Dairy Queen

420 S State Hwy 78, Wylie
(972) 429-8700

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My husband and I went at about 9:20 to grab some blizzards before they closed. We went through the drive thru and there was a young man taking the trash out. We pulled forward as he was walking toward the gate, to give him room to pull the trashcan through and walk through. When we got to the window, the same kid told us that we need to watch where we are going and not try to run him over. I wonder if management knows that their employees talk to customers like that. I gave it two stars because even though the kid was rude, the blizzard was good.

zach a

I wanted to write and say how great of a time we had. The counter person (Alex?) Was so very helpful, they were pretty busy, they had a full drive-threw, and the online tablets were going. Thank you again AlexFood: 5/5

Craig Ellsworth

My buddy Tony and I boy screamed all the way to Dairy Queen. Once there a pretty young lady asked why we were screaming.Food: 4/5

Beth C

Went thru the drive thru today. Order came to $2.17 and we gave her $3. She dropped the change on the ground and expected us to pick it up! When I told her I wanted my full change back, she closed the window, stared at the change left in her hand, opened the window and gave it back! I guess she doesn't know how to make change without a register telling her how much....Cones were watery but since we only paid $1 for the...or I guess $1.50 since she couldn't get the change correct, we didn't sweat it. We'll just go into Plano if we want DQ again.

Beth C.

What a disappointment. Remember when a DQ had the iconic curl at the top? Well, no more....the youngsters working have no desire to keep such traditions alive, they're too much in a hurry.We went through the drive thru for the last weekend of $1 small cones. Teenage girl working window had no personality and acted as though she was being forced to be there. Our order as $2.17, we gave her $3; she tossed the change at us with the majority going onto the pavement below. Naturally, we asked for our full change since we were unable to retrieve what she dropped.....she closed the window, stared at the register, re-opened the window and handed the original remaining change back to us with the excuse of not knowing how much to give us without the register! What a sad day it is when the leaders of tomorrow are unable to give change for a dollar using their own brain. As for the food, the ice cream was very watery and the cones were stale. This second visit to Wylie's DQ was, unfortunately, as bad as our first several months ago......teenage employees who are regrettably untrained, unpleasant and mediocre food. I'll go the extra mile to DQ in Plano! Suggest you do the same. Cheers!

Jack Estes

Peanut Buster parfait was made perfectly and the way it is supposed to be made. Just the right amount of fudge and peanuts which is rare, in particular from that location! But, the overall experience was turned upside down when I got the Bacon Club burger and it had huge thick almost stale buns with a little thin piece of meat that was dry and overcooked. It basically sucked. DQ used make nice juicy flavorful hamburgers like you might get at a bowling alley but no more! Yeah.. Won't be getting anymore burgers from DQ.. But I will be back for the PBP!

Richard C.

Worst service ever especially the one in Kaufman ordered our ice cream and never got it ot was thawed out

phil Z.

The burgers are just OK lack being put together with any standard. Four of the same burgers eat one was a little different one was dripping sauce forgot picked but one with pickles had no sauce . One had cheese on the bottom no sauce no pickle and some funky red drops with no taste. The back was more interested in jaw jacking than making food. Only saving grace was the cashier apologized for everything that doesn't happen anymore. He is the only reason I gave 4 stars

Kay M.

We enjoyed our Steak fingers and steak sandwich. Our cashier, Keigan, was nice and helpful. Everyone was friendly.

Matt Porter

Has its good days and bad days depending on what teenagers are working drive through. This also determines if your order is correct. For best results go inside and order even for to go and check the order. I wish they would take more time to blend the blizzards, nothing worse than having all the toppings on top and middle and nothing but vanilla ice cream at the bottom.

Fred G

Went through drive thru, Ordered #2 no onions. Had onions, Ordered Taco meal with no tomatoes. Had tomatoes. Ordered Steak Finger basket extra crispy and they weren't. Also got 2 kids meals with drinks and ice cream. Order was put in right per my receipt. Line cooks just didn't deliver.Food: 1/5

Trace Black

It's a drive through fast food chain with horrible service and overpriced food. Everytime I come here I order the same thing and it seems like they always make it different everything from the simple burger to the Dr.Pepper. It's always wrong, it's like you get something from the person next in line or behind you. It doesn't help that the clerks at the window are very short with you and don't provide simple customer service like,"Have a good day". Rather closing the window on you. I'd recommend going next door to Chick FIL a or if you're in the mood for something like a blizzard, get Freddy's Custard. All of these options are cheaper for multiple people and will leave you much more satisfied after you finish your meal.Y'all have a good day.

Brad Howard

Great Steak Fingers. Big and delicious! Don't forget the gravy! Gotta have it.Food: 5/5

Tralla Fields (DragonLady)

All we got were medium sized ice cream cone but with the price of those you can't afford anything else.They were over three dollars after tax.Food: 5/5

Jeremy Edwards

Can't go wrong with DQ if you want a good classic burger and fries but try the cheesy dude they got something there should be a regular menu item if you ask meFood: 5/5

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