Sakura Chinese BBQ 老江湖烧烤

1301 Custer Rd SUITE 200 UNIT 400, Plano
(469) 366-9158

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Ivy Z.

Sakura, the COVID-19 cases have been dropping week after week, if you want to stay in business I suggest you to open up dine-in.

Not going to purchase anything from you until you do.

Louis W.

Sakura, the COVID-19 cases have been dropping week after week, if you want to stay in business I suggest you to open up dine-in.

Not going to purchase anything from you until you do.

Jessica L.

I mean it's the best Chinese BBQ for me. The staffs are nice and friendly, service is good compared to other Chinese restaurants. They can speak English very well. Foods are so good, recommend the chicken bone. I am in love with it.

wen wen

great food and service

Lee E.

Too much artificial meat flavor in their lamb and beef. You def can tell the flavor is fake. They put too much, I know it might help the flavor, but personally it's too much for me.

Louis Wei

Great food (the chicken sandwich is awesome!) and still offering the dine-in offering unlike one more of its lame competitors which shall be nameless.

Euphemia W.

The spicy chicken sandwich is sooooo good! Great service super nice waitresses. Food is a little bit overpriced.

Rena M

The drink and hamburg are so delicious

Lunci H

Spicy chicken sandwich is the best one I ever had. Much better than Popeye's

Diane S.

First time here. Even though I don't speak any Chinese- no problem. They have a printed limited menu in English but my co-workers are all native speakers so I knew I was in good hands for this lunch adventure. The grape drink was delicious and I could become very easily addicted to it except the cream and price will keep both my waist and pocketbook intactSince it was my first time there, I think that they ordered more than a little bit of everything. It was all tasty

Johnson L.

Fatni BBQ, there's a new competition for you. So I'm a big fan of Chinese BBQ Skewer. However, it looks like Fatni was the only place in DFW area that offer decent Skewer. However, me and the Sweetie recently discover this new place in Plano and not only their Skewers was really good. The other dish they had are also awesome. My favorite one is the Tomatoes spicy Beef rice noodle. They are not cheap with the meat, they give so much meat and the soup just taste awesome. In addition, other places charges chicken soft bone for 13.95-15.95 and the portion was small. However, they only charge 9.95 for chicken soft bone and their portion is way more than the one you get from else where. So when I really want Chinese BBQ skewer in the future. This is the place to come. Sorry Fatni.


Really nice deal with the hot pot

Jack Ko

Really nice deal with the hot pot

Kendra H.

Came here on a Sunday night and it wasn't super busy. Granted, the service was excellent as the waiter checked up on us multiple times. This plate served great bbq skewers and had good entree options. Ordered lamb, beef, A-Choy, small beef, Chinese Sausage, and Thin Tofu skewers. I would highly recommend the A-choy and lamb skewers, my personal favorites. All the skewers we ordered were seasoned amazingly (with just the right amount of spice) and they were cooked so that if there was meat on the skewer, it was tender too. The menu selection was vast. I had the chance of trying beef fried flat noodle too. The portion size was pretty decent for its pricing. The only downside of a case menu selection is that a lot of the menu items don't have pictures. However, I ordered something along the lines of a beef noodle soup (I don't quite remember the name) and there was a nice umami flavor to it. All in all, I would highly recommend the skewers here if you were to order anything.

Cody Cronce

I did think it was hilarious that we were offered chicken wings, fries, and forks when we got there. The bbq skewers were incredible, my wife’s spicy seafood soup was great as well. Definitely recommend if you are looking for authentic Chinese.

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