Krispy Krunchy Chicken

4101 N Story Rd, Irving
(972) 514-1178

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Iman Ashfaq

Staff was pretty kind and I loved the food! The chicken was extraordinarily crunchy and super flavorful! The restaurant wasn’t the best as in the ambiance and interior like I wouldn’t sit and have food there but the food was good. I loved the burger and the chicken! We ordered a bucket filled with almost 9? Pieces of I’m not wrong and we got 2 burgers and it totaled less than $40 dollars!

Tiahcia Govan

First time visiting an they were very rude!!!we wore masks an gloves..even said hello before we orderedI think they dont trust a certain shade of folk if u know what i mean. My chicken is better an with kindness

Gabriel Ramos

Chicken is amazing!!! But for a chicken joint, there is no hot sauce!!! Its ok tho, I'll bring my own hot sauce if I dine in!! Lol. Biscuit is pretty good. The only issue I find here which brings the overall rating to 4 is price. I paid 9.87 for a 3 piece, one side and a CANNED DPepper... a bit steep for what u get but the chicken is awesome!!

Ovainia M.

Smaller restaurant with a vibe similar to KFC, except here you'll get better food! I can only rate my order pick-up experience , where the female employee was friendly and helped me promptly. One thing to note is that some of the side dishes have different prices on online orders when you add them on to your entrees vs. adding them separately ($.99 + difference). **Average Dish Cost(s): Under $8. **Food: 3 Piece White Meat Meal ($9.28)-- I chose white meat ($.80) and extra biscuits ($1.89) which increased the price from $6.59. The chicken was extremely delicious. It tasted fresh despite my order being late in the day and the skin was crisp and seasoned so well that I ate all of it. Usually I'll peel the skin off and discard it, but not this time. The white meat was juicy and nothing pink was found. 10/10. Extra biscuits ($1.89)-- These biscuits were some of the best I've ever had. Their outward appearance didn't match how delicious they were. They were soft and had an essence of honey to them. Side Mashed Potatoes ($2.99)-- I admit I was hesitant to eat this because I expected more of a brown gravy, but these were amazing! Not too salty and they tasted fresh. **Seating: Looked to have regular table style seating that is closed off due to the virus issue. **Location: It's located next to a bunch of other establishments within a mini strip type of place. Google GPS lead me to a park that's a but away, so be careful. Lots of parking spaces.

Kendrick Perry

I love the chicken here. It's definitely Krispy and Krunchy on the outside, and tasty on the inside. I like how it remains Krispy even after we've left it in the oven to keep warm. I will have to try the fish.


I always get their Fried Chicken (thigh and legs) and it is excellent - as good or better than I have found anywhere else. And I really love their biscuits. You cannot go wrong with the biscuits or chicken in my half-dozen experiences.

Hammaad Arshad

We came in from the Houston, looking for some halal food around the area. We got lucky and found this restaurant. Great quality Halal food, quick service, we tried their Zinger burger and their Crispy Chicken Tenders, and the quality of both was really good. Would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for quality Fried Chicken.

Jasmin W.

This place was good, they definitely live up to their name . Chicken was fresh, staff wore mask. I like the chicken tenders with the original sauce. How I do they sauce should come with the meals 40 cents is high per sauce. Other than that it was good.

Ifrah F.

I really wanted to like this place because of the great reviews, but it was average at best. We tried the zinger and the chicken wrap. We only waited 10 minutes for our food and ate right away in the car. The zinger was flavorful but the chicken wasn't fresh. It was just slightly warm and not at all crispy. I'm guessing they fried it earlier in the day and had it sitting in a warmer? The waffle fries were hot and freshly made, probably the best thing we got.

James Jordan

Everyone of my guys at work loves this place. When I buy them lunches, this is the place we always want to eat from. Best yard bird in Dallas.

Hashim H.

The food is fresh and always hot. I have been there 3 times and they have been busy. Tasted everything but the fish and the crispness and juiciness in the chicken is there! The biscuits are fluffly. The only issue is the staff gets a little rash maybe because its been busy (not an excuse though) and the ordering system needs to be streamlined

Anshwar Syed

Great customer service the food is jus awesome so crunchy I like it. But I think their crispy shrimp tastes me sweet so wound never go for it not would recommend anyone.Also highly recommend to go for their other dishes .

Em Camargo

I just love the food you can taste the food in the air inside the car it is awesome! ? I love it.

Waheed K.

We were visiting Irving and staying at a nearby hotel. This was the closest halal option available. Ordered their chicken ranch wraps and they were great. Ordered the chicken nuggets meal for the kids and they gobbled it down. Would visit again if in the area.

Vee Watson

The chicken was really good. The red beans could've been better, but the okra made up for that. I recommend them.

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