Tikka Shack @ Texas Tech

2407 9th St Suite 500, Lubbock
(806) 701-4837

Recent Reviews

Sharon H.

Great food! We were happy to find this place. We always try to find restaurants that serve vegan food and there are not a lot of them tikka shack hit the spot. The fries were crisp and seasoned nicely. The sauces are wonderful! I want to go back again today! We're from NM. Thanks guys.

arman rashid

Americanized Indian food. Quite good. I specially liked their mango lassi and rasmalai.

Robert M.

Good change of pace from burgers, pizza, sandwiches and tacos. Don't expect gourmet Indian food, but it will satisfy your cravings. We ordered Samosas which were really good, Tikka masala and butter chicken with rice and naan. All of the food was good and flavorful. Naan was acceptable. I ordered the Indian version of a Chik Fil A sandwich- chicken breast dipped in Tikka masala sauce, arugula lettuce, pickles and a creamy sauce. This was a really good sandwich and it was accompanied with fries. A great value. Will definitely return when we visit Lubbock.

Hasib Chowdhury

They located close to Texas Tech University. Their foods are good especially I like their French fries. Their Kebab is also good. Their ambience is comfortable and their service quality is great. I also experienced their chicken and lamb biriyani which is also delicious.

Anna Stasia Torres

Delicious, clean, friendly, and delicious! We had the kofta, lamb curry, and lamb korba, all with garlic naan!


I have not eaten much Indian food; however, I have tried a few things and they peaked my interest enough to keep exploring; however, the few dishes I ordered from here were bland and lacking any real flavor. Amyâ??s frozen entrees are better IMO.

Rishi Gipson

Great Indian food. Quick and friendly service, quality food, good atmosphere, great location. There isn't much more that you can ask for. If you go here, check in on Facebook and you'll get a free Shack Naan. If you're going here for your first time, I'd recommend getting either their signature Chicken Tikka Masala or get the Chicken Butter Masala.

Hasib Hassan Khan Chowdhury

They located close to Texas Tech University. Their foods are good especially I like their French fries. Their Kebab is also good. Their ambience is comfortable and their service quality is great. I also experienced their chicken and lamb biriyani which is also delicious.

Cora C.

Food tastes very good! It's a good place to try if you never have had Indian food. Food comes in large portions so you can share or take some home. They have naan bread and a whole array of options to choose/build from. They do have vegetarian options and mango or strawberry smoothie-like drinks. Very good place to stop in Lubbock!

John Boling

Another location well deserved!

Fatema T.

Not authentic but the food is alright. My main issue was that it wasn't authentic Indian food. Try the desserts tho.

JI Hernandez

Food was fantastic! The service was wonderful. The ambiance was neat. Iâ??d say itâ??s a good place for a casual quick dinner before a movie or casual event.

alexis cruz

I think there is a new manager/supervisor now that is more hands on. Iâ??ve been here before multiple times and was never completely satisfied with my food or service, BUT my most recent visit was MUCH BETTER. Better food and better service this time around :)

Melanie R.

I have been to Lubbock twice recently for work. I love Tikka Shack. I ordered the Spicy Shrimp both times and loved it. The service is great, the man who takes the orders ( both times on a Sunday) is an asset. Always friendly, greets with a smile, adjusts orders happily to special requests. His demeanor makes me happy I came in because I leave feeling I am a welcome customer.

M N.

Great fast food Indian! Impressed by the food and the service. We had veggie masala, chola masala, garlic and regular naan and tikka chicken (which my hubs said can be tastier was the only downfall). It was all tasty.

Adam M.

I am a big fan of tikka but have to say this has become my favorite location. Something about the way this kitchen does the spices.. there is depth, flavor, and spice to the heat. I like the chicken tikka masala, and I order it hot. Naan is always great. Also I'm consistently impressed by management -- Matt is quality. Big reason I keep coming back.

Shadi Ra

Best place to grab a quick bite! The food is always fresh and tastes really good! Their lunch specials are also very reasonably priced.

tom sdffdf

Was kind of blown away. Very good food. The fry appetizer was killer


Visited this restaurant for lunch, located along the strip where Torchys is located. The interior of the restaurant appeared quite new. The food tasted so, so ... not authentic Indian ...

Angela K.

Soso seafood and service. Surely there's better places to eat in this fine little town.

Mike L.

Always great! Food hot and spicy. Service wonderful.

Reohh Om

This location isn't as good as the Milwaukee location. What I mean by that is, the food isn't as tasty. It tastes more bland than seasoned. The original curry plate was bland and even the rice had no flavor. Most the curries are pretty bland as well. It mostly tastes like cumin seeds and spicy flavors than a blend of spices together. Whenever I tell them, no spiciness; they always add spicy flavors. The customer service is usually a hit or miss. The masala fries are good, but not vegan friendly. I do like that there's more vegan options on the menu. The samosas are the only thing vegan and worth getting.

Marcelo Schmidt

I love this place. Great concept and perfect for vegetarians. Could be better if there was an outdoor sitting area.

Trevor Hohorst

This new location is comparable to the Tikka Shack on Milwaukee, and they've been open long enough now to have worked out the kinks. Great food at reasonable price.

