Pizza Patron

822 E Irving Blvd, Irving
(972) 870-9191

Recent Reviews

Guadalupe Torres

DeliciosoFast and friendly

Mykie D.

I am a fan of the prices, the customer service, the chicken enchilada pizza and the lime pepper wings. Very good!

Lucy Mancilla

This is in amazing clean place..and very respectful workers, very nice and hard workers.God bless them, for my part they can have 10 stars

Gloria Robledo

I like pizza patron, me and my family have always been getting our pizza from here. The food is always consistent and very yummy as any pizza would be.I will say, I did use their app one time to order myself an individual size pizza for lunch and I think the app has a glitch because when I got there, my pizza did not have cheese or green peppers. I didn't think to add them on my online order since I was just adding extra toppings, so I shouldn't have to include toppings that are already included in the pizza name. As for the cheese, I made sure to press normal cheese amount, and I did see it in the toppings section but I didn't want extra cheese, so I didn't select it. Surprise, the pizza came with no cheese.They did offer to remake it but since I was on lunch and didn't have time for it to be remade, I just took it that way. I will say, it was still delicious.I will say, it was not their fault. They showed me the ticket that printed on their side with my name and it said NO CHEESE NO GREEN PEPPERS, so it was some problem with their system that accepts online orders and prints them. I know I didn't select those options.Just be careful with the app, and maybe try to call the store to make sure they received it properly ?

Maria Hernandez

The pizza here is always fresh, the employees are awesome and thier spinach pizza is amazing! Definitely recommend. Officially my pizza place! :)

mireya rodriguez

Employees at this location are very kind and the place is always clean and most important their pizza is fresh and perfect!I live in North Irving but drive to this location because of their freshness and service!

Allith Galaviz

Response: thank you for responding, I always appreciate when a business responds. I'll try your corn dough next time, it might just be what it needs. Mainly it was the dough I was not happy with.They should think about using parbaked dough, or making the crust thicker. Not one of my favorite pizZa places. The crust is too thin that makes the pizza salty, greasy, and uncooked. Thin crust pizzas are pre baked, that's why they get crunchy and don't taste raw. The price is also very high. At $12 for a pepperoni, then it's something I didn't even feel finishing. The bread is not bad at all, that dough is actually thick giving it a balance.

Sandra Alvarado

The pizza is always fresh and delicious at this location, the manager Tino is very friendly and very hardworking

Leonel M.

Good service, pizza is always fresh and tastes good! Faustino is a good manager and is always courteous in our interactions

Diana A.

Timo makes the best pizza! Awesome service and fast! They always make good pizza at this location unlike others. Food is always great everytime I stop by.

Elizabeth Mendez

Although there is usually a wait, the pizza is fresh.

Esai Bosa

Great pizza. Their website seems to always have a problem processing my order but besides that, great stuff.

maria Delgado

I love this pizza place, I used to get pizza from here as a kid and man I missed it.

Steph N

Their pizza is so good. If you like little caesars, this one is better. Give it a try. They also have pizza ready to order

Belinda Henderson

Always friendly service. Quick service.

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