Sabor De Mexico Restaurant

1367 Austin Hwy, San Antonio
(210) 829-1101

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This is not a reflection of El Paso food. The "chuco" tacos are not anything compared to the real deal of Chicos Tacos. Don't be fooled. And their burritos that are Juarez style are insulting and over priced. Stick to your lane SA.

Javier Ordonez

Food delicious, they treat the customers great and the service was excellent.

Jesse Diaz

A good place to go eat

Whitney Ponce

Mexican food, mmm, so great. Super savory. The service here is better than most. Prices are reasonable I would say. Mood here reminds me of San Diego's scene.

Ray Richaud

The food is great and it is cooked very well! The service is outstanding, friendly customer service, energetic. This is my go to for quality Mexican food.

Mario V.

Our favorite breakfast tacos in San Antonio. Handmade tortillas for both corn & flour and the tacos are good quality. Friendly service, remember your name, and ask about your family.

yvonne brazil

I was invited here today saturday 8/8/20 I was not that impressed no better than any other taco place .not doubting this resturant.I have my favorite place.this isn't one no taste in the food that the mexican cuisine goodness flavorful food without adding extra for taste.

Hillary F.

Easy to pass by without a second glance but the breakfast taco sign pulled me in. The food is good, affordable and service is friendly. Got the crispy chicken taco plate and bacon and egg breakfast taco.

Gary Schuhmann

Special was a good deal taste of enchalada and chicken fajita was good. Beans wete little heavy on manteca.

naz b rsf

Over charge last time I was there but great people

Zak Sobieralski

The best tortillas I’ve ever had. Food was hot and fresh... damn. Simple done perfect.

adrian lechuga

Place is really good, I can't wait to try more stuff. If you love food from El paso you will like this place.

Sandra M.

Best menudo in town hands down. I typically take my own pot and have them fill it up to go. Their Chile Colorado is so good too! They are so friendly and provide excellent service!!

Phillip M.

Not bad...not bad at all. Order some breakfast tacos this morning. Will need to try again. The carne guisada was cut smaller then I am use to. Pleasantly surprised! Very tender and flavorful. You may need to try this place. I know it may be added to my rotation.

Gilbert Sanchez

Great owner, great food, prompt service!

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