Sonic Drive-In

4611 34th St, Lubbock
(806) 797-1626

Recent Reviews

Jean Watson

One of my favorite places. Never a disappointment

Arenosa Roden

Showed up for my lunch today at 12:10, Oct 19th, and pushed the button to order. I waited for 16 minutes and no one answered. Everyone around me was able to pull up and order and be on their way. And yet here I am with no lunch still at 12:30. My lunch ends at 12:40.

Braylon Ollison

Buffalo popcorn chicken is good and Large oreo milkshake is tasty


Courteous staff, quick service.Look forward to Sonic selling some milkshakes also

Judith Lucero

So I had to call ahead to see if the manager would sell me a root beer float route 44. He said yes. When I went to order they had charged me $5-6 bucks a piece plus $2.99 a piece. So my total came out to $17+. For 2 route 44 root beer floats. I couldn't believe my eyes. What they should've charged was 2 large root beers add ice cream. Sonic why isn't this on the menu? Very dissatisfied,never going back!

Sara Rubio

Went to get hot fudge sundaes and ice because their ice is they're fast! It also helps that I live super close to this location because my ice doesn't melt too bad. I frequent here to get ice and drinks especially when I order through the app and it's always great service and always fast friendly car hops that serve us. Anywhoo if you don't order their bagged ice you're missing out!

Cindy Starcher

Sonic is a very consistent restaurant Lubbock wide. My experiences are pretty limited as their food is fast and quick foods. We love to go to this restaurant for their various drink options and a quick bite to eat. They are always updating their menu and have new items in seasonally. Most of the time the car hops are very quick and fast and very happy to help. A definite place we typically go multiple times each week!

Earl Fanning

You need to teacher car hops how to make change there's been a lot of them it's really nice to learn how to make change they're good for employees I just need to learn how

Martin Lopez

Heard so much about the chicken slider was excited to try it, bit to my dismay it was horrible. Over cooked chicken is nasty and even more nasty is unchanged fryer oil

carri lindsay

Love using the app. The order was prepared correctly and delivered timely. Don't forget to tip your carhop!


Ordered food and got brought to the truck. Was told that they were not accepting credit cards after my food was brought out. Waste of time. Service is much better quality around the lunch hours.

Thomas Jackson

One or two issues out of many visits. Nothing major. Food always good. No ranch for cheese sticks kinda bad after driving all the way home. They asked i said yes them it wasn't in bag. Don't usually eat ranch anyway...

Joe Huerta

Heck I couldn't get another spot to post something else this is a completely entirely new day it is 4-16-2021 I ordered a grilled ham and cheese and the ham wasn't even cooked the food was cold I also ordered French toast sticks which were still gooey and not cooked properly I don't know what's going on with this location.......................This place is slowly currently going downhill it takes freaking forever to get beverages and your food seems like it used to be a four minute wait has turned into double that nowadays.....

Ann Ivery

I ordered the 5 piece CinnaSnack with a Rt44 sweet tea as usual. This is probably the third time I didn't receive a cream cheese with it. Either Miranda or Gabby usually brings my order to me, and it has everything in the bag. The customer is great!! But the preparation of the food is another thing. Just double check the packing of the food next time!! ?

Velma Benitez

The food sucks the carhops are great!

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