Jucys Taco

2609 Judson Rd, Longview
(903) 553-4948

Recent Reviews

Paul Bass

Very friendly service, quick filling orders and take it personally if order is wrong, I recommend this place if your in the mood for a moderately priced fast tex-mex meal.Food: 4/5

Jeri Bolin

My favorite guilty pleasure, can't go to Longview without stopping in for a few tacos!Food: 5/5

Cindy Spicer

Great food. Good prices. Nice variety in menu.Food: 5/5

John Brown

Wife had the Taco ? salad and I had. Big-O-Burrito 2 soft Taco and 1/2&1/2 tea.Thank youFood: 5/5

Steve H.

Street Taco Platter. Fresh cilantro, lime slices and tasty fajita meats. Delicious. I'd eat here again. kudos!

Jay G

Big difference in day time service vs nighttime service, night crew all teenage guys standing around looking at you like your a inconvenience, gee, sorry I’m here to order food and make you workOn the plus though they make some tasty food. Priced a little high but all fast food is taking advantage of the inflation.

Michael Caples

Food was great! I don’t see how the Taco Bell next door is in business with this here!

Kayla Rivas

The food is pretty decent and the service is alright though the man serving us got our name wrong but that's okay. No big deal. I would definitely go back! They're steak nachos are pretty good! You can even share them because it's a decent sized amount for the price.Food: 5/5

JC Clark

After weighting 10 to get to the window with one car infront of me. I paid n they took another 10 min to make my burrito whe. I tried to ask what was tkai g so long they wouldn't open the window

Chris Howell

The food is good but I feel like Taco Casa was better. A lot of the menu items are the same or similar but with small changes, most of them in the wrong direction. I feel like it's too expensive for what it is.

Patrick Rosson

Waited longer than usual, which I didn't mind since I was craving taco salad. They even asked what kinda of dressing or salsa, and I even asked for alittle extra. Well got home with no salsa at all for my taco salad and unfortunately I have no extra at home so there went that 10bucks because salsa just makes the salad. I usually don't leave bad reviews but there was only one other car in line and you think they could get my little order right. Just not sure I'll pick this location again. Some ppl don't live right around the corner.


I ordered, reasonably quick...I ate, nothing to bragg about...had the super nachos...you would think nachos would have flavor, a little spice, you could add to the spice...however, this was the blandest I have ever tasted...no taste whatsoever. Even the chips were just ok...I can get better food at Taco Hell...not going to waste my money again...

Kurt P.

I had high hopes for Jucys Taco. Much like the low quality shell the taco was in my hopes were also crushed. If you are looking for quality authentic Mexican food this is not it. Think more like gas station Tacos. Jucys is not the worst Mexican food that I have ever had but it is close. Everything was flavorless. The chicken in the enchilada was dull, I have had better sauce out of a can. The quesadilla was dull, And the taco had no redeeming qualities. The cleanness was below average, the bathroom floors were covered in what I hope was water. The only redeeming quality was the staff, they were all nice and friendly and helpful. They all looked like they were trying their best. It's not that Jucys is expensive, but there is no value for what you get. I can honestly say the the Taco Bell next door is a tastier, cheaper and better place to go. Overall stay away. My wife summed it up best when she said we should have just went to Taco Bell.

Tony . M

well, we ordered to go and when we paid and they gave us the order it's wrong we waited 34 minutes and it's supposed to be fast service and the person who takes the orders got upset with us when they were the ones with the mistake and well the famous steak burritos It wasn't even well cut and you can't eat the burritos well. Very bad experience. I don't think there are better places that aren't as popular, but there is better service.


Food was made how I ordered it, customized my items, everything was good. Been coming here for years. It can get pricey, but well worth it. I'm a big guy and 2 burritos fill me up.

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