Cagle Steaks & BBQ

8732 4th St, Lubbock
(806) 795-3879

Recent Reviews

les tucker

The steak is delicious! It was cooked perfectly and better than any chain place. Go eat here, it?s worth the extra 5 minute drive.


Very disappointed in this place, had several family members travel from out of town and state for my moms 90th surprise birthday party. Was very disappointed in the food which we had the combination fajita's. Chicken was very bland, rice was all clumped up and dry. As for the tortillas they looked like they were raw. Besides the food the place we rented was beautiful except for them quoting my sister a certain price and then we get a bill double that amount. Only other thing good about this place was the awesome bartender Cameron.

B Adriana Velez

Have been twice for work functions and found it to be "meh" at best. The steak is OK, not good when you're a steakhouse. Do not order the plates with 2 or 3 meats, turkey was rubbery, brisket was barely OK, and the sausage was also just OK. The sides are lackluster, quite bland.

Kai Evans

Great Mothers Day treat! My steak was great.


I ordered the 12 oz ribeye steak. Requested medium and received well done. It appeared that I got burnt ends. Broccoli was ok but had no color.My wife ordered the two meat brisket & sausage. Her brisket was mostly fat. She pointed out to waitress and she told her that was the last of the brisket. (So why serve it) But they did give her a different meat of her choice. She picked a rib. We had a party of 30. The overall satisfaction from was well below average. Apologies for this review. Just expected better food.

James L.

While visiting Lubbock I searched and reviewed the reviews prior to selecting a restaurant. The reviews showed great steaks and good service... Last night I order a 1 1/4 inch Ribeye steak and requested it to be cooked between medium and medium rare..."perfect" the hostess (Edee, not sure of spelling)was friendly and her attendance at the table was fantastic. We will return in the future...thank you

Carolyn B.

Everything was DELISH!!!!! Just crumbs left on all of our plates! Steaks were perfection, everyone was so friendly and fast service!! BAHH to anyone who gives this restaurant a standard review...... awesome job Mr. Cagle!!!!!

Melanie F.

I don't come to Lubbock often but I come here almost every time. This visit everything was WONDERFUL! The bread was delish, the salad was fresh (go for the balsamic...SOOOO GOOD)! My steak was perfect (even though I'm leery of going with the thin steak, my Jake was cooked PERFECTLY). All of the food for our table of 6 was above par. Well done...can't wait until next time!

Tracy St. Pierre

We had an event here for my Sonâ??s Fraternity that had been origanized a month ahead with Cagle Steak house for around 100 people. They were not equipped to handle a big party as they had only 4 waiters for the entire group. The meat came out and the sides were not brought out for at least another 15-20 mins. No butter, cheese or sour cream for the bake potoatoes. Menu listed a 3 meat plate with 2 sides included. When we received our bill we were all charged for 1 side at $4.00 . When we ask about the charge for the side the waiter told us it was a typo on the menu. The food was not very good and I would not recommend this place.

Sherry Bolton

There was no wait, came here for an anniversary dinner, was NOT offered bread until we noticed other people with bread on their table, the complimentary pinto beans had NO flavor and was cold. Was there for 1.5 hours and 1 tea refill. Never saw our waiter. When he finally refilled my hubands tea he didnt even notice mine to top off. The steak was decent but had alot of fat for the price and was served on a cold plate so the steak got cold fast. Nice decor.

Darla B.

Not the place to go for large parties. We had a large group and made reservations so they would be prepared. Sadly they were not. The menu stated with the 3 meat you get 2 sides so people ordered that way. None one mentioned that one of the sides were beans that were in another room so people were charged for an additional side. And the worse part was the waiter when asked about the charge on the ticket said " Oh yes that is a typo on the menu'" I had the salmon which was terribly dry and my mashed potato was the baked potato cut up with a fork. Big miss for the whole group and the when the owner asked about our meal was not very kind when we gave our feedback.

Jeanne P.

Bad Services...we had a big group with 3weeks notice. Not sure what happened but we had wrong tickets and cold food


Maybe this review is tainted by the fact that I was there on a Wednesday evening in January --- it wants to have the look and feel of cowboy Texas and they may pull it off at other times. What I arrived to was a large, dark, parking lot with period buildings that looked like a ghost town and, lots of luck finding the entrance to the restaurant. Once inside, it has a cow town look and feel (and that's OK). Your meal comes with 1 side and all the pinto beans you can eat. I got a salad; it was ok. The ribeye steak looked like it had promise (although was thin and not the best cut) but the outside was a bit char-grilled; then, about halfway through the seasoning began to kick in and, by the time I had finished, my mouth was on fire! No thanks, meal ruined! So, if you go there, be sure to tell them not to drown your steak in seasoning. The waitress was sweet and kind of cute (had on jeans short shorts that helped) . . . .


