Maika’i Hawaiian BBQ

23227 Mercantile Pkwy Suite A1, Katy
(832) 437-0687

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Janelle Abela

Our go to is always BBQ chicken and the ribs. Staff are very friendly. Great size portions. I don’t suggest ordering online through their website as they may not get it. I placed an online order a day ahead and called the day of pick up to make sure it will be ready on time. Come to find out, they dont have my order even if I had email confirmation that the order was placed online. They tried their best to fulfill my order. Good thing it was just small a la carte orders. Photo is the small a la carte order

Michelle D

Very friendly staff. Food is fresh and flavorful. The macaroni side dish is wonderful. Portions are big on the chicken plates that we ordered. Lunch for tomorrow ?

Nancy France

Tasteless, dry, bland. How does one make fried shrimp dry and bland? At that, it was better than the beef. However, the beef, ribs and chicken was so absymally bad, that "slightly better" is faint praise indeed. Cabbage was not quite uncooked, rubbery and...again...bland. Rice was like generic, store brand Minute rice, that had gotten cold, and slightly reheated. I do not recommend. Anything. Drive by, do not stop.

Mark Reed

No PHO despite the photos that are on the Google page. Unfortunately the beef was chewy and flavorless. Overpriced for what you get. Boring ascetics inside. Wasteful togo packaging used for dine-in. No interesting drinks... just canned ones.Macaroni salad side was really good.

Jeannie K.

Every Friday in Downtown LA, there is (at least used to be when I worked there a decade ago) a farmers market. My MD bought flowers for his wife, and I bought Hawaiian bbq for myself: chargrilled to sweet and savory perfection and accompanied by rice and macaroni salad with way too much mayo - par for the course for Hawaiian. Roy's was an overpriced version of that - excessively sweet, excessively salty, excessively expensive, yet all delicious. Their flourless molten chocolate cake was -- ugh. Decadence embodied. Anyway, suffice this to say my appreciation for good Hawaiian food had nowhere to find home here in Houston -- until I saw Maika'i on Yelp today and decided to check it out. I called in an order for H2: the Hawaiian bbq mix. The three cuts of grilled meat are chicken thighs, skirt steak, and galbi (beef ribs), and this filling combination comes on a bed of steamed cabbage with a scoop of rice and macaroni salad on the side. While the meats are not chargrilled, I'm impressed by both the quality and the amount of meats in the order. And the chicken was a bit salty but marinated beautifully with zero poultry gaminess//腥味儿 that I hate. The galbi was perfect and not overly fatty as the cut often is. Perfect amount of rice and salad to go with it, with just the right amount of (read: deliciously too much) mayo. I wish there were an option to get just the beef, but overall am very happy with the order and to have found the place. If I ever feel the craving for solid Hawaiian fare, I know where to go.


Fist time trying Hawaiian food and it was really good, but when I went there they didn't have fountain drinks and their drink selection was limited but the food and the service was good. The place was really clean and the food made for a good experience if I'm around will definitely come back to try the other dishes

Nia Y.

One of the worst Hawaiian bbq I've ever had. And the service is just as terrible. Location also smells really bad so makes me curious about the kitchen. Macaroni salad was super hard like it was days old and the meat was super tough. I can't expect authentic Hawaiian bbq food but they could at least serve better quality food. Or train their employees how to be kind to customers.

Mariana Garcia

This food is absolutely delicious! Good portions good prices! The Mac salad was my favoooooriteee......?? I sure will be back! Thanks too the CHEF ?‍?

Jennifer Ronzello

The BBQ chicken is delicious (they use dark meat). The short rib was good, but I probably wouldn't order it again. The macaroni salad is great, even if you aren't a big mayo fan.We'll definitely be back.

Roque G.

These guys make the best Mac salad in Houston hands down! Solid Hawaiian food, we usually get the family meal and nothing disappoints! The pork is soft and juicy and the rice is perfect and sticky!

Deedee Han

Big portion!!! Things were lovely.Didn’t like the Hawaiian iced tea in can. Too sweet.Everything was delicious and the appetizer was delicious too. It wasn’t as “bbq” as I thought it would be. There was pineapple expected or even other tropical fruits expected in my meal but there were none.Service was wonderful. Lady helping us out was kind and made light conversation.Environment could be spruced up. The most colorful thing was the blue menu on the tvs. Didn’t feel as Hawaiian or bbq so much. Did like the music playing hahaIt was great. Overall good experience.

K Didier

This was the first time I've visited, and the effects of being understaffed showed. Ordered 4 meals and received 3. One person cannot take the order, wait the tables and then buss the tables. The food tasted good but I doubt it was cooked to order. Unfortunately I will not return, the one person I interacted with was polite and very helpful, but needed help running the floor.

Amber Denian

Big portion, great food with good price! Outdoor seating!

meep m.

Clean location, pleasant atmosphere, great, fast service... And not to mention, the food was delicious! Try the macaroni salad and the spam musubi for sure


We had the curry chicken katsu dish as a take-out, which was great. The curry came in a small side container, so it doesn't cause the katsu chicken to be mushy as a take-out. The chicken was still crispy, and the batter was quite tasty. I wish the curry was thicker with a more substantial flavor; otherwise, it was a delicious dish. The breaded chicken was laid on a bed of cabbage, and it came with the delightful macaroni salad. We will go back to try more dishes.

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