West Katy Nutrition

1251 Pin Oak Rd #125, Katy
(832) 437-2165

Recent Reviews

Glenn Sweeney

This is my go to place after my work out and get some great tasting nutrition. I recommend this place! A lot of flavors to choose from for shakes and teas

Marilee Clark

Delicious shakes and teas, positively nutrition oriented! Attention to calories, carbs, and protein. What an awesome find on an overnight stop! Owner is super friendly too!

Nancy Fuentes

Nothing but a pyramid scheme place. Jony Patino and Paul Jewell will convince you to fall in love with the product, promise you’ll loose the weight. You’ll become a regular and then boom…. They will try and tell you that you’ll be the perfect fit to open up a Nutrition shop.Jony Patino and Paul Jewell will promise to guide you through opening a shop, promise you’ll be successful and profitable. But guess what??? They won’t!! Their concern is just the check they will receive from product being ordered!!! They will present a forged business plan, and also lie to the Government about taxes!!BE AWARE OF PLACES LIKE THESE!! They’re planning on expanding. SEALY NUTRITION, BRENHAM NUTRITION, and COLUMBUS ARE FALLING THE SAME FOOT STEPS.

julia mathis

I was in Katy for the weekend, came all the way from Texarkana. Mr. Paul was super friendly and very helpful. This is a very clean and welcoming environment!! Thank you West Katy Nutrition!

Megan Wilson

I absolutely love this place. I haven’t tried anything that I didn’t love!! Favorite is the Oreo shake and the blue raspberry pomegranate tea along with the donut shot.

Melissa Maier

Very excited to see that West Katy Nutrition is close to my house. The shakes and teas are awesome. The owners are so welcoming and friendly. Highly recommend stopping in to meet them and try a shake. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Carly Putman

I went for the first time on a Saturday and promptly came back on Monday and Wednesday! Such a fun take on protein shakes! I will eventually probably make my way through the whole menu, but right now my favorite I’ve tried is the White Chocolate Snickers shake and the Incredible Hulk tea. The girls who work there are very friendly and contribute to the whole vibe! Definitely recommend stopping by.

Bi Le

I absolutely love this place!! I went the other day for the first time and didn’t know what to order. Luckily, the girl behind the counter (I think her name was Kailey) knew what she was talking about and really helped me. She’s so sweet and knows her stuff. Def will go here again

Miguel Cardenas

This is my first time here and I will definitely returning! As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with joyful employees. The drinks are fun and very delicious! Special shout out to Annalise, one of the employees, who recommended this place to me! Thank you West Katy Nutrition!

Emily Myers

I am happily surprised with this place! My friend and I went on Saturday to visit and we were greeted with fun conversations and warm greetings, especially from the worker Annalise. Her and her coworker made our smoothies perfectly and we will definitely be back! Loved this place!

Krystle Gourjuss

So my first visit to this nice establishment were very recently. However the two gentlemen that were there they was very welcoming and friendly. They explained everything to me and making sure I knew what I was getting. First I would like to say I don’t care for the smoothie and drink combination. You don’t get much of a choice. The prices are little high for it to be a smoothie shop. That’s because I think they combine the drink and smoothie together so I paid like $12. But say if I’m on a budget and I just want a smoothie. I get the concept. But this just don’t work for me. Plus the drink is not sweet and has a bitter taste. And the smoothie just didn’t agree with my taste buds. I was really hoping to like this place. But not everything will work for everyone. But I wish this business blessings and nothing but the best!


I absolutely love west Katy nutrition! From the first time I was introduced I was so excited to have a healthy meal replacement option. The shakes are so filling and match perfectly with my health goals! The teas are very energizing, and well made, and overall the vibe of west Katy nutrition is unmatched. I’d definitely recommend trying it out, and even bringing a friend! :)

Tania Swani

Absolutely loved my experience here! Kailey served me and she was the sweetest, and gave me some great knowledge regarding their options - she knows what she’s doing! I got the glowing skin combo (i think that’s what it’s called), with the ocean water tea and a birthday cake meal replacement shake. I felt super nourished afterwards, and both were SO YUM! 5/5 stars, I want to come back tomorrow!!

Juliana Perez

This is my second time here and I will definitely be coming back! As soon as you walk into this place, you are greeted with joyful employees who just give out good vibes. The drinks are creative and very tasty! Special shout out to Annalise, one of the employees, who recommended this place to me! Thank you West Katy Nutrition!!

Peyton Hays

One of my favorite places to go after working out!! I tried the Birthday Cake shake and the Plain Jane tea and both were super good. Also, Cami Garmendia was a huge help to me. She told me all about each drink and what each one of them helps with. With her it was very easy to pick what I wanted.

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