Cagle Steaks & BBQ

8732 4th St, Lubbock
(806) 795-3879

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Randall G.

Brought an out of town visitor during the 50% capacity phase of re-opening and was a little surprised none of the staff were wearing masks. However, there was a focus on distancing parties away from one another as much as possible. The service was great and my ribeye was delicious. Beans and bread were basic.

ShaRae Price

we just had THE BEST steak and fixin's as usual!! Oh how we have missed this place! Glad to know there's still some TEXAS left in America.


I wish I could order that seasoning online. I am 2 hours away! Their steaks were pretty yummy but really the season is amazing. I use it on pork chops, burgers, chicken and on some fish.

Rosely M.

Fantastic food and atmosphere. Gentle service. Full of people. I use to go there for many years.

Jose H.

Valentines dinner is busy when you don't make reservations ahead of time. That said we were prepared to wait our turn because the steak is good at this place. We arrived at 7:00 and waited 15 minutes in line just to put our name on the wait list. We were told the wait was an hour and a half and that was ok with us. We walked across the restaurant to wait in the area where music is played. Lots of tables with empty beer bottles that needed to be bussed. The daughter of the owner was the only one in there and she was bar tending. The band was playing some very eclectic music from many genres. I noticed people who were in line behind us were leaving but I didn't think anything about it until I had to go to the bathroom then I saw those people eating. On my way back I stopped to ask how much longer our wait was and then this is where everything went south. The owners wife flipped through 3 pages of the steno pad to find our name. There were a lot of names with beeper numbers beside the name crossed out and our name was the only one not crossed out that was left. Without hesitation, she looked at me and said everyone else had reservations so she had to work them in first. I pretty much surmised she was not being truthful and told me it would be about 15 minutes. No sooner did I get back to the music place when my beeper started buzzing. As we walked into the restaurant it was pretty much empty at 9:00 pm. We were sat at a table for 8 despite there being a lot of empty booths. It's upsetting to say the least. We were finally served our dinner at 9:30 pm and it wasn't worth the 2 1/2 hour wait. I won't be back.

garrett sakhel

Extremely over priced for what you get, not much flavor at all! The atmosphere is awesome though!

Pedro S. M.

This place is very Texan. Extra large property and lots of space to park and lo g walk to the restsurant. We were greeted by the wife of the restaurant owner. Very nice lady. The had our table ready because we were 12 people. Tbe waiter greeted us and got our drink and appetizer orders. Apetizers were spunach diil, mozzarela sticks and poppers. Next order was our meal. I order3/4 inch rib eye steak eith salad. The stesk was very well vooked as i ordered and the salad just a regular salad no big deal. Steak was excellent. I have been hhere two times before and i love it. I always say is a little bit more expensive than outback but ten times better thhe steaks. Highly recommended when in lubbock

Sara A.

My fiancé and I have been wanting to move to Lubbock for some time and we were in town for a job interview. Had this place recommended to us and did not disappoint! Great food, super friendly staff, and our server Brenna was awesome!

Harold J.

We've gone to Cagles a lot and it's really a great place. Love the restaurant but the food is very sad. Worse brisket I've ever had, mashed potatoes are the baked potatoes from the day before and so much pepper I stoped ordering them. Steak is always good and really the only thing to order. My son ordered chicken strips once and they are the cheap, pre-made from US Foods and not good at all. Break and cornbread is always cold and dry, do not expect much and stick to steak. They need to consult with a chef and revamp the menu and do some training. I'd be very happy to help.

Priscilla Grice

We celebrated our brothers wedding and reception here. It was great. We decorated the way our sis n law wanted too. And were never told we couldn’t. Our parents love to eat at Cagles every chance they get.

les tucker

The steak is delicious! It was cooked perfectly and better than any chain place. Go eat here, it’s worth the extra 5 minute drive.

Cheri Z.

Best steaks ever! Great service and great atmosphere! Worth the wait! Will definitely come back next time we are in Lubbock!

Brady F.

I consider myself an expert on steaks. That being said, my son and I were in Lubbock touring Texas Tech. We looked for local restaurants to eat. I have to say probably the best ribeye I have ever had! Cooked perfectly, great service. I highly recommend this local steakhouse to anyone in the area.


Very disappointed in this place, had several family members travel from out of town and state for my moms 90th surprise birthday party. Was very disappointed in the food which we had the combination fajita's. Chicken was very bland, rice was all clumped up and dry. As for the tortillas they looked like they were raw. Besides the food the place we rented was beautiful except for them quoting my sister a certain price and then we get a bill double that amount. Only other thing good about this place was the awesome bartender Cameron.

B Adriana Velez

Have been twice for work functions and found it to be "meh" at best. The steak is OK, not good when you're a steakhouse. Do not order the plates with 2 or 3 meats, turkey was rubbery, brisket was barely OK, and the sausage was also just OK. The sides are lackluster, quite bland.

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