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Terrible service! Stood @ counter for 5 minutes with no one in store but us 2 melanated men and 5employees moving around busily with drive-thru or sparsely cleaning dining area. When the young lady did make it to the counter, no acknowledgment or apologies just stared until I spoke (1st) and placed my order. Attitude reflects leadership and I believe her behavior was normalized by her peers. Things have definitely gone down since the Manager Tracy has left and I think it will be the last time we go to this location.


Walked in Today they ignored me for almost 8 minutes until a man behind us took up for us and raised his voice at them asking why they were not waiting on us. The window cashier was overwhelmed handling her own stuff, the other lady argued how she didn’t want to do it but then came over and her exact words were “What”… I ordered and was never mean to her she put food in boxes threw sideways into a bag and said “Here!” During all of this the man who helped left said he didn’t want to eat there anymore. The dining room was a messy so we ate in vehicle. Food was good, but never felt so unwanted.

Joseph G.

I have been here a few times. There are not many LJS locations anymore so I come here when I crave it. The workers are so nice and friendly. They were always smiling when interacting with customers. The only reason for 4 stars is because it is a fast food place and if you compare to other places, food quality and taste is beyond compare but still a great place for a quick fast food.

Vanessa Broughton

Y’all never answer your phone and that’s first! I heard my husband order and he asked y’all to add a piece of chicken to the l1 and you told him to drive up. He get to the window and tried to add it again and y’all gone tell him he couldn’t add through the window. If it were me I would of drove off. He tells you he’s going to go BACK around and then you tell him he couldn’t just order the one piece of chicken so you made him order addrl mess!! Horrible service!! Crappy attitudes. If you don’t want to work there go somewhere else. You lucky you didn’t answer the phone. Who ever owns this place get these people out your drive thru!!! FOS!

Jade A Zar

Excellent place! Michael took my order smiling and welcoming. When I asked for his suggestion from the menu he was spot on my meal! Awesome hot shrimp and deliciously seasoned flaky fish were the best.Shay was very nice when I complimented the dining room which was impeccably clean and cool. Overall a very nice freshly cooked delicious meal with awesome service and friendly welcoming smiles ?Thank you.Most definitely one of my top choices for a fabulous meal out. ?

James N.

I love LJS, over the years these places have dwindled down to only a hand few. I drove from Cypress to Katy to enjoy a Shrimp and more with a couple chicken planks with my family. I discovered the fish, shrimp, chicken and fries are pre cooked in bins for picking/sorting. If this company could see there product beening poorly served and displayed. I spent $ 51.36 and will never spend a cent more. Place is dirty, rude personal and morjority a thug hang out. Another good buisness gone...

Karen Turner

Order was half wrong. No malt vinegar was available this time....last time it was tartar sauce. Whoever orders stock needs to do better. Long John Silver's food needs proper condiments. It was only Wednesday and already lacking....The Taco Bell part of the order was fine. I didn't ask for any condiments, non were offered. The customer service was a bit on the rude side. It felt rushed, and having the order a bit off was not great.

lynn Broussard

The food was good. However the service was slow. The front cashier who was the manager left the front and went to the back to help expedite order. She didn't announce to the customer waiting in line that someone will be with you shortly. I waited 25 minutes before the drive-thru cashier came and assisted me. She apologized for my wait and got my order out very quickly. Also I arrived at the restaurant at 12:30 and the restaurant restroom was not clean and the trash can was over flowing with trash. The tables in the restaurant was not clean and no napkins in the holder. This is a nice location, I hope you can get more help.

Esther Rivera

I returned here because I had visited the Long John Silver's couple months ago because the fish shrimp and chicken was delicious. We live all the way across the other side of town, so we wanted to eat there today. Oh my gosh!!! The chicken and fish was greasy, so hard on the sides it hurt to bite the food. Then the ketchup packets were all so sticky that I couldn't open the packets. When I mentioned that their reply was "yeah their all like that. I'm sorry, but when they opened the box some might have busted."They're closed. Why not rinse the packets instead of giving them out like that.So, needless to say, my toddlers didn't enjoy their fries.It angered me because we spent half a gallon of gas to get there and back to a place that was not worth the time or money.Shame on you all???Another customer there told me that he was also going to give them a bad review because it wasn't their problem but became ours. That is horrible customer service.

R. L.

Service people were very nice but check your food before you drive away. I just got home and not only did I not get a receipt but I also got the completely wrong order of much lower quality items. Ordered a cantina chicken taco and cheesy Gordita crunch for like $8 and got a cheesy bean and rice burrito and a crunchy taco which is like $3. Made me sad as I had been looking forward to Taco Bell for a few days :(.


went there yesterday (july 8, 2022) and the girl taking my order behaved as if she didn't want to be there. plus they cooked my fish in the same grease as the cinnamon twist or cinnabons. They could do better

Fox E.

It's time to Taco this seriously as a review, because Taco Bell isn't Mexican food and shouldn't be judged as such. As far as Tex Mex goes, it still manages to be some of the worst out there, and not as cheap as it used to be either. This is a Taco Bell Long John Silver combo, which is a strange combo as you know. The fish side of things is like a three-star chain, if you want crappy fried fish which is not too cheap - but it's not bad. The Taco Bell side of things is just awful. Service isn't bad and it's more like two stars, but the food itself just is some of the worst I've had. So I give two stars for the Taco Bell and three stars for the Long John Silver, and honestly I'd probably only come back here for the fish. Sadly we have family members that love Taco Bell so that's more than likely why I'll end up in here again. Usually right before or after either Walmart shopping or Walmart gas.

Scott Giraudin

Terrible service, and cant get an order right. How is this place still in business? I did not order a crunchy taco, much less 4. Was missing 2 items of my order. And just being picky, but if I had ordered this taco and received this mich lettuce on it I would have laughed.

Harry Madison

Never had LJS before, so this was a first. Hush puppies were good. Actually, really good. Fries were good, but you have to eat them hot. The fish and chicken were both actually really good, but a tad oily- I expected this. I've been to many fish and chips places, and have to say that for fast food, it really shocked me how on point they were. I will definitely eat here again. Also, the restaurant was very clean and the staff were friendly and helpful.

Hal Gailey

Long john silver's restaurants have become so hard to find. This is an Express location. Limited menu. But everything we wanted. They need to improve how they cook up their hushpuppies but the fish, shrimp, and fries were all great. Missed that malt vinegar and battered fish.

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Long John Silver's | Taco Bell

25109 Market Pl Dr, Katy, TX 77494
(281) 644-2599