Tikka Shack @ Texas Tech

2407 9th St #500, Lubbock
(806) 701-4837

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Lori Collins

This is great Indian fast food. It satisfies the Lubbock resident that yearns for hard to find Indian cuisine. Both the masala and curry are great. I like the traditional rice and their nan is great (extra for some plates). They take a bit long for preprepared food. This is a counter service restaurant. If you pay with a credit card, they present a screen that provides the opportunity for a "suggested tip." I have a problem with asking for prepaid tips for counter service. The "waiters" take about 30 steps to deliver your food.

Mike R.

AMAZING FOOD, HOWEVER... Summary: my wife and I ordered Lamb Shish kebabs, Maaza fries, Mango Lassi , and lamb Goan Vindaloo. Goan Vindaloo : I ordered Goan Vindaloo, and I will say the portion was amazing. It was stacked up. However I've heard from friends they are inconsistent with portions. The lamb and the Goan Vindaloo were spiced nicely, was warm when it arrived and fed me. However it was slightly greasy. Mango Lassi: A very delicious drink! Well worth the high price tag in my opinion. Blend of tastes are well portioned. Masala fries: came free with our order so that was av plus, tasted good, were not crusty and soggy, the sauce was very delicious. However. The portion is small so I wouldnt order these unless it comes free. Maaza: maaza (pronounced "Muzza") is a Coca-Cola fruit drink brand from India and marketed in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. Its most popular drink is its mango fruit drink. Lamb Shish kebabs: my wife ordered this , she said the spices are just right and it tastes really really good. She said it was some of the best Indian food she's had however with the amount of grease it made her stomach kinda nauseous. Biggest gripe I had with Tikka Shack is I was charged for food I did not get, I ordered two samosas and did not receive them. Overall. 3.5 /5 and will change to 4.0 if my refund goes through. Otherwise. A really solid restaurant.

Jeffrey Smith

It seems nowadays that Indian food is starting to get more popular. I had several of their curries, samosas and a really interesting Indian style pizza on naan bread that really impressed me. Food tastes great here and the service is professional. The bathrooms are also very clean and they have filters attached to the toilets to help keep unnecessary smells away. The layout feels welcoming and is very clean. Hope to come back the next time I’m in town.

Savannah J.

Inside is very nice and clean. I ordered the vindaloo chicken curry with regular naan. It was really good, a little bit of spice. If you like Indian food this place is a good suggestion!

Bobbie McCandless

really good food, never had Indian food thought I would try something new. Not disappointed

Natalie R.

I feel like this Tikka Shack slacks because it's so near campus. I ordered a Chicken Tikka Masala and told the employee taking my order that I wanted it pretty hot, not EXTRA hot, but literally a level underneath that. Instead of getting a good, flavorful, SPICY dish, it was bland? Not one hint of spice to it? I've experienced this multiple times while coming to this location and honestly at this point I just would rather make the longer drive to the original location for better food.

April C.

I love going all the time after class!! Michaela is always there and makes my day. she is such a kind soul! And the food is always 10/10!!

Dan O.

Working in Lubbock and wanted something different. Tikka Shack hit the bullseye. It's kind of sterile on the inside, a little hipster, a little trendy, I'm going to guess perfect for the Texas Tech crowd. Not my thing but I was ok with it. What I loved was the food. I got the original curry with lamb a garlic naan, delish. The curry had just the right amount of heat to let you know you ate something special and the blending of flavors was excellent. The lamb could have been a tiny bit softer but a solid meal at a reasonable price. Highly recommended, if you are looking for a different experience this is the place to start in Lubbock.

Mason Carter

Absolutely fantastic restaurant. It is my go-to if I decide to eat out. I have never had a bad experience.

Shauna P.

Wow! This place was lots of flavor, and I feel refreshed, not heavy. Nice vibe, open seating. Loved it. I had Tikka Masala and my daughter had the curry.

Imtiaz Emon

An amazing place close to TTU campus with a wide collection of exclusive Indian as well as fusion food on the menu. The Masala fry is a must try !!!

Dan H.

Tried this place for the first time today. The food was absolutely delicious. I had the chole masala, and my wife had the original curry. We both have recently become a vegetarian so it is great that they have plenty of vegetarian options--all of the curry selections can be ordered with choice of meat or vegetables. The only reasons I docked a star is because the atmosphere is not that great, and the price is a little high for an order at the counter place.

Miles Braxton

All of the dishes I've had from them were great, and I believe they make their naan in house.


Honestly one of the best fast food places you can go in Lubbock!

Casey T.

Texans here, trying Indian food for the first time. This has an interesting flavor. I stayed on the favorites section of the menu not knowing what to order, I got the chicken Tikka masala, how it comes. We also ordered one of the "pizzas" and a sandwich. Overall I liked it, my husband said it could be spicier, but iIf you like spicy things I think they will make it spicier for you. I take away a star because it doesn't look very appetizing. It's like goo with lumps of meat - tasty food, but still it doesn't look appetizing.

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