza that is just a basic pizza. This place is the closest to NYC pizza so far. Which is good. Only cons I've seen so far is that it's about 7 dollars too expensive and the xlarge Is as big as a standard pizza back east. Not sure why that is. But it's worth a try

JCL Fitness

Best pizza ? by far ! ?????

Mesha K.

I've never walked into a restaurant and felt so unwelcome. My daughter (5 y/o) and I walked in to dine for pizza. The guy looked at me like I was a ghost and seemed disappointed and annoyed that I was there. He then says dismissively "sit down." Then he goes to the back to get another guy, who then walks out looks at us and walks back to the back. It was so uncomfortable that I decided to just leave. I couldn't imagine trusting anything they'd cook for us. Of course my little one asked why we had to leave and I couldn't bring myself to tell her why I believe they had such a visceral reaction to the two of us coming into their establishment to dine. We were dressed appropriately, heck we even got out of a nice car (not that it should matter). I dare not tell her in their eyes was the look all Black people have experienced at one time or another in their life, that "why are YOU here" look. At any rate, I don't spend money where I'm not welcome. Moved on and thought it best to share the experience. It's 2021, and we're still dealing with race in America - especially where Black people are concerned.

FaZe_ Sp00ki

Giving 4 stars only because its not truely like Gio's in Chicago, however it does fill that Chicagoan void. The sauce was on point and thats really hard to master


Wow! So happy to have found this place ? We came from FW. Chicago Pizza &pasta is a small and dingy little place you may question when entering but after speaking with the friendly staff and having the deep dish Chicago style pizza I am hooked. The food here is as fresh as it gets. We had not only the pizza but the spaghetti and meatballs along with cheese bread and a caesar salad. Delicious!! And how cute is the pizza box! We all love a little Texas pride ??. We will be back to try more of what they have to offer. Thank you for a great first visit!!

Donald Walsh

Great food, nice family run operation. They're geared almost entirely toward takeout, which means they're probably getting thru pandemic times better than most restaurants.

mayrym benitez

the pizza is amazing. the owners are super nice! i wish i could give this place a million stars.

JT Money

Decent pizza and owner was really nice. Would recommend going back.

David B.

I don't think they are accustomed to dine-in guests. It's a small place with only about 5 booths, and no other customers, so that should've been my clue. The mini deep dish pizza was ok. The soft drink came out when the pizza did, in a 16.9 oz plastic bottle. I thought they might've been related to the place at O'Connor and 114, but I don't think so now.

Afnan Hasan

Delicious and tasty

Dennis S.

Small dinner salads were fresh, simple, crunchy, tasty, exactly what you need to start a pizza dinner.

There's another pizza place in the neighborhood that we like a lot, but they don't do bbq chicken, and the wife is not going to be in on very many pizza orders without including a bbq chicken pizza. Every other place we've tried so far nearby that offers bbq chicken has been sad, really sad.

But Chicago hand tossed bbq chicken scores. About half way through demolishing her first slice, wife takes a short break, points at the rapidly disappearing slice, and says - direct quote - "this pizza is legit".

On a whim, had added the turkey bacon to their standard bbq chicken pie, and it added a nice extra meatiness to an excellent pizza.

Also got a build your own, with pepperoni, sport peppers, mushrooms and kalamata olives. Absolutely delicious. Had a great subtle smokiness to it, I'm not sure if it was one of the toppings or the sauce, but it gave another layer of deep flavor to the pizza.

We will be regulars No question. Highly recommend.

p.s. Just finished off the leftovers. That's freaking delicious pizza. Love the sport peppers as a special topping.

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