Crepe & Cup

3842 Irving Mall, Irving
(469) 773-1759

Recent Reviews

dina awad

Nice facility and staff but the crepe is dry and hard to cut, does not taste good same as Kunafa comparing with other sweet stores.

Dina Awad

Nice facility and staff but the crepe is dry and hard to cut, does not taste good same as Kunafa comparing with other sweet stores.

Moe Albasha

The best Kunafa in town and the service is good as well. I really do recommend this place.

Mahmoud Albasha

The best service and the best sweets ever.

Christian C.

They recently opened a location in Coppell and I decided to go for their grand opening. Though there was a little wait, it was expected for a business's first day. They handled the wait time well and even offered waters to those who were still expecting their crepes. I was very pleased with the crepes themselves and I eventually forgot about the wait. If you want to try the iced macchiato, then go for it. It tasted just like a Starbucks drink and their prices are pretty good as well. All of the employees were very professional and helpful. Will definitely go again!

Bdr A Al

it really good I love everything they have to offe crepe it so good


Fist time having a strawberry banana crepe delicious ...

Gerardo Salinas

Found a bug in my crepe nasty facility I would not recommend to anyone

Ight _ImaCry

Crepes are delicious and are made at a good speed

Yuki _Chan

Crepes are delicious and are made at a good speed

Araceli Sanchez

Good crepes and has fast service

Julia M.

Good crepes! Crepe might need to be a little less thick! Strawberry and Nutella is delicious! Cook the crepes in front of you and price $5-$10, not expensive.

Yume _Chan

Crepes are delicious and are made at a good speed

Walker Bowles

Fantastic crepes! You should open a Little Rock location! There are no competing creperies!

Ma'en Al-Horani

Absolutely Amazing!! Must try when in DFW

Fahim Mohammed

Love the extra crispy one and their kunafa is just so Yummy!!!

Walleed Hadi

Finally a place that has real crepes! Been looking for a place since Paris in 2009. Love it love it

Angela C

Nice treat just don't come hungry.😊

Ashraf Jamil

I love this place. Clean stuff and. Delicious I highly recommend it

Yousef Alkhatib

The kunafeh is so good. And always fresh made to order.

Vilma Trevino

Crepes look good but the younger gentleman who worked on March 18, 2019 at 645pm was terribly rude when asked questions about the difference between the crepes displayed on picture. I’m pretty sure he got bothered from his break cause I saw he was eating in the back.

ÁnnaLy París

Deliciosas, precio accesible!!

Danae Read

A special drive to have one of our favorites strawberry banana crepe. Simply delicious.

Assma E.

Their knafe is bomb! Even I had some left over and reheated it and it was still really good as well as very affordable

Mina Nasr

This place is amazing!! I tried the kenafa nabulsi. It tastes really great and just perfect amount of syrup and the cheese in it was perfect!!!

Thamer A.

Great middle eastern knafe, now you gotta understand how to heat something up if you want it to keep tasting good When you get it it's pretty hot I personally prefer cold knafe over not knafe don't ask why it's just who i am But boy when you reheat that knafe (NOT IN THE MICROWAVE) nothing tastes good if you heat it in the microwave It tastes amazing I could finish a whole thing by myself

Dilpal singh Chhabra

Probably the best crepe in town. Haven’t got so good taste anywhere else. Recommended!

Dan Dan

This is a great place to eat and with a very nice owner! We will go back for sure!

Samira A.

I tried it after a friend told me a bout their knafe in my opinion it was ok I found it different and taste buttery I took the rest Togo with me and when I reheated in microwave later and oh the flavor was awful. but my real problem was the crepes omg I did not like it my son also said the same thing maybe because the fruit from can !! People over rated this place !! 3 star is good for nice customer service and ok food

Ahmad Oweiss

Best Knafeh best service I've ever had in America! Fresh hot flavored authentic!! Thank you Crepe and Cup! I will definitely be your regular! Can't wait till my next visit!

Jenna Jibrin

Amazing crepes and kunafa!! And people are extremely friendly

zaid abukishk

Finally found an authentic KNAFEH flavor , No artificial coloring , I’ve ordered it many times for me and my friends and each time we fell in love with it more and more , Hands down the best in DFW.

Morid Rahim

I have been living in Texas since 2005, never had such a perfect Kunafa until I visited this place which is located in Irving mall, and the story behind me visiting this place is awkward. I first saw a post on Facebook page that my wife was following, so we drove from Mesquite to Irving to check it out and boy it was all worth it.

sammy salama

Excellent food and great customer service!

Shelby Gery

The crepes are amazing and so is the kunafa! They're a really good price and have great service! Highly recommend!

Tarik Hamdan

Excellent food And Custumer services. I recommend to try the coffee. Friendly owner and employees.

KS Burt

Go early if you want a breakfast crepe. Delicious crepes, I would recommend the peanut butter and honey. Yummy!❤

Philip R.

Awesome Banana Crepe! Be sure to get a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Very friendly staff. You will love it!

Flavita L.

Just finished devouring these amazing crepes, they are so delicious, the sweet and sour strawberry and blueberry were perfect with the Nutella crepe. The guy selling these crepes was very sweet. Freshly made crepes, still warm when served melts in your mouth!!!!

Jennifer Nguyen

Fast and easy! Awesome crepes