Coast Asian Bistro

7100 N 10th St, McAllen
(956) 630-9599

Recent Reviews

Romeo Villarreal Jr

They never awnser at night to go orders then i go there and the manager runs around the kitchen and floor avoiding me nombre lugar chafo reviews are good but over a yr old now they sux

Joe H.

Great food and cheap beer what else could you ask for.. nothing fancy but sure hits the spot and service isn't bad waiter. Don't expect 5 star service for sure, but for the price of beer and sushi you really can't complain!

Cindy M.

The service could have been way better. The tempura sushi was delicious. Very big portion and better than other places I've been. Very good rice. They give you hot spicy peanuts at your table. Prices were not bad.


Horrible place. Smelled like sewer inside. Soup had a dark wire tie inside the soup that looked like a slice of purple cabbage. Brought it to their attention and they did nothing about it. Brought it up to their attention again only to say it was a tie that was wrapped around the veggies. Never again will I set foot at this place again. Rice was yucky as well. Did not look like fried rice to me. Horrible experience overall.

Oscar Elizondo

Coast has the best lunch specials. Lots of choices. Best portions for your buck as well. Go to Coast Asian Bistro.

Katy P.

If I could give 0 stars I would! Very horrible service. Server never wrote down our order of 8. I don't think she ever put my order in. We had to get it to go after everyone ate. Server never apologized she just stormed off very rudely.

Miguel Cantu

So I called this place 3 times and no one bothered to pick up the phone. I ended up going anyways and I as I walked in the phone was ringing and no one picked it up....waited 20 minutes waiting to get noticed by the waitress... I asked to place an order and I got a response of "sir I have to much going on I can't take your order" worst service I ever had

Julian Medrano

Seating is weird and congested unless in a booth. Prices are high for food and drinks. Food is hit and miss. Some food like combo rice is great

cool awesome

Horrible service. Unprofessional waiters. Food takes forever to come out. A boy with black medium long hair was unprofessional, as well as the other staff. You'll usually hear them yelling and playing around loudly around the restraunt as you wait for your food and so on. They also are reluctant to fix their mistakes.


This place was a disappointment. Got seated pretty fast on the restaurant side but waitress seemed so rushed like we were a bother and hardly saw her until we needed drinks refilled, then disappeared until we got our check from the hostess. Sushi roll was the only good thing, ordered dumplings, sweet and sour chicken, as well as Crispy chicken. I’ve never left a plate from a restaurant without taking the leftovers, but the food was so bland! Honestly tasted like they microwaved everything and forgot the seasoning. Go for the rolls and drinks.

Christina Capetillo

Good food and prices are great but service time takes a while. I reccomend to order by two's.

Javier J.

Stopped by today to pick up dinner, I ordered a a beer at the bar and asked for a menu. When i was ready to order dinner I had to wait for the bartender(Billy) to stop flirting with the waitress at the end of the bar. He then told me i had to order my order with the hostess because he was us too busy to deal with food orders. If he stop flirting with the waitress he have more time to help customers!! Get a room after work ! He could take my beer order , but not food order! He had 2 bar-backs that were doing most of the work at the bar!! I paid my beer and left the bar, when i was leaving i told the hostess that had happen ,, she said she was sorry what happen. But then i heard her and a waiter laughing away, as i was walking out. Yelp viewers please think before you go to Coast !

Joe Flores

Very chill place if you want to go for lunch. Didn't take that long and the prices were reasonable considering how much food you actually received. I sat at the bar so I was free to eat without being a bother to anyone. Staff periodically checked on me and we very kind. The view is amazing with the LED wall and the ambiance was welcoming. I would recommended for a drink or for a quick bite to eat.

justin calderon

Not the best but still great, 2 dollar beer and cheap wings. Great place to kick it back with friends.

Jessica Cavazos

This Asian bistro is popular place for happy hour specials. It's has a really cool bar and nice ambiance & patio.

Je N.

Very bad customer service from Adan H, and very nasty food my whole family ordered wings, the wings were extremely burnt. Don't come here

Jesus Leal

Fresh food made to order. Great place to take a date or to have drinks with friends.

Chris Victory

Awesome service, best bartenders, great drink specials, the place to drink at

Sebastian B.

The place looks interesting from the outside, but as soon as you walk in, you get the feeling of an old and poorly maintained place. The food is below average and prices fair, still, would not go back again.


