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Cody Dunham

Did not give me the correct amount of condiments I ordered. Girl came back working window and asked for my 3 other sauces I ordered and gave me a dirty look and shut the window. Then 2 mine later a manager appears and asked me what my problem was?Requested my sauces again that ordered and she refused to give me them and told me I could pay for them. They are on the order.All this over some 3 sauces that were already on my order.Horrible customer service!

Samuel Smith (Shepard)

Often I get my order wrong, so you may want to check before you leave. I never complained becuse I understand they are busy and dealing with dumb costumer. Food are decent compared to other McDonald's.Food: 4/5

Rebecca Fountain

It is freezing in the kids play area today, after being hot in the summer. The morning crew is much more efficient and courteous then the afternoon group. Waited 5 minutes for someone to acknowledge me so that I could order. Was told ‘corporate in Athens’ regulated the temp- so Lilly enterprises- get on the ball and heat hour McDonalds up. Food was typical as expected.

Haleigh Bailey

The employees here are kind and hard workers. When coming through the drive through hearing someone who is enthusiastic to place my order was very warming. Makes me want to continue coming back. I ordered a hamburger the bread was a little hard and the fries were cold. But, id take that over going to another place and the cashier not be courteous and punctual.

Tex Lapam

This is a very new McDonald's franchise which of course makes it look great. the food was standard McDonald's good stuff for the price . the young man was very very new working the cash register and doing a great job in spite of the manic Karen that was in front of us raising heck about nothing! She wanted to make sure her fries were HOT. Very angry about it. Absurd

Monquata Robertson

When short staffed they should close the lobby and use the drive thru only. I've never worked fast food but I know one thing I wouldn't do and that is not over work myself and my few employees! Messed up orders will slow you down even more FYI! THANKS FOR MY REFUND TO FRIENDLY MANAGEMENTFood: 1/5


Ice cream machine is broken, out of sweet tea, asked for a number 7 medium. Then asked for a mocha frappe separate. Added It on the same order, plus the ice in it was soo chunky was not smooth and mostly ice and whipped cream.

Topher Barnett

I've dined at sit-down restaurants and gotten my food faster. Took probably 15 minutes to come out. Also the self-service kiosks are entirely too big. It's like trying to order off a TV screen while standing right in front of it.

Trista Sampson

Went through the drive through and whenever they gave me my drinks there was a bug smashed in the lid and got in the drink. And then I asked for a manager and one never came out and they blamed it on shift change.


Location was hot inside, I love the app McDonald's has put out but this location needs some tlc.Update 9-13-2022. Went back even more disappointed! Dirty bathroom and dinning room.

Deanna Sheler

No chicken on my chicken sandwich??? Cold undercooked fries. The drive through fenale was having a conversation with someone else using profanity when I was ordering. Unprofessional and to get cold food and no chicken on my sandwich!!! Ridiculous. I am posting pics of the sandwich.

A.E. Matray

Great staff and friendly services.Fries were fresh and hot, burgers were made just the way i requested.Only negative, They were out of ice tea!!

Wori Not

I had a mobile order a ten piece spicy nugget and a large drink. They weren’t even busy but it took 20 minutes for my food with a 75% filled drink and 9 nuggets 2 of which where inedible because they looked so foul. I feel stolen from. Disgusting. Fix yourself.


I sat at the intercom with no reply when other cars went through getting their orders and then pulled up to the window and they automatically refused to take my order, there were 3 workers and they were all disrespectful and one girl said she was going to "b**ch slap me" when I seen 2 other cars behind me getting orders. The car behind me said they sat in the parking spot waiting on a order for 30 minutes and the same girl laughed at her and was rude, is this what McDonald's has come to, very rude and disrespectful managers and employees nowadays it is sad. I will be speaking with the district manager and letting others know of the POOR service coming out of this place of business. Employees should know how to treat paying customers who pay for their jobs because without us they'd have no job. This is supposed to be a family oriented business but is being represented otherwise sadly. These employees are ruining it for this business. They had 3 workers, plenty enough to take people's orders in a timely fashion, they need new employees asap, they cannot get away with treating customers this way!!

Nini Matray

Great staff and friendly services.Fries were fresh and hot, burgers were made just the way i requested.Only negative, They were out of ice tea!!

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