Long Draw Pizza

22720 FM170, Terlingua
(432) 371-2608

Recent Reviews

Katie W.

Best pizza in Terlingua. We really enjoyed the cheesy bread! The place is very small, so don't be surprised if you have to wait a little while for your pizza. We had the pepperoni pizza with black olives and it definitely hit the spot! It is worth a stop if you are really craving pizza.

Adam Merino

super good pizza and cold beer!! came down from Lexington texas to enjoy this awesome place.

Maggie Seay

Great pizza! Great service! We sat at the bar, ordered two pizzas so we'd have leftovers and enjoyed some cold Lone Star beer on tap. We had read the reviews and were intrigued by this "surly blond waitress" that was mentioned. We have to say, there was no "surliness" about her :) She was attentive, friendly and knew exactly when to check in on us. Sitting at the bar gave us the opportunity to watch the chef make the pizzas (which were meticulously crafted - sauce all the way to edge and toppings spread evenly throughout). But our favorite part was watching the dynamic between the cook aka the dad and his 2 daughters. The ladies definitely run that joint and do a fabulous job! Definitely stop in for a chill, low-key dinner and order enough to enjoy cold pizza the next day!

Travis Tapp

One of the best places we had the chance to try in the area. Would definitely recommend and will be looking it up the next time in the area!

Alex Barrientos

Pizza was good. Needed more sauce. Only place in town that serves pizza. It's more of a bar for the locals. Friendly staff.

Sarah T.

My kid is a picky eater and she gobbled her 7 in. pizza right up. Split a 16 in. With my husband--pizza was very good and the ambiance makes you feel like a local even if you're just visiting. Didn't realize they closed at 9 pm and arrived just before and were still served (thank you!).

Victor Ramirez

Pizza is the best I've ever had. It's worth driving out there for. All the other pizza places, look out.

some guy

Good pizza. Like REALLY good. Especially for being in the middle of nowhere.The blond server was a little bit surly though. I don't know if it was because we weren't local, or she might even just be a little socially awkward, I dunno. We showered her with kindness regardless and made the most of it.

Kathyleen Board

Very informal atmosphere. Pizza was alright but not exceptional. Would probably eat here again.

Anne-Marie B.

This is a pizza oasis in the middle of an actual desert. No frills, just excellent food and solid people. Stopped in during our stay in Terlingua and we were blown away. It's an easy-to-locate building, right off a main road, and there's plenty of seating and parking. Definitely recommend!

Jocelyn J.

We placed an order to go and we're impressed! Very good plus they take card now so that was an added bonus!

Will Ford

Stopped in this place during our visit. The staff was super friendly and helpful. The pizza was pretty good lots of toppings and options. Would definitely eat here ahain.

Naveen Himthani

When you can find a pizza place in the middle of a desert, you can't complain. The vegetable pizza was freshly made and was delicious. It is probably run by the family and the place is not big, which makes it special. There is outdoor and indoor seating.


Make sure to get one with pepperoni or sausage, as they seemed to be homemade (not sure) and were full of so much flavor. Great crust and sauce (I always judge pizza on crust and sauce!)

lexi bragg

My friends and I ordered a big bend pizza and a coyote pizza and they were great! The owners were nice and the environment was clean. My only note is that our waitress was not very nice when we walked in the door, taking our order, or checking us out. It kinda took away from the happiness of the experience. But overall I would recommend stopping by :)

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