In-Fretta Pizza Wings 0% Bar

3341 Regent Blvd #150, Irving
(972) 600-8526

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yukiko frey

The food was amazing and the owner was so sweet to let us try some of their non alcoholic drinks! Would recommend ?

zaid sheikh

Too over priced. Wings were way too oily. Looked old, bad and refried. I would definitely not recommend this place. Raise your standards, people don’t earn to throw away their money like this.

leah frey

Good spot for quality Wings. Great location to meet with friends. I've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting. The bill was good for what you get. This place has many good reviews for a reason.

Zaiden Pittman

I go with my wife to this place a lot! This is the best place to grab a bite. I visit this spot at least once a month. The cooking is excellent, the crew is welcoming and the charge is affordable. I like eating in this restaurant over a rich dinner.

Matt Smith

Really nice people working here, and the food is delicious. Big slices, heaps of toppings, and decent prices. Outdoor seating was a huge bonus, too.

Muz Lotia

Let me start off by saying I paid $47+ (without the tip) for 2 mocktails, a side of small fries and two entree's, this is just to show that this place isn't cheap so I expect a halfway decent meal. I was excited because of the pictures on their site.Firstly, the mocktails were literally a mix of concentrated syrups with club soda with no fresh ingredients. I ordered a margarita expecting it to be slushy normally, but instead they mixed 2 syrups, ice and soda.The Nashville hot chicken sub barely had any meat, it was dry and felt like I was eating just bread.The Fettuccine Alfredo cubed chicken looks like they use frozen chicken breast and cut it up. Pasta was alright but definitely lacked seasoning, salt included.The masala fries were actually decent in all honesty but comical that adding seasoning to fries instantly doubled it's price.

Shafi Baig

Thanks for opening up in Irving ??Monday evening Texan winter - perfect spot.Faalsa and Jamun ! Yes you read that right ?Excellent pizzasGr8 wingsGluten Free - yes yes yes !Awesome mocktails.Suitable for any type of group.Authentic Halal !Punjabi and Muslim Owners...both Rock

Syed Mubin

Great wings, one of a kind pizza dishes, and a comfortable atmosphere

Amber Portugal

I visited here after seeing them on the news and all the good they were doing for the community. I absolutely love it. The pizza and wings are amazingg. If i could give more stars I would

Jay Ceasar

I ordered 2 Caesar salads with chicken, definitely not worth $26.00 and we didn't get any dressing for the salads. The pasta Alfredo was disappointing as well. The stromboli was good and the cheesecake was delicious. $96.00 for 2 meals delivered. Not worth it. Will not be ordering again.

David Fuller

Great food. Good quality. Beautiful girls. Everything awesome. Coming back soon.


Absolutely a must try. I had it for the first time tonight via GH. Food was delivered hot and quick. Korean Spicy Wings were the best I have had seriously. I am visiting from Houston and these surprisingly are better than what I have had back home. Flavorful, spiced just right with the perfect amount of heat. Outside was crispy and inside was moist. The wings are smaller than most places, but the quality and taste made up for it. I also had the Tribeca pizza. Very generous toppings and they were of great quality and flavor. Not too salty or greasy. Crust was nice and crisp. So glad I gave them a try and I think you will enjoy them too.

Salah Khan

Those wings takes me to a different world and that crazy mo drink made by the man him self is a bomb. My family always loves their hospitality.God bless you brother.

Dominique TOD

This place deserves 6 stars!

Ayyah Salem

Had high expectations for this place because of all the raves. We ordered zarina salads. No taste to the chicken or “steak” (pretty sure it was gyro meat) and also nothing but lettuce, barely any tomatoes or olives... for a $14 salad, we expected a lot more. We ordered wings as well, the Nashville and tandoori flavors... but honestly they were both so spicy we couldn’t really tell the difference since they were in the same box :/ I guess for $55, for two people, didn’t seem like we got our worth. Really wanted to love it. Giving 3 stars because they are actually open during this pandemic and providing their services.

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