Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

6701 S Broadway Ave, Tyler
(903) 534-1700

Recent Reviews

Joshua Dollar

Good food, friendly staff, nice atmosphere, but unbelievably slow.

Kati S.

I've been here twice since this visit (because my husband loves it) and both times I ended up with diahrea..... So yeah, I finally put it on my veto list.

James M.

Mary was our waitress and was awesome! Great service! Will be back because of her! The food was good and fast service!!! Great place!!

Case Cane

8/15/21 on my Birthday- we walked in (5 of us)... We waited for a good 6 minutes until a waiter approached and stated "That they can not seat us". There was plenty of open tables and it was 2 and a half hours until closing time. I told themthat they was not interested in our money and we left. We all ate at Razzos, which was a way better experience. The staff at Cheddar's seemed "bothered" by actual business. In conclusion, I would suggest to go elsewhere, if you desire actual service and food. I am difficult to disappoint, in this case- Cheddar's nailed it. I, my family, friends, and colleges will not be back. Thumbs down Cheddar's in Tyler, Texas....

Tierra Burns

I gave this place a 5 star only because our waiter was so awesome she was working so hard since they were short staff and know it wasn't her fault. We had some issues with our food. But wasn't anything serious just got a well done steak and I wanted it medium and it took a while before we got it.

johnny iyaoyas

I really want to thank my server today for doing such a great job. His name is Allen S. and he was fantastic. Not only was the service excellent, the food was perfect. Thanks for such a wonderful experience.Cheddars has come full circle in my view. A couple of years ago I would never have recommended this location. Our most recent dining experience changed that opinion. The dining area was clean, the food was fantastic and the service was impeccable. Highly recommended.It’s been 4 months since we last ate here. Food again was excellent as was the service. 01-28-2020

Jack Hudson

Only complaint was my steak was rare instead of medium but I like it either way. Server (Payne) was the best.

Savannah M.

Our host was so kind and very willing to get us seated as soon as he could, but boy was the service downhill from there. Our waitress refilled my drink one time after about an hour into our three person meal. We still have yet to see our food if you're reading this.

Rebecca Watson

Went here for my sister's bachelorette celebration, she just wanted some drinks and good food. Did not disappoint! I was excited to try somewhere I haven't been before when visiting down here. Will have to go again when I next visit.

N Q.

Food wasn't bad but service/operation is atrocious. My meal was brought within reasonable time but was told mate's wouldn't be ready for a while.'s a couple's lunch and only one gets to eat??? My soup was presented with 2 ice tea teaspoons instead of a soup spoon. What the ....We HAD to ask for eating utensils. Can't pay me enough to ever support this restaurant.

Delivia Mcdonald

Loved the food and service. The atmosphere was wonderfulOn vacation and we went back the second time. Very nice and reasonable ??

Erin French

The wait was a little long but not too bad considering it was Friday evening. Our service was lacking once seated. It took nearly 15 minutes to get a drink order. Food was good.

Margaret Allen

I didn't like my server hands over my food and I felt like she was not professional by talking to my family and rushing us to order . the food I ordered made me sick and I fell out.but the manager was very very helpful to me and my family called the ambulance and stay with me the hole time and I thank him so very much he's a good man.thank you so much God bless you

David Duffey

Silverware was not washed from the last customers, it was rolled up and served to us got new silverware second set had food caked in between prongs on forks, knife was dirty on one side..... good place for possible food poisoning? Not good, will never revisit this resturant.

Tanetra Jordan

I believe or server was Kyle ! Anyhow he was really sweet and made sure our food came out correct !

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