Hopdoddy Burger Bar

17623 La Cantera Pkwy Suite 101, San Antonio
(210) 434-2337

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Sophia Sabo

My husband and I love to eat here bc the burgers are the perfect size and you leave feeling satisfied while not being overstuffed. However we consistently experience pretty horrible customer service. Employees look at you like they hate you. Our most recent experience it was pretty busy and we had to wait for a table to be sated. A girl came and cleaned our table told us she would bring more paper towels but never came back. And my husband asked for a knife which they forgot to bring out with our food and another girl said she would bring one and also never returned. As I said the food is good but it would be better if we were treated with respect.

Michel Loredo

Good burgers had the thunderbird chicken burger it had pepper jack cheese Pico bacon Chipotle aole and a habenero the burger overall not 2 spicy my son had the classic fries come in bowls large and personal

Christopher Casey

Absolutely fantastic service! The staff was very pleasant, and walked my wife through the options. They accomodated us with a very nice table outside, and our food was out hot and fresh in less than 5 mins! Parmesan truffle fries and double bacon jam burger we're mine, and I'd definitely recommend. I cannot say enough good things about this place.

R Cosper

Burgers and Beer!!!It's HARD to get that wrong butHopdaddy delivered me a liver punch this Sunday.Heres the Skinny.....The Truffle Fries were way too salty and didn't seem to be fresh from the fryer. Both of the burgers served to us were CLEARLY pre-prepared and were under some type of warming device for awhile.Please look at the pics of the cheese on the burger... It's old and has that gelatinous sheen that says, " I've been here for a long long time.". I did not complain to Management on the poor quality & preparation and presentation of the entire meal, I pretty much just left in disgust. I shouldn't have attempted to eat it but I will always try to give the business a chance.Today, Hopdaddy was an alarming disappointment, but I do plan to go back in 2 weeks see if they can redeem themselves.KEEP posted & Stay Classy San Antonio!!

Sheila Shimek Christman

It was our first time going and each one of us had a different burger. They were all amazing! The fries were so good!! I could get the Parmesan fries, and eat a whole bowl by myself!! There were six of us, so we got two orders of fries, one was regular and that was good too. But the burgers were amazing!! I think my one son tried a little bit of everyone’s burger after he ate his. They were that good! We’ll definitely be back. You may wait a little bit, but the wait is definitely worth it!

Gerard Vertucci

Always a great experience and meal at HopDoddy! Truffle fries and OG burger is my go-to every time!

Marilena K.

Superb burgers and fries! Loved their Nutella milkshake and parmesan fries!

Sally Dolan

The best sweet potato fries ever!!!

Jonathan Hensley

Food - goodBeers - okService - poorFirst issue - line to order moves very slow. There was a line out the door put only one person taking orders. The line moves slow even for a one cashier line.Second issue - you get assigned a table. Sounds fine until you find out your table has the sun blaring on it. Let people sit where they want.Third issue - they've been out of my favorite beer the last three visits, but it's still on the chalkboard menu. Each time they let me order it then bring out something different 5 mins later.

Jennifer Elizondo

Ok… Let’s start with price $35 for two drinks and burgers that taste like dried up fake meat. Fries over cooked and really salty.. I couldn’t even finish because it was to dry. Don’t waste your money..

Dave Brooke

a delicious burger and a great patio to eat one on!

Ron Jeramiah

Good location and cool spot with a full bar, beer on tap, tv’s for sports. Service is a bit slow and food seems to come out in parts vs at one time. Overall burgers are just ok. Not in rush to return

Tasha Richmond

I enjoyed this place very much. The Nashville spicy chicken sandwich was amazing and the fries were cooked to perfection. The right amount of seasoning and when they say spicy...... IT'S SPICY!!! I would most definitely dine here again in the near future!

Dawn DeAnn Waldrop

Great food, nice atmosphere, friendly service.

Rick Warren

I highly recommend going to eat here. Great Food and very well priced.

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