The place is hot. I went for a night cap the other day and the bartender was very pleasant but the place was so stuffy. Kind of smelt a little but I believe that was due to the air circulation. The foods not the best but I've eaten just about everything here. I go because it's close to come. Watermelon martinis are my fave!!!

eileen diaz

The place is hot. I went for a night cap the other day and the bartender was very pleasant but the place was so stuffy. Kind of smelt a little but I believe that was due to the air circulation. The foods not the best but I've eaten just about everything here. I go because it's close to come. Watermelon martinis are my fave!!!

Jakes V.

Food is great! And cheap! Every time I've been everyone has been super polite and courteous of what I wanted. They have a nice variety of food and a goo selection for vegetarians.


Always awesome when we come here… I don’t have a bad thing to say… Been coming here for almost 5 years and has been a great experience each time..

Elise Grizzell

Ate there a few hours ago. Now I have the worst food poisoning I've ever had. Been brutally sick for the last 1 1/2 hours. It was so bad I considered walking in the ER because I was scared it was far more serious. The dizziness, crazy sweating, weakness, not being able to see straight, agonizing stomach pain, cramping, bloating, umm... other stuff and vomiting are finally subsiding. Thank God there is nothing left in my stomach. Wouldn't recommend this place unless you want to experience cuddling your toilet & laying on the bathroom rug. I really want a refund, will call in the morning. Did I mention it was my birthday?

Larissa Palacios

Good place to go have some drinks they have specials everyday. Their Cucumber Martini is my favorite . Well so far the food I've had has been good .Dining Area,Bar Lounge and Outdoor Lounge

Raymond Moncivaiz

Nice place,clean.Rice was bland,orange chicken tasted like microwave frozen chicken ones. Not impressed. Loud cooks letting go in back was interesting .

Myrna R Primeaux

Very good fried rice with everything. And some delicious spicy rolls.


I came here for the first time with my then girlfriend and now fiancé, and several friends to have a good night now. I really enjoyed the food and the service in incredible. I would definitely recommend to anyone to come and experience for themselves.

Carino Saldivar

Always great service....amazing food, & great drinks

Adrian G.

By far the worst service I've ever had. If you plan on waiting an hour for your food then you've come to the right place. We got sat immediately and our server Mayisha l believe her name was took forever to take our drink orders. After 20 minutes she came in an apologized and said she would be right back after 7 minutes she came back and took our drink orders. I got a water and a michelob since their happy hour consist of 2 dollar beers. It took about 15 minutes for me to have the beer in my possession. We ordered immediately after the beer came out. After 45 minutes everyone had gotten their food such as lettuce wraps, Kung Pao Chicken except for my brother and l. It took exactly an hour for us to get our sushi fiji roll. I had ordered 1 more beer before that and it took another 10 minutes. Overall, the food was delicious, but this was around 10pm when there was no one else being served l couldn't understand how busy the server would be. Even to get a beer. In conclusion, this place has so much potential, the vibe is nice and the drink specials are amazing. However an hour to get sushi and 15 minutes to get a beer is ridiculous. I don't see myself coming back to this restaurant. The server was kind, however no speedy service left a sour taste in my mouth and l pretended to be satisfied.

Marie C.

The coast roll is so delicious!!! Everything tastes so fresh. Our waitress, Carolina, has been extremely attentive and friendly!

Michael Trinkle

The weekday lunches are a great deal. Freshly made. Great flavor. Good service. A great deal for Asian food.

Jose Monsivais

Cheap prices for delicious chinese food . Really large portions. They have a nice bar for some delicious mixed dreams


This place has gone down hill the bartender is rude very unpleasant and professional on Friday night it's the older guy I believe Ruben or rube should be rude lol 😂 the restrooms stink like piss and the food takes forever I would recommend panda Express or any other sushi place save your money and your evening from this stupid place 😠

maria cantu

Do not Asian Food! But, a coworker likes this place so when it's time to celebrate him, whatever it is with him EVERYONE GOES THERE!! THANK GOD IT'S ONCE A YEAR!!

Casey Cobb

Service is always super even when they have a full house. Bring your appetite because portions are generous. I can see why they have so many great reviews.

Ulysses Cantu

Pretty good its are usual watering hole and we get good serv all the time

Cassie B.

Great atmosphere cheap drinks food was decent but after a free drinks everything taste yummy. Server was a tad clumsy but he was the only one working the patio, overall good service. They should get more comfy seating for the patio. My ass was hurting on those metal chairs.

Angela Jimenez

First time coming here very enjoyable food was phenomenal, also ordered a drink from the happy hour menu I ordered a pina colada very delicious

Anne Erdfelt

We went for dinner, but the bar sounded way more fun. Food was OK, service was good, drinks were great.