Saigon Cafe

4515 50th St, Lubbock
(806) 788-1367

Recent Reviews

Clint Larson

We crave their Pho weekly. Their Vietnamese Coffee is hard to beat.

Lenin Tisdale

Scrambled eggs were runny. Avocados have brown spots...Other than that it was good. Service was great

Addy Chavarria

We ended up walking out without even a greeting. We really wanted some hot pho and our usual was closed so we decided to take a chance. We walked into what felt like a cold environment. There was no greeting no kind of acknowledgement. We were in line waiting for what felt like ten 8 minutes then when we think we re next in line a couple who had been standing off to the side swoops in and gets in. With no kind of attention being paid by staff we had our last straw and left.


My son and I were very pleased with the freshness and quality of our food. Fast service as well, good value!

Justin Garcia

This place is one of my favorite spots in town. Friendly service, consistency in the food, and always delicious. Would recommend to anyone looking for Vietnamese cuisine.

Cassie Levett

Best fresh food in Lubbock. I usually get the C11 (Bun) with Tofu.

Rianna R.

Wow! Amazing tofu! Seriously one of the best in town. Great atmosphere and the people working were very nice. I an excited to go again!!

Micheal Williams

I'm a fan of oriental cuisine so when I found out there was another Vietnamese place near my house, I rushed over to settle my noodle fix. I didn't regret it either. The whole experience was nice (unlike the other place nearby...)Like I said, I was really craving noodles when I went in so I was relieved when I saw that had several different kinds of noodle dishes on their menu, along with some other good stuff. The price range is about $3.25 - $20.50 for entrees and appetizers and $2.50 - $5 for drinks and extras, including the ones in the fridge near the front counter, so it's not too expensive to eat here. The place was relatively clean and tidy and the fish tank nearby was a nice little touch of atmosphere. I wasn't sure why there was a disco ball in the dining room but that's just me. The female cashier, Tammy, was really pleasant as well. I was totally comfortable with her service.As far as food went, I went with the Hu Thieu Saigon: the clear noodle soup, with shrimp, pork, and crab. It was pretty good! The noodles were nice and tender as with the shrimp, and the crab was surprisingly delicious. They even give you a side of bean sprouts and cilantro to put in the soup. The broth was a nice, mild flavor that went well with the noodles. They'll also let you order even more noodles to put in the leftover broth, for an extra $3.75. It's little steep but the clear noodles were kinda hard for them to come by so I let it go. My only complaint was the pork. It was kinda dry...Overall, this is a place I'd totally recommend. I'll be coming back to try something new, next time around. Just be wary as, according to Tammy, the pandemic sometimes makes hours fluctuate a bit.

Sarah Gonzales

I order the chicken coconut curry and spring rolls with a thai tea. Best I’ve had yet in Lubbock 10/10!!!!

karen martin

The food here is great but we can’t stand the smell of their cleaner. I want to walk into a restaurant and smell aromas of food not fabulosa or the strong smell of their cleaner! Please change your cleaner. There are good products without smell! It’s a real turn off!

Onesimo Garza Jr

Shrimp,fish roll,crab meat so delicious.


Saigon Café is hands down one of the best Vietnamese restaurants that I have been to. The Pho is great and the Clay Pot Catfish is the best I have ever had. It is always a pleasant experience when eating here. I highly recommend this place.

Carter Elliott

First thing you notice is how clean the building is as well as how nice the service is. Food was delicious and fresh. Will definitely be returning!

Anne L.

I've been eating here for many years.  Of course I have my favorite dishes, the pork and rice vermicelli, any of their lemon grass dishes.  They're great and they are never slow.  I love this restaurant.

Marina Meza

Ok be my favorite places and the food never disappoints!

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