Krispy Krunchy Chicken

4101 N Story Rd, Irving
(972) 514-1178

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James Rodwell

Even though they are not letting anyone dine in (which just seems lazy to me. Just distance us) and even though the staff seems indifferent to you as a customer, I still stop by on occasion because the chicken is very good. If it weren't for the quality of the food I wouldn't bother. Just being honest.

Tarek Hijazi

Only if they quit being so cheap , I ordered a 16 peace family meal with 2 large sizes and I come to find out they gave me 1 hot sauce and 3 Ketch up ????? , I mean whyyyyyy would you do that ?

William Arnold

The enthusiasm and friendliness is impressive. The food is equally impressive. The chicken was hot and fresh. It was seasoned perfectly. I am definitely coming back!

Connie W.

Ridiculous. At this time, local restaurants should do their best to keep correct operating hours posted for customers. How can you support local businesses when information is not correct. It appears there were closed before 10 pm.

Zehra Farooqui

I very always had a good experience, chicken tenders are fresh and juicy. their jambalaya rice is delicious.

Jawad Mirza

Placed a to go order for 16 + 2 piece chicken, the chicken didn’t taste as it earlier did and nor was it cooked as it should’ve. Called the restaurant to convey this very politely and with utmost respect. They start refuting everything that I am saying and when I tell them, so do you think that I am lying and she says YES!!!!

Amy D.

The Zinger sandwich is where it's at!! Their fried chicken is also really good for a "fast food" restaurant. I placed an order for KKC through UberEats, and they delivered within the communicated time. I tried: -Krispy Zinger Sandwich ($4.99, Awesome fried chicken sandwich! The chicken patty was crispy, and the sauce really tied it together- highly recommended! -1 Piece Fish w/Biscuit ($4.99, Just ok, but I'm not a big fan of fried fish. The biscuit was good though, buttery and fluffy. -2 Pieces Dark Chicken w/Biscuit ($3.99, Great fried chicken, and seasoned well. I loved the crispiness of the skin, and of course the biscuit- highly recommended! -Seasoned Fries (Small/$1.99, Solid fries, but nothing special. -Mashed Potato & Gravy (Small/$2.49, Just ok- the mashed potatoes were too pureed. -Mac n Cheese (Small/$2.49): Just ok, nothing special- skip! -Fried Okra (Small/$2.19, Solid fried okra, and it was nice and crispy. -Crispitos ($1.89, Too dry; however, I'm not a taquitos fan and wouldn't order this again. I also ordered their whole jalapenos (2/$1) and they were crazy spicy (which was awesome). Only order these if you like to eat spicy. I re-order their Zinger sandwich and fried chicken again if craving chicken.

My T.

Big fat juicy and tasty on the inside and crispy on the outside chicken tenders beat anyone's tenders I've ever tried!

Luis M.

Really good fried food. Love the seasoning in the breading on the fish and shrimp. Great sides. Ordering online is super convenient!!

business review

Let me share good and bad about this place. I ordered item # 5 biscuit and coleslaw was good. Fried Brown chicken was OK because it tastes like it was Fred in Old/poor Quality cooking oil. After eating one peace of Fried chicken I am done.

Coolness Man

Good Chicken sandwich with great fires, the prices are a bit steep for something like a Chiken sandwich meal. KFC Colonel Box same price has a lot more, and bit of work on their menu and it would be great, this is also Halal meats if you are looking for fast food and halal; this is a place to visit.

Mary Jane

I went there and loved it.. fresh seasoning is fried inside the chicken. The biscuits were also very yummy.. I will be going here every week for my fried food fix..try it and your going to love it

C Rob

I got a chicken sandwich meal with side and drink for there. I got it bagged up to go, guess my cashier didn't catch that. Okay, that at least was fixable. But then, the sandwich arrived and was not like pictured on menu. Chicken breast was fried and then cut in half and only half was put on sandwich. Huh. It tasted pretty good. However, then I tried my side, fried corn. It was fried, but apparently not long enough, as it was still frozen in places. Hopefully, my experience was a rare case.

Paco Reyes

The fried chicken is krispy, krunchy and delicious. What was a real surprise is how good the jambalaya is, next time I’ll get a large order. The food here is great despite what your past experience has been at gas station locations. Best wishes to the owners, they seem like a good bunch.

Kapone Williams

I must say this is one of my favorite places to get chicken. Always well seasoned and fresh

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