Halcyon Southtown

1414 S Alamo St, San Antonio
(210) 277-7045

Recent Reviews

Kim K Carranza-Estrada

Food was amazing & the bartender was great. The WiFi was super slow though (probably to many people) & the girl taking actual orders seemed annoyed. Maybe she was just having an off day. Besides that everything else was good.

Monica Lopez

Beautiful coffee designs, great service. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great cup of coffee.

Cerulean Blue

• The decor is comfortable yet also stylish• The service is generally friendly. The employees always look like they're going a mile a minute and trying their hardest. They're always busy when I visit so it makes sense.• The food is just okay. It's certainly not bad food - but it's not the best ever either. I'd always choose to eat elsewhere, but I wouldn't complain if I had to eat there• the drinks are usually pretty good! The alcoholic beverages are unique and fun. The coffee is just okay. But the HOT CHOCOLATE is where it's at!It's a cute place to go study or have a conversation with a couple of friends. I'd at least suggest that you visit and try it out

Elisa Cariaga

It was a really good place to sit, chat, & eat. Its lively & a little loud but not the loudest. The food is delectable. The wait was between 35-50 minutes & we got called 37 minutes into waiting. So not bad at all. The servers were very nice & fast. The environment is friendly & something different. If you're looking for a wake up brunch this is your place! ☀️

Angela Elston

I was happy to choose this place for a bite and coffee because I saw that they have a patio. I needed to be able to be seated outside. The music on the patio was too loud to have conversation over and honestly, we smelt the sewer nearby (it smelt like a dumpster or trash nearby) about 1/4 of the time depending on the wind. It was not appetizing. This was at around noon on a weekday.The food was okay, but not great. The smell of the patio and the noise ruined the experience. If you do go, just don't eat outside. Lol.I doubt i will be returning when there are a lot better places to go that don't smell like sewage.

Vanessa H.

Coffee cocktails are something so unique to try. The simple iced latte here is one of my favs in town. Definitely a fun way to spice things up. It does take awhile to get your order and I also had a hard time with ordering online. The breakfast scrambles were pretty good but I would like to try the cinnamon bun sometime.


Great atmosphere inside. Staff was very friendly, helpful and quick with my order.

Melissa M.

I was excited to try this place on my way out of town earlier this summer. Sadly I was very disappointed. My husband and I were the first 2 people in when they opened and ordered a vanilla latte, Thai iced coffee, and a chorizo burrito to go. The coffees were okay, but the burrito was sad and didn't have any chorizo. To add to the disappointment, we waited over 30 minutes before we found out that the cashier didn't but our order in. Then top it all off, the cashier/waitress messed up our order was rude and unpleasant.

Janelle W.

The coffee is delicious. The atmosphere is amazing. I can't wait to go again. I'm looking to sample more items on their menu.

Melody Shaw

Enjoyed the atmosphere!

Calvin Curry

The atmosphere is nice. The Nector mojito was very good however there were flies everywhere. There were trays that had been left on the table the entire time we had been there which was over 40 minutes. I got the southwestern skillet and it was all egg. It wasn't well seasoned and just didn't taste good.

Nathaniel Peck

Overall very good. The overnight french toast was amazing. Aside from a lot of flies buzzing around, it was a great experience. Food presentation was good and the mocha they made was perfect. The restaurant was clean and the staff was friendly and helpful. Great overall atmosphere.

Isaac G.

I love this place! It doesn't close till 2 am! Sometimes I need a place away from home to work on homework and it's chill and cute and has good coffee, tea and drinks

Paula M

Stopped in for breakfast while visiting San Antonio. It was a great choice! The staff are friendly and helpful with the menu. Located in the warehouse area of the city away from the hustle and bustle. Excellent mimosas! You order at the counter and they call your name when your food is ready. We enjoyed the atmosphere. Always people come and going - seems very popular with the locals. Both indoor and outdoor seating. Clean and casual. The only downside was that after breakfast we ordered and iced tea to go. Since it is a coffee house, apparently there were several orders in front of ours. We waited 20 minutes to get a tea to go. Seemed a bit excessive! But, really good food and nice staff. Just what we needed to start our day! Give it a try!

Stavros Fyntanis

A great place to drink coffee and get your homework done ?!!!If the time passes and you need to have a bite, the menu has plenty of choices. Friendly staff ready to address you. The only negative could be the volume of music, but with ear buds on it wasn't that much of a problem.

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