Waheeda Hussaini

Chicken kabobs was raw. I'm so angry right now. I couldn't eat it. They forgot my naan that I paid for, Also the chicken tikka masala was so spicy. I called them and asked please not to make it spicy. I paid almost $50 for all of the food that I ordered. It was a wast of my money. Not going to order from this place ever. Not recommended!!!!!

Jordan Mills

The service was helpful and kind. Bring your hunger - portions are generous.


We brought a family of 8 to Tikka Shack the day after TTU graduation. The Tikka team prepared and delivered the food efficiently and everyone liked what they ordered - even those in our party who preferred entrees without meat.The curry dishes had a great flavor and just the right amount of spice. The nan bread was hot and fresh, and the rice was fresh and just the right stickiness. The chain currently only has locations in TX & AZ, but I canâ??t help think this place would do well in the DC area and other college oriented locales.

Steve C.

I don't care for Indian food. I don't really know how it should taste or "be authentic". But the food was good enough to eat, chicken cooked properly, bread/naan was excellent. Beyond that, friendly staff and clean interior with nice design. A bit higher than expected price-wise but suitable for the overall feel.

Kyle R.

This place is great. Lots of parking which is nice. It looks like a modern cafe on the inside. Open space, lots of natural light and simple tables and chairs. The menu is simple and easy to choose something. I'm impressed with how clean the place is. The tables and floors are spotless. So back to the food. The food was good. It's not as exact as authentic Indian but this isn't an authentic Indian place. It's good Indian food that you can grab fast and hang out with friends in a bright place. Highly recommend anyone who is on the fence about trying Indian food to check this place out.

Maria W.

Thank you, Tikka Shack, for answering my request to bring a location to Tech. We need more ethnic good food near the school. This restaurant is good especially if you want "fast food" Indian, now I love Indian food. It is my second favorite cuisine. My favorite thing to order is the masala fries, samosas, and the different veg bowls. The food can be on the spicy side if you aren't comfortable with a little kick. However, the food is filling. Large portion size. It's very close to the campus which is the bomb.com. Also, I love how spacious the restaurant is, so I usually always come with my friends. Cons: - The price isn't college student affordable. The most total tab is $13 with a drink.

Marielle P.

I absolutely love this place. Food is excellent plus portions are fairly large. Almost always have leftovers. Also always tastes freshly made and the staff is always friendly and positive. I go here probably once a week it's so good and such a great experience whenever I stop by. I get the butter masala. Perfect amount of spice.

Jass S.

Friendly Staff and Clean atmosphere Tikka pizza and butter masala is out of this world don't forget to get it spicy!!!

Dirty H.

This is the best Indian-American cuisine in Lubbock. They have high quality food, and the quality is very consistent. The amount of spices added are perfect, and tastes just like the authentic food I had on my trip to India. I go here almost once a week, and always love getting the southern curry. I'd highly recommend this place to people who haven't tried Indian food. They even have paneer, which is an amazing vegetarian option.

Tora O.

This place is actually pretty good. It's definitely not authentic Indian food but it's definitely really good for americanized Indian food. I strongly recommend giving it a try.

Jonathan Mathers

Excellent flavor but I need a new pair of pants. This place made me sick. Chicken is mushy and fatty, tastes of chemicals like cleaner. No one wears gloves. No wonder this place is always empty. Gave it a second chance and got sick again, what a mess. Not real Indian food. Naan was so greasy, I literally used the greasy wax paper to light a campfire. Staff was not very helpful, cared more about their conversation than service. Stay away! Or at least bring a change of shorts.

Josh A.

Food is very delicious and always fresh. Matt is a excellent supervisor and make you feel very welcomed. Kitchen is spotless and very organized. Would always recommend this place. LEAK-TEK Plumbing

Enrique G.

Barely any meat in any of the dishes. It's incredibly bland and overpriced. Poor service. The rice was burnt. Not a good value for the meal. I Would suggest a more authentic option if you are up for it. The pros include a very lovely restaurant.

Chris H.

This place is . So good. I've had just about everything on the menu and I love it all. It's a cool room too.

Racheal S.

I used to have homemade Indian food made for me by a dear friend in IN when we lived their. This is not authentic Indian food but it was still very delicious none the less. The guy at the front was very friendly and really great. The place is clean and welcoming. Will eat here again soon :)

Dale G.

Tikka Shack is one of those new generation fast food restaurants. They all are small but feel deceptively large and spacious because of the use of light and decor. They all have customers walk a long-ish line to the menu, usually on the wall, before stepping to a counter to order. I ordered the special, grilled curriteb steak for 11.00 and Ras Malai for dessert. I wouldn't say TS is authentic Indian food any more than I would call Burger King a steak house, but it was good. The ratio of curry to rice was a little on the rice side. The clean wood table and the no nonsense chairs seem to say, enjoy yourself but don't stay too long. And while the cutlery is plastic and never quite seems adequate for the cardboard serving container--it is a fast food restaurant after all--the soda water was an unexpected treat. I have been there several times and I'd like to go again, but not for a few weeks. It takes that long for the memory fantasy to gain the upper hand over the reality.