Scholars and Scoundrels

1251 Pin Oak Rd Ste 141, Katy
(346) 307-7434

Recent Reviews

Bree H.

Love this spot. Super friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere. Probably will be back this week just to get the fried green beans again. Also! They have really cool S&S merch right by the entrance.

Jessica Neathamer Green

This was our first time & I’m pleased to say that the food was fantastic & our waitress Danielle was wonderful! Danielle was very helpful with our food & beverage choices! I also RECOMMEND Fulbrook Ale Works Blueberry Cream Ale.

Marcos R.

This is one of the first sports bars that I had the pleasure of checking out once I arrived to the Houston Area. They menu is better than what you would expect and the cocktail menu is pretty elaborate as well. The beer selection wasn't that exceptional but I did notice the local vibe. Even though it's location is in a strip mall, you do feel like this is a place for the locals. That is what struck me the most about this place.

John Q.

Man what an excellent place. I am not local to the area and I would kill for a restaurant like Scholars and Scoundrels. My part of 6 had an amazing time here. The staff is awesome, the bar is amazing, and atmosphere is fun and the food is great! My wife and I initially sat at the bar (before we knew we had 4 people joining us) and were immediately greeted by a great staff. They had an excellent selection of local and regional beers as well as a great cocktail menu. Speaking of menu's, their food menu is awesome. The names of the food are unique and hilarious and the actual food is great!! I hate bailing on someone who has already begun serving us, but the bar tender didn't have an issue with us closing out out check and moving to a table which was incredibly appreciated. We had an appetizer of the crispy green beans which were excellent. The avocado cream that comes with it is delicious. We actually ordered a 2nd serving of the cream it was so good. I had the Fire in the Hole burger topped with a fried egg, and damn it was good. The burger doesnt come with an egg, but I highly recommend adding one! My wife had the WAP birria tacos and fell in love. We're here for a few days, and we'll honestly be back each night. This is a must check out restaurant!

Jaimee M.

Had an excellent experience, the food, drinks, staff & atmosphere was absolutely amazing! Will be returning and bringing more guests!!!

Lorena A.

We are new to the area and the name was catchy and the menu looked legit so we gave this place a try..and so glad we did!!! Our waitress was Danielle and she was bubbly and her hospitality was on point. She had great recommendations and brought the food to us promptly... so hot and fresh I burned my taste buds. The flavor on the Mac Burger was amazing. Didn't need salt or pepper. Danielle very professional and made us want to come back for the great service. I order the "beers for the kitchen" as a thank you. I love this concept on the menu to say thank you. I saw everyone working hard. Another big shout out to this great establishment is that they honor Vets and health care professionals as me and my husband are both! What a great warm welcome to Texas for us! Highly recommend this establishment for anyone who loves great food and service! Thank you!

Jose G Jasso

This place was busy when we got here. Good crowd. Seems to be a good place to hang out and watch a game. Staff is quick to get your order and they help each other to get food out to you. The burger I got was good, meat pattie had a nice charr taste but the bacon was a bit burnt and salty. Still a good burger though. I didn't mind the salty taste of it, I will come back here, their menu has something for everyone. Watch the game, have a drink, hang out for a bit.

Jerry dMann

I really enjoyed the burger here. Done as requested. Service good.

Chrystal Hernandez

Shown here is the la cantina salad with shrimp and Chipotle dressing and it was delicious! My only complaint is the small size of the mimosas, but it was great service and a beautiful day to eat out on the patio. I would recommend.

Jessieandamanda T.

Decent food, horrible service. I normally wouldn't judge but there was literally one other table in the whole restaurant. 1. Waitress took so long to come to the table, the host had to ask if she had even came to talk to us. 2. Asked for salt and didn't get that until l had to ask a second time. 3. She never came back to the table after we received our food. 4. Had to be flagged by a cook just to get our check. She spent more time talking to the staff than taking care of the customers.

Elizabeth B.

Great good, great atmosphere, great service!! We will be back.. so many other items I want to try it was hard to pick just one entree!

Craig Bibb

Kick’n place close to home!!

Chris Meeks

Remarkably good! We actually ate here 3 times in 4 days while on a trip to town. The max and cheese as their burgers are fantastic. I tried their wings and was blown away. Their drink selection is pretty solid and their service was great! We will be back no doubt.

Lulu A.

Honestly the name of this restaurant is a bit hard for me to remember but this place is awesome! I came for the Thursday special (All day): $15 filet mignon and $15 ribeye with delicious sides - crispy tater totes, garlicky green bean, mash potatoes and cilantro lime rice. Food is presented aesthetically. Portion is quite generous. Price is affordable. Everything tastes so delicious! I will definitely come again anytime on Thursday and bring friends and family here.

Corey R.

I only came in here for drinks but that's no reason not to leave a review! The house old fashioneds were great! Definitely a unique spin on an old fashioned but I had more than one, so that either says something about me or something about the drinks. Will come back at some point to try some grub

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