Aspen Creek Grill

1725 W SW Loop 323, Tyler
(903) 630-8370

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Amy J

I've had some great experiences and some rough experiences. My boyfriend ordered a medium rare steak and it was pretty much black and blue. Sent it back and got the same one back as charcoal. We were going to add this to our list of regular date spots, but someone should definitely be able to cook a steak on a second try.

Jill Hall

Comfy setting and good food. This was our first time to visit. It was nice to see grown people serving. By that I mean they knew their business, kept track without intruding, quickly and accurately answered questions and were generally pleasant. The salmon and the shrimp and grits were very tasty. Wine selection was small but varied. Bar needs a good single malt or two. The only down side: there were some salad pieces on the seat and the table, and French fries under my feet when we sat down.

Johnny Jennings Jr

Food was A-1 good. And our waitress was Excellent her name was Ash. If I'm spelling it right. Her customer service was above and beyond.

Marilee P.

We were seated right away and our order was taken quickly. The food took 45 mind to be served. It was cold and the steak was well done when I ordered it medium rare. Every time I have come here I'm disappointed so it will be a very long time before I come back

Angela H.

This is my favorite restaurant. I've tried others and have certain meals I like at each but EVERYTHING here is delicious. Tonight for the first time we had a sirloin. It was the most tender steak I've had. We sat at the bar because there was a 30 min wait. I asked for a drink menu and Tristan, the bartender asked what I liked. I told him and he said let me make you something. It was the best martini I've had. If you get a chance to sit at the bar and have him wait on you he is great!

Denise DeRail Simpson

awesome food and great service. Our food is always cooked just right

John C.

We ventured out for dinner during our trip to Tyler. The restaurant was very busy but the server was very attentive and we got our order quickly. Probably more quickly than we wanted since we ordered an appetizer with our beer and the main order was delivered right after the appetizer. Something in America has gotten lost when it comes to enjoying a meal rather than just feeding your face. I guess customers are in too much of a hurry to enjoy a night out and dining out is no longer special. Anyway back to the review, The food was good. We will be sure to stop by again when we visit Tyler.

Adam Albright

The steak I got was cooked right but not very tasty at all. I got the 16oz ribeye with broccoli that was not very tasty either and a baked potato which was pretty good. I also got fried mushrooms for an appetizer they were ok. I read many great comments and decided to try the steak it wasn’t bad by any means but it wasn’t good either very bland. They were very busy however when I ordered so that can be the reason why. I will give it another experience and see if the food is better.

Steven Young

great food and prices. a must do

Ammie R Chamberlain

amazing food, amazing service! highly recommend!!!!

Cheryl Stout

Best steaks ever. I've loved every steak I've gotten here! So tender and juicy!!Side dishes are cooked perfectly also!Want your company to enjoy a great meal take them here!!!

Trisha Gaffield

It was delicious. My ribeye had a lot of gristle in it this time. The flavor was great. Service was good. Our waiter didn't check back as often as he could have. He also forgot to bring back my son's French fries. The Off-the-cob corn elotes is DELICIOUS! Order them! You will not be disappointed!

Beth M.

I usually have a go-to order at restaurants, but Aspen Creek is one of the few places where I have a hard time deciding because everything is so good. I'm not typically a big fan of French Fries, but theirs are well seasoned and especially good. If I don't order them myself, you can bet I'm stealing some from someone else at the table. Service is friendly and typically on top of everything, the one and only time we experienced a service blunder, they went over and above to fix it. Pro tip: join the waitlist on Yelp!


My wife and I went in on 5/4 at 5PM because in the past we had a good experience. The restaurant was not busy and the parking lot was about half full. We still had to wait 7 min to be seated. The server, John, took our drink order after about 5 min. After ordering our food it was 42 min before our food arrived. I was ready to walk. I ordered the 16 oz ribeye med rare and it was cook med. (pink) I did not complain because I can still enjoy a steak as long as it's not well done, and I did not want to wait another 40 min for another. The steak was tender but extremely salty. My wife ordered the fried shrimp and it was also salty. I usually salt most foods but the steak and shrimp were both too salty even for my taste. When will a cook learn that a person can always add salt but cannot take it away? So unprofessional. Our server had no personality and did not ask how our meal was, did not thank us for coming in, or really say much of anything. Considering how light the crowd was and the fact that I can cook a steak on my grille at home in 5 min med rare and fry some shrimp in 5 min, I don't understand why it took 40 min to get food. There are too many other places in Tyler for me to spend $50 that I will not return here. In the past we have been satisfied the couple times we have been but I wont give them another chance.

Barbara F.

Amazing food great atmosphere and super friendly employees. Tyler tx aspen creek rocks!

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