Sonic Drive-In

4611 34th St, Lubbock
(806) 797-1626

Recent Reviews

Mikey V707

It's sonics all the same nothing sets it apart. Just great place for cold beverages

Ca Savini

We went after a long PT appointment and had a late breakfast. Sorry didn't get the girls name but she was amazing. The food was delicious and came to the car hot.

Obi Wonkonobi_55

If you are a return customer that doesn’t tip they don’t want you back I don’t know who the manager is and don’t know why he or she was given that position this place needs serious training by district manager or above like we say in the military this place is are up

Shane Layton

Actually will do easy ice for their drinks which is nice.

Sage A.

This is my bf & I's favorite sonic location in town they always get the order right and are all so nice! The staff here is quick to offer extras like sauces etc. and make sure the order is correct & they're super quick too compared to other locations here in town. If you're gonna get sonic this location is the best hands down. :)

James Gawlikowski

Perfect for delivery orders such as uber, and door dash, very convenient.

Joseline D.

I went by for a meal, service was way too slow, kept getting rushed through my order wasn't even allowed to finish because he was trying to hurry up and ring Me up so bad so I had to push the button again to make another order. it never got answered, then the service took FOREVER after we received our food we moved to another lot, pushed the button ordered & waited another 35 minutes to get our food. upon receiving our food I was given an unsweetened tea when I ordered sweet I told the carhop and he came out with another tea, it was also unsweet before I could tell him anything he ran off, I went to the door and gave him the unsweetened tea told him it wasn't sweet and walked to my car. They proceeded to send a lady out to aggressively tell me that the teas they had given me were both sweet. I told her they weren't she said she personally tasted it and that if I wanted it sweeter they'd give me sugar. with a rude tone of voice. As if I didn't know what unsweetened and sweetened tea tasted like. aggresively asked me for the tea I had already given back and walked away before letting me finish my sentence. Over all BAD EXPERIENCE. Always have bad experiences there.

Williams Betty

Always a good go to place for drinks and ice cream. Food is not all that bad.

cassandra cramer

Good quick service a little expensive and busy from 7-8:30am & 4-9pm everytime I've been there other than that quick and good place to go

B Street Studio

I ordered on the app and drove to this location for pick up. I love when technology works! The screen knows who I am and let me know my order is in the kitchen. Then it let's me know who will be delivering it. SCORE! My burrito was packed full and breakfast fries were warm and edible. Carhop was friendly, read off my order, and wished me a great day

Amethyst Berryhill

Staff is very quick and friendly. They work efficiently even in their busiest hours.

Lindy G.

Me and my bf usually go to the Sonic on University but since they started messing up our food recently, we wanted to try a new one. We know that it's difficult to find a good Sonic around here so we were hesitant. We decided to go to this Sonic and we ordered on the app. My bf has food allergies so it was important that they removed any dairy from his burger. We got our food and it was all correct. They brought the food out in a timely manner and carhop Mateo was very nice. We will go here again.

Michelle Gray

My order is always hot and ready very quickly!

Jean Watson

One of my favorite places. Never a disappointment

Arenosa Roden

Showed up for my lunch today at 12:10, Oct 19th, and pushed the button to order. I waited for 16 minutes and no one answered. Everyone around me was able to pull up and order and be on their way. And yet here I am with no lunch still at 12:30. My lunch ends at 12:40.

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