Visiting from NC, we asked at our hotel for a good steak house, Cagle's was recommended. We got there early so there was no wait. The menu said you got complimentary beans, the waitress never told us you had to serve yourself for the beans until about we asked about 15 minutes later. The beans were bland not a lot of taste. The steak, however, made up for it, the steak was delicious. The potato was, well just a potato. Wanted to visit the general store but it was closed. The decor was beautiful as it was decorated for Christmas. If I ever find myself in Lubbock, I would go back

Cynthia Weaver

Good food and good service. I will complain that the baked potato was not completely cooked, was still a little hard on the bottom. Steak was good correctly with good flavor. Pinto beans were on the bland side and needed salt and pepper. Nice atmosphere, large area and buildings for parties. It is out of the way, but it is worth coming out for...

e w

Visiting from NC, we asked at our hotel for a good steak house, Cagle's was recommended. We got there early so there was no wait. The menu said you got complimentary beans, the waitress never told us you had to serve yourself for the beans until about we asked about 15 minutes later. The beans were bland not a lot of taste. The steak, however, made up for it, the steak was delicious. The potato was, well just a potato. Wanted to visit the general store but it was closed. The decor was beautiful as it was decorated for Christmas. If I ever find myself in Lubbock, I would go back

Anna J. Garcia

Iâ??ve been here twice for group meals and have never really been impressed with the food. If someone wanted to know where a good steak is, this place wouldnâ??t jump to the forefront of my mind. Also, itâ??s a little far from town.

michael H

Cagles steak house is a great place to get a properly prepared steak. They will cook it any way that you want it. The atmosphere is very relaxed. They also have a general store whare you can purchase various items. It may be a little out of the way, but it is worth the drive.

Lance Inderman

Greats steaks and a great atmosphere. We love Cagle Steaks.

Linda B.

We've been coming to Cagle's for years, and while on this visit everything was acceptable, nothing was really outstanding. The appetizer combo plate particularly was really sort of "prefab" and a little greasy. My son's and husband's steaks, salads and sides were okay, and my chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes were just, "meh". I hope Cagle's gets back to its old standards soon.


So we were looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate our sonâ??s graduation. Someone recommended Cagleâ??s so we went. Itâ??s a bit out of town but worth the drive! Great, fun atmosphere and service. The steaks were perfectly prepared. Best margarita Iâ??ve had in awhile :-)

David Espinoza

I really had high expectations on their food , I had the rib eye steak and it had a lot of fat on it,,to much for the price of it, and it took a long time before we got our food, and there is nothing worst then a cold steak. Not sure if my family go back again, I know our waiter wish we would after his got a 200 dollar's not his fault..

Michelle P.

Service was bad. Ordered the filet medium rare came out 40 minutes later so well done it was like a hockey puck. Took me another 15 minutes to waive down the server to send it back. Avoid this place.

Zac C.

This is still one of the best steaks I've ever had. You order your ribeye by the thickness and they cook it perfectly. Typical cowboy side dishes, nothing too fancy but always delicious. If you want a great steak without any pretentiousness then this is the place to go.

Frank H.

I was not happy with the party room we had requested! I am aware the the party room could fit 25 people we had 1 extra person. But, when sitting the party we could only seat 22. When we talked to the manager, she pulled up 2 small picnic tables that we could use that she recommended we not eat off of? Why suggest these tables then? We ordered salmon with rice pilaf and the salmon tasted old and the rice was cold! We also ordered a salad with oil and vinegar dressing and we received plan distilled vinegar for our dressing!! The waiter was definitely overwhelmed with our party and I do not understand why have 1 attendant serving our group! Bottom line is I spent a large amount of money here and I will not do it again!!

Daniel Feathers

We were visiting Lubbock from Denver. We got a gift card to Cagle Steaks from Visit Lubbock. It was a great experience at a great restaurant. The food was excellent and the service was great as well. The owners were awesome and so friendly. We will definately be back.

Caroline C.

Came to Lubbock to see some family and we decided to go here for a steak dinner. My sister was squealing with excitement when we pulled in because she loves to document EVERYTHING and Cagle's is on a beautiful piece of property with some sweet West Texas charm. The staff was extremely friendly and the steaks were delicious. My dad wished there was a larger wine selection but they do have shiner bock on tap! Definitely go here and support this family owned restaurant!

Andrea Bell

Cagle Steaks is our go to place for a delicious steak and fixings!! The restaurant is clean and extremely relaxing. You could not ask for better service. We have enjoyed the summer music on the patio and shopping at the country store. It has so much atmosphere you wonâ??t be disappointed.

Greg K.

