Apple Tree Cafe and Bakery

3501 50th St # 238, Lubbock
(806) 799-7715

Recent Reviews

Andreanna F.

The food was really yummy and came out real fast. It's a bit of a dive and could use some redecorating, but the food was very yummy. Nice little lunch spot.

Cindy Reed

Their food is excellent and their apple turnovers are out of this world their waitress Claudia is excellent

R. Hudson

Very yummy and very affordable. Food came out super fast. The staff is very nice, and their dessert case is amazing!

Jennifer M.

Wow! What a lovely hidden away breakfast spot! You must get off the beaten path and try this quaint little Cafe. We ordered their omelets which were very good, loaded with fillings, hash browns on the side and a choice of bread. The prices are incredible. The portions are not huge which I loved. Our service was outstanding and because they were closing early we were sent away with some of their homemade baked goods on the house. Lovely owners and delicious fresh made food. We will certainly be back with the whole family!!

Leah Kemp

I wasn’t too impressed with this place tbh. Went looking for a local bakery to buy some cookies or fresh pastries but they didn’t have much to choose from. May go back to try their breakfast one day. Not sure. The cookies and the cherry pastry i bought were very good. Lady at the counter was very nice and friendly.

Dickie Overstreet

This is a nice quiet Restaurant which my wife and I love for lunch! Great value and service.

B Fisher

This place is awesome! Homemade burgers with handmade patties and toasted buns. This was one of the best burgers I've had in years.

Kourtney Rodriguez

Home cooked breakfast... Very tasty. The breakfast sausage was a little spicy which complimented the biscuits and gravy well. Pleasant atmosphere. Recommend the apple turnover!

Wanda Kumpe

Stopped by Apple Tree & Bakery in Lubbock Tx today. Big mistake. Ordered French toast, scrambled eggs, & bacon. Eggs & bacon were. good. French toast wasn’t cooked enough. Asked them to cook it more. Brought back out. Only thing different was it had more cinnamon.. It hadn’t been cooked more. The waitress was so sweet. I left restaurant my daughter was still inside. The guy in the restaurant came out and yelled at my daughter about the toast. He really was a jerk the way he acted. The waitress was so embarrassed by his actions. To make matters worse there was 5 people in the restaurant that heard and saw everything. I won’t be going back to Apple Tree restaurant & Bakery.

brent bateman

Awesome!!! Been there several times always great food and service.

Gina Kumpe

We had excellent service, lady was wonderful! BUT my french toast was not thoroughly cooked it was slimy I asked for them to cook it longer or remake it.they took it back and added more cinnamon.was still undercooked! as I was leaving I was talking to the lady and then a young man came out snatched the plate and said "it's called french toast" I said I know what french toast tastes like he yelled "apparently you dont" I said wow how rude and left.he shouldn't have yelled at me and I'll never go back.which is sad cause I used to go there years ago

Tina J.

This is a great little find in Lubbock (thank you Yelp), very small, good food, prices are fantastic... wait staff is very accommodating.

Ashley I.

First time visitor. Was in town for graduation. So glad we woke up early enough to have breakfast here. Small little shop but so good. Everything was made to order. And to too it off the baked goods are even better. Brought some goodies home for my husband and I, we had a fried apple pie and a fried peach pie and both were so good. To die for. Definitely check this place out!

Miriam Rodriguez

I've always wanted to try this place and I'm so glad I did. We had breakfast and it was so good. I will definitely go back and try their lunch. If you have a chance you should try this place, you will not be disappointed.

Chris Constancio

It was very good food and the people was nice. The sweet pie's and cakes are good.

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