Peter Piper Pizza

1400 Guadalupe St Suite C, Laredo
(956) 722-1993

Recent Reviews

Lilly Fernandez

Attended a party on the weekend the busiest days for Peter Piper but despite being so busy the food was great along with the service provided by employees. As always my kids had fun.Food: 5/5

Filiberto Lopez

Pizza very good!! Crispy and hot!Food: 4/5

Lori DeLeon

The Pizza was really good and the Party was Great. Nice Atmosphere. Thanks

Marisol B. Suarez

Friendly workers, great foodFood: 5/5

Sandra Mendoza

Pizza was super dry and place was dirty drink fountain has Kunkle or mold inside the ice dispenser

Henry Domz

great place to have fun with the kids and enjoy your favorite pizza... my granddaughter loves this place ?

Joe Perez

Pizza is always great but i think they should update the video game system to a card access type rather than tokens.

Mary Sanchez

Kind of disappointed that they did not put any powder cheese on the side ?

Rolando Rod

Pizza is delicious and good atmosphere for family and children


I reserved a party package for a birthday party. As soon as i arrived the manager came over and complained and told me to remove the candy bags that i placed on the table.(even though the rules clearly permit it) Guests started arriving and the server did a very poor job. She wouldn't supply cups to people arriving. I told her if she can just ask everyone what pizzas they want but she refused. It was chaotic and the server wouldn't act like a server. I was basically the server. Then the restaurant was very hot. The manager claimed that the a/c wasn't working.(not true). We also then quickly ran out of seating area. I wasn't reserved enough space for the amount of people i told them would arrive. The manager didn't really help at all, just saying that there's nothing that he can do. At this point the manager and waitress appeared to be working against us. And finally, the party package that i purchased came with 10 ice creams. But the ice cream machine was not working. I was not offered an alternative desert nor a refund for this. I did not even bother to complain about it at this point. I'd advise people to go elsewhere for a kids party. The staff are incompetent and dont care at all. So disappointed.

Tiffany Hwang

I went with my family when it was packed , which I didn't mind . What I did mind was the filthy restrooms ! :(

Frank De Leon

Great place for kids to have fun.

Karla Flores

Hosted my son's 2nd bday party. He loved it.

Karla Arredondo

This is nice place and good attention. Law office

Gabriel Jaramillo

First off I went to order right some chicken Alfredo pizza and they don’t have chicken then I order my large regular pepperoni pizza and they put it in a To-go box and it was cold on a side note that has nothing to do with it ? they didn’t have guitar hero the manager is Paola and the place is clean

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