BBB Serving the South Plains of West Texas

3333 66th St, Lubbock
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Pedro Garcia

It was a great experience. Thnks u bbb for the information and food.

Latasha Nisbet

Mears Mazda I brought several SUV from Mears and I always had great experiences with them. But this time I brought a Land Rover and I had the worst experience. I will not buy another suv from them or recommend anyone to them. The management and the salesman was very unprofessional.

Gerald Anderson

Better business bureau of Lubbock is simply horrible for businesses. I was able to raise my rating to an A+ by paying more money and this was told to me by Greg Linder, the CEO. It’s all based off the amount of customers you have, he said. So just tell me you have more customers and your rating will go up. And so did my bill. Greg Linder needs to be removed from that office. The BBB of Lubbock is corrupt and is simply driven for money and profits. Potentially the worst rain company and all of Lubbock. Do not be a member of the BBB of Lubbock.

John h

I'm glad someone finally stood up and said something publicly about the phony BBB. I have been in business for 22 years and never been a member of the phony BBB because it's a sham. Many friends are business owners with the BBB and they are all agree. I congratulate Gerald and hope more people stand up and vent their grievances publicly against the BBB in Lubbock.

Tony LaPaglia

Greg and his staff are so helpful! Elisa walked me thru the new app and features on my profile that needed to be updated! Highly Recommend!

Peggy Gibson

Absolutely the most helpful people. After many months of being ignored the BBB resolved my issue with a local business even though I had moved to another city. Thank you so much BBB of the South Plains.

Hugh Hays

Was able to apply for a membership in the BBB. Looking forward to a good relationship.

Sandy Duboise

I have done business with Also of Lubbock for 24 years and they have provided me with 3 quality spas and service over and above what I expected.. Great bunch of people to work with.

William M.

Wow! Caliegh P (previous reviewer) has a lot of time on her hands to write a long 10 part fiction novel reviewing this place. What a sad little life she must have. I am saddened that this cafe has closed. I have had many delicious meals here. The cafe was always clean and the staff was excellent. The staff has always went out ou their way to provide an excellent dining experience. We need more locally owned businesses to support our local economy and less people who are here to write long 10 part complaints. I can't take Caileigh P seriously.

Shawn Biodrowski

Great food selection ,lots of twists on classic comfort foods, great service and great people

Heath Hobgood

Grabbed some burgers and bacon wrapped fried cheese this afternoon. Food was great and price was fantastic! Definitely will be back in soon!

Averi C.

Underrated place! Great LARGE menu. Waitstaff is very willing to please and lovely in spirit!

Michael Escobar

Great staff and even more so delicious food! Will definitely comeback!

Jason B.

Went in to grab some lunch and the employee, who I later found out was the owner, was eating his lunch at the same counter they prepare the food at. That's a health department violation. First impressions are crucial.

D John Kinman

I saw their post where they were announcing their "Dilly Dog," and I have to admit--I was a bit skeptical. I mean, I like fried pickles and I like corn dogs, but together? So my boys and I went over there this afternoon, and this food knocked our socks off! Yeah, I tried the Dilly Dog (as did my oldest son), and we both loved it. My youngest had the regular corn dog, and he said it was the best corn dog he'd ever eaten (and he's eaten a few, believe me). My wife had the fried mushrooms, and she is still licking her fingers and making happy noises. So the food is top-notch, and the prices are great. We WILL be back!

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BBB Serving the South Plains of West Texas

3333 66th St, Lubbock, TX 79413
(806) 763-0459