Whenever I go to a different area in the country I avoid everything commercial that I can get back home and experience what the locals eat. When I got into town for the week I was lucky enough to get a Lyft driver who was born and bred in Lubbock, Texas. I told him I heard there was a good steak place in Amarillo. He told me that place (Big Tex I think??) is nothing but a tourist trap with mediocre food. He told me if I wanted a good steak I needed to go to Cagle's. Two days later, here I am at dinner with my wife and we loved the place. It's a little bit of a drive out of downtown Lubbock but not bad at all and definitely worth it. The restaurant is on a ranch. At first glance, we wondered if we were in the right place. As soon as you drive through the gates you can see the restaurant in the distance. The atmosphere was amazing, the staff was friendly and the food was great. I've attached a picture of the steaks my wife and I got. It was the most tender steak I've ever eaten. I'm pretty sure I could have cut right though it with a butter knife. If I ever find myself in Lubbock again I will make it a point to eat there again.

Lauren M.

This place is SO COOL! The atmosphere is great, and the food is just as good. I did think it was a little pricey, but it's definitely worth it. My absolute favorite part was the table with the giant pot of beans you could help yourself too. I felt like an old cowboy sitting around the campfire eating them lol, and they were delicious! We will definitely be back!

Chris H.

Cagle's is probably my favorite steakhouse in The Lubbock area. We make it a point to go there whenever we are in town and we've never been let down! Cagle's is not your traditional steakhouse. Rather, it's an experience of its own kind. It's definitely off the beaten path, but they have an entire "campus' of different buildings which makes for a really unique experience. You feel like you are stepping back in time about 30-40 years. The service has always been 5stars and their food is delicious. The portions are typically very generous. My father in lawn once ordered the country-fried steak and that probably could have fed 4 people! I'd like to keep this place to myself because it's so awesome, but it seems the secret is already out. Be sure to make a reservation, especially if you're headed there on a weekend.

A H.

Good, not great. Steak was cooked right, flavor was ok, sides were lacking. Only ate at restaurant, didn't take time to look around at the other things.

Craig B.

Went to Cagle's with my wife and daughter recently and had another great experience. You can tell you're in a good place when the owner seats you and is obviously involved in the business. She is always friendly. Her husband seems to be doing some of the cooking, but also comes around some as well. Steak was great and I really like their beans. I'm not sure what other people are looking for in their steak, but theirs is what I measure everyone else against.

Bill B.

Cagle's has great curb appeal ... 1 star, Atmosphere ... 1 star, an adequate but completely unengaging waitress ... 1/2 star, free beans ... 1/2 star. Way over priced. I won't be back.

J G.

Really enjoyed visiting the ranch. Really nice place but I found the ribeye tender but lacking in flavor. It should have blown me away and it didn't. I saw other reviews that mentioned this issue as well. Too bad because the service was excellent.

A G.

The steaks where awesome and the burgers were great too. This was on a recommendation from a friend to eat here. It's a little pricey but worth the splurge. One of the best steaks I've ever had. I recommend this place!

Michael S.

Service was slow. The restaurant was almost empty and it took 40 minutes to get the food. As soon as we got it everyone in the party had there steak undercooked or overcooked. I asked to send it back and they said it will take 20 minutes to cook another. I told them i didn't like my steak because i order medium and i got well done. Dam beef jerky cost me $29 and they call themselves a steak place! Never again!

Sidney G.

The area is so nice. The menu is small, but I don't like a lot of choices anyway. There is also a good wine selection. I had the fried catfish, which you don't get a lot of for what you pay. The potato salad was really good though. The people I was with got the chicken fried steak and they really liked it! We also got peach cobbler at the end, which was savory and delocious. The staff was also really nice!

Greg B.

Five star for the food and atmosphere, but not even a one on the service tonight. Had friends in from Indiana and Minnesota and had bragged on Cagle Steaks all day. Don't know if our server had a bad night or was just tired, but I have run into more pleasant folks at a border check point. Was disappointed, because this was not what I had wanted for my friends to experience. Unfortunately, John wasn't there tonight, or I would have brought it to his attention. Cagle Steaks is a must-go. Too bad tonight's server wasn't proud of where he works.

Kimberly N.

Definitely go there for the unique environment! It has a very cool Texas-specific ambiance. It is in the middle of a big ranch in which you will have to drive toward where the restaurant is located. The restaurant is remodeled using an old farm house. Such unique environment makes the visits worthwhile! The service was friendly and prompt and we enjoyed the bread served on the table. The food is ok. I ordered ribs and brisket BBQ. Ribs were ok and the brisket was a bit dry. The side potato salad lacked the flavor. Obviously, there are many amazing BBQ and steak places in Texas - but not all the places offer as unique atmosphere as this place.