PJ Fresh Marketplace

501 Van Horn Dr, Van Horn
(432) 283-8067

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Bridget F.

There are a couple of panhandlers outside the door. One kept going by the ice machine to count his money. We sat and watched their scheming. I did not feel safe.I tried to call both Pilot and Wendy's but neither one would pick up the phone.

Don D.

what ever you do do not buy furl here you will regret it I bought fuel here now my injectors are fill with water and my truck won't start now I have to spend thousands to get towed and repaired THEY ARE SELLING PEOPLE WATER

B W.

Bathrooms ok, no change. No change really. So the kid looses .88. Doesn't sound like much but I want coffee, my husband wants coffee. The pumps won't take cards have to give to cashier..... hummmm

Traci R.

5 stars just because it was the first place with public toilets after leaving Marfa. If you are headed to Marfa from El Paso, this too is your last chance to use the facilities. There is a Wendy's here too. But Buc-cee's it ain't.

Linh Y.

Here I am in Van Horn, TX, for a quick stop at Pilot for gas and restroom break. There was only one gas pump per aisle which is not maximizing its usage IMHO... at least 2 pumps per aisle at a minimum... maybe there wasn't a lot of space for more... oh well. Restrooms were clean. I also did a little perusing through the aisles to see if there were any good snacks to nibble on till I got to my resort. I ended up getting a couple bags of chips... Fritos original corn chips and Cheetos crunchy... they had a sale buy one get one half price so why not LOL. The cashier named Steve was a really nice gentleman. Thank you Steve for your great customer service. I appreciate you. All in all a nice stop... till the next one! Happy Pilot'ing!

Tamala H.

This place is very dirty! The restrooms are beyond filthy. And I know Pilot can afford to hire someone to keep the restrooms clean. And several are out of order. So there is a huge line waiting to use the restroom. There is a Love's right up the street, I'd suggest you go there. Anywhere but here! BAD BAD BAD!!!

Nhrv F.

This pilot is very unkempt. The bathrooms are nasty the clothing is just thrown on the racks not hung up.

Don M.

I travel full time in an RV. I had to see the cashier to get the diesel pump to work. She charged my card for a specific amount and told me that if I did not use it all, that it would be credited back to my card. I did not use it all and have had the correct amount charged to the card. Then after I left the store, someone tried to charge $500 onto my card. Fortunately, it was denied as my card company wanted to verify the charge. Unfortunately, someone at this store is using credit card information to make illegal charges. They do not answer their phone. I have tried numerous times to call them and explain the situation to the manager. But no answer. Therefore, this review.

Nancy S.

Really helpful people here. Nice stop- big store and clean restrooms. We are traveling in an RV, so we grabbed dinner from Wendy's to eat in the RV and the clerk recommended we just stay in their parking lot tonight. And took the time to show us rest stop options as well. Thanks!

Mr. Ibeabuchi

Very small and limited truck parking but it’s not too bad overall, there is a Wendy’s and PJs super market at this Pilot location.

Ike I.

Very small and limited truck parking but it's not too bad overall, there is a Wendy's and PJs super market at this Pilot location.

June B.

I pulled up like a bat out of hell (Arizona cave srt8 reference lol, and they told me to slow down or someone else will tell me. I asked who? And got sent to the best enchiladas I've ever had in my mouth. I love them so much I haven't left lol I came back thru here 3 times and it all started with getting pulled over lmao!! Thank you staff, it was you who reported the officer treatment. I'm glad you're looking out for us too. We are ALL OFFICERS, land of the free !

Dave O

Twice in a row now I get up at 5 a.m. , reserve a shower and am "next in line". After 15 minutes I go in and fine all empty dirty showers with no one there to clean them. After 30 minutes a sweet lady comes in to start her shift and is upset no one has cleaned them. She does her best to catch up. Ridiculous management. I can understand once but now this has happened my last two stays.

Dianalynn R.

I like this stop. I can get gasoline, good service and Wendy's sandwiches. They have always given us good service in both locations and you can go back and forth easily. The price of gasoline is reasonable. The parking lot is clean. I recommend popping in if you need a rest or a quick stop.

Karla V.

Pilot Travel Center in Van Horn Texas is similar to many others on any interstate. A reliable gas station with all the items you may need while traveling by car. Drinks, snacks, restrooms, souvenirs etc.. This specific Pilot Travel Center gets a 3 out of 5 because of its size and because it was definitely not up to cleaning standards. There is a Wendys attached to it.

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