2407 Judson Rd, Longview
(430) 201-5375

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Teagan Thibodeaux

Good experience today. Friendly customer service for the first time! My fiancée and I avoided going here for a long time because of the nasty attitudes. Much better.

Vinny Vousden

It's okay, really wasn't great, the pot pie is good though.

Mary Kramer

The worse KFC experience. Will not spend money there again. Get a new manager that care's of quality, cleanliness, knows the menu, lobby nasty, bathrooms nasty, kitchen the worse filth, old chicken, serving the frozen chicken wings as the crispy/original wings #5 combo. Soda machine needs repairs, serving carbonation only for drinks ...it was the worse, the very worse experience. Seriously health department should do a visit and distract should hire a professional with restaurant Management experience to manage that KFC. I wish I had my phone, pictures would be plastered everywhere, especially Corporate Headquarters of KFC.

larry Allen

Out of wings, ordered 16 piece dinner was told to park waiting on fries. Waited 10 min went inside and was told waiting on biscuits now waited another 7 minutes and when I got back to Henderson was short 1 piece of chicken and one side! Unfortunately no other kfc close by.

Rhonda Fitzgerald

When you order 3 Chicken Sandwich Big Box Meal you get 3 sides! Well when my husband got home he only had 7 out of nine! Fact is the distance we traveled to go there and return home to eat and was short handed on what we ordered. Paid full price for our order!

Brandi Plunkett

After waiting in line for 15 minutes, one lady says on intercom"ill take your order when you're ready". I start to order and before I get my first word out, she says" hold on" rudely. I place order. After I pay I'm asked to pull to the front to wait on mac n cheese. Told itll be 10 MORE MINUTES. This shoulda been to li d as I ordered so I can choose to wait. After waiting for this mac n cheese, it comes to car. I check to make everything is there to find my 2 large mac n cheese cold!! Come on really? Will never go back!

Kymberleigh Wall

BBQ wings were good, but service was Not. Got to drive thru at 8:20. 1 car ahead of us 10 minutes later they STILL hadn't ordered. So we get out of line to go order inside.Lobby doesn't close until 9. It was on 8:30,but we were told the inside was closed & had to order thru drive thru. Get back in line & the car that was in front of us to begin with FINALLY ordered & moved up. Ridiculous.

Terry Braun

Tried KFC'S chicken sandwiches. Maybe I am expecting too much. I had the spicy and my wife had the regular sandwich. They were okay at best. The TV advertisement makes them look outstanding. Not so much in real life. The fries were no good. Over done. Service was okay. Will go back, but for something else.

John Mason

I ordered a 12 piece, all dark, and four extra biscuits. Had to come back through the drive-thru because they didn't give me my extra biscuits. When I got home, I only had 9 pieces of chicken. The girl working the window told me to leave when I asked her for napkins.

Caitlyn Young

Getting KFC has become a monthly thing and we adore the staff in Longview store. Food is delicious. Staff is always friendly and quick to fix any problem.

Destiny Smith

Bought a 5 piece tender meal and got 2 tenders and 3 chicken nuggets if you can call them that. Husbands drumsticks were scorched. AND found a long black hair in his box. Not one to complain but woooow this was an awful experience.

Patricia Coleman

I love KFC chicken and the employees here are very friendly.

Philip Lacy

Finger licking good. The best pot pie you can buy. Fries had way way too much salt.

Karl Mayo

If you wanna give away money to get whatever they decide to give you in the drive through window this is the place to go. I ordered a breast& wing crispy with a biscuit only to get home & find a box with 3 thighs!!! Almost forgot the female @ the window kept calling me bud! I was like who the ^#** is bud!!! Waste of money

Faith Rae Lee

Serving "fresh chicken," is STILL Not Their Specialty!

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