Lubbock Breakfast House And Grill

2422 19th St, Lubbock
(806) 701-5351

Recent Reviews

Lisa Melendez

I had heard a lot of good things about this place. Honestly I was expecting more. The waiter was super friendly but the food was so-so and it took forever for us to get our food.

Bill Garrett

Nice enough. Diner type food. Good catfish.

Kristine Wayland

OH MY!So so good!!!

Rebecca Breshers

This is a good clean environment. Nice people great food. We hope to see you there.

Gina Myers

Food was subpar and took 30 minutes for 2 simple orders (there was only one other table and they already had their food when we sat down)

Shemekia Bowens

Don't eat here,slow service with dirt floors,long wait and they forget your food...

rajendra vartak

It was good

Diana*Carlos Perez, Jr.


Màrìē L.

pancakes were raw in the middle and got stuck to your mouth, the bacon tasted old the hash browns were dry and we told the waitress and she told us if we wanted more when we were already leaving and had to pay for everything

Daniel G.

This is the worst breakfast place I have ever been to. The food took forever I order my food at 12:45 and didn't get my food till almost 2. Then I asked for the manager which was a bad idea. The manager Jessie is the worst management personnel i have ever dealt with. She was rude and didn't even try to apologize or find out what the problem was so she could try to fix it for other customers. My family and I will not be coming to the restaurant ever again. If you see this place just keep driving don't eat here

Erin F.

I wouldn't mind the crowded (literally) atmosphere if the waitstaff was proportionate. No way could they efficiently manage the dining room with 2 or 3 waiters and every table occupied. All food served was cold, utensils and dishes not clean. You know the saying "I was so hungry I could eat my shoe"? That menu looked so yummy and we waited so long for our cold food that it was like eating my shoe.

Ann R.

This is the worst restaurant!! I ordered my food at 1pm and didn't get my food till 2:15pm. We didn't get any silverware or napkins. I ordered eggs and bacons never got my pancakes. I asked to talk to the manager. Jessie who basically blow us off and was very rude. Didn't even try to apologize or say sorry. When we paid for our food the manger snatched the card and receipt out of our hand. I won't ever be going back to this place and I advice anybody else not to eat here either.

Erick M.

The food was very salty and just flat out not tasty. They were out of many items and the service was not great at all.

Griffin S.

Servers and cooks are often seen without masks. Food is quite underwhelming, you'd be better off making your own breakfast.

Amy H.

Very long wait after being seated, half the food was inedible and some items were never brought to us even after 2nd request. Asked for a discount and they offered $2 off, we finally got them up to $4 off.

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Lubbock Breakfast House And Grill

2422 19th St, Lubbock, TX 79401
(806) 701-5351