Taco Bell

1545 US Hwy 183, Leander
(512) 528-0921

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gilbert f.

It's Taco Bell so the bar is low to begin with but at least get the order right. Since it's drive through you don't notice until you are home. Going back is a waste of time and I have things to do, which is why I chose to get fast food in the first place. To top it off, the Mexican Pizza tasted terrible. It had an industrial petroleum like flavor to it, one bite was all I could do, in the trash it went. Not sure if it is just this particular Taco Bell or if all of them have horrible tasting Mexican Pizza's as a way to justify taking them off their menu.

Christopher Morales

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Alvin Short

Taco Bells use to be so much better 30 years ago

Stephen Middleton

Slow service. Cold food. Weak beverages.Upset stomach. A friend had to have their taco fix.Enough said.

Charlotte Anderson

We ordered 5 of the currently-advertised double tacos for $1.00 each.When we got them home and opened them up, there was hardly anything in them. There was a thin strip of what I assume was the taco meat, a line of lettuce, and a line of cheese. And all those ingredients together “maybe” filled up about a 1/4 inch of the bottom of the taco. I mean, you could barely see the ingredients at all in these tacos!What a joke. Those tacos didn’t even come close to looking like the ones advertised on tv. We won’t be going back to this Taco Bell. This is not our first bad experience with them, but it will be our last.

Jennie Perry

This time we only bought drinks we were so thirsty. We have never done that, but we'd already eaten. I like Taco Bell for it's burritos, and such. But yes, they have a good lemonade as well, who knew?

Victor Sanchez

I tried ordering on the drive thru and I was greeted "sorry, but we're out of beans, beef sodas and..."

Sandra Shaw

Fast, great food. Order was correct and hot. Window staff friendly.


You can't g wrong with chicken burrito and root beer

Darren Seely

Had a feast but regretted it a few hours later. Great service and food though.

Jeremy moore

I really like Taco Bell & love this location. This review will be modified or removed if I am contacted regarding this review.

Jessica Campos

They are getting a 5 stars for hosting their Free Taco Tuesday! I love coming with my kids. Their staff is always friendly. Drive thru is fast and clear!

lynell berry

Power bowl was good, staff friendly, but no one had a mask on, makes me nervous that someone could had coughed on my food.

Darrell D.

Dining room closed, understand...to go only, check. I wait in drive thru line on foot (because I'm working right next door) and they won't take my order at the drive up kiosk...so I walk up to the window to order, and they tell me I have to order there, pay, and get back in line behind all the cars that have accumulated in the drive thru. Now, I'm no expert on customer service, and I understand we're all learning our way through this Corona19 thing but this could not have been handled worse! Making someone wait double is not acceptable...and no apology offered...just a "can't do it" and "that's the way it is". I'll go elsewhere and I encourage others to do the same...judging from the low reviews I'm obviously not the first person to be treated poorly at this location!

Zacka Nina

It's one of the few Taco Bell's that never messes up my order.

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