Fish N Tails Oyster Bar

330 S State Hwy 78, Wylie
(214) 299-9354

Recent Reviews

Dustin D.

Ok, I love the food but have a MAJOR COMPLAINT about the bar. So either they are shorting the drinks or they are watering down the booze. Don't sell quality food and serve crap drinks please. Short shotting me is as bad as selling me a turd and calling it a corn dog. If you can't do the small things right I cannot give you a good review. For the non drinkers, they have quality food in the 4-4.5 star range.


I was very disappointed!! Ordered a bowl of Gumbo and it was mainly tomato sauce with a few uncleaned salad shrimp in it!! We got 2 Combo Platters with Boil Crab and Shrimp!! I had to have a magnifying glass to see the itty bitty snow crabs on the plate, and I was mortified that the shrimp came with the heads on them!! We literally paid for 2 platters of the most disgusting sausage they could find for $30 a platter!! I expected more from here because the place was highly recommended!! It was my first and last visit

Shelby B.

Indifferent service and there is no way they clean the tables after guests. The condiment bottles were sticky with filth. Good coleslaw, but don't order the cod.

Lewis Baker

Exceptional service! I have never met the owner but I'd like to inform this person that they do one heck of a job running this place!! ?✨ Oh, and the food is Superb! ??

Charles E. B.

Great place to take the family or meet friends. The food is great as well as the setting

Sharonda Lawson

Food was great, drinks were on point and its a nice spot to unwind after a long week.

James Greer

Want some real deal seafood this is the spot. Everything is great. The fried oysters are the best I've had. ???

Lynne again

Always great.... great service, food, drinks, prices... and fast... don't know what else you could ask for

Kelly Stephens

Fish and shrimp good but I don't like the onion rings

Mary M.

Oysters were great! Everything else not so great. Also got a mango margarita and it was all mango no liquor It wasn't even blended well, chunks of frozen mango just in a cup.

Margaret Cass

It was good. They had no oysters that was a disappointment. The crab cakes were different then everyday ones. They made a thin yummy crust around all of it. WowIt made me like crab cakes again..

Ashley R.

One of our favorite spots in Wylie! Best drinks and food is always amazing. Frankie and Jared are great bartenders and love the happy hour

Robert Martinez

Always good and fresh! Fast service and they also have a good happy hour!

Angelique Mason

I'm giving this place the 2 stars because the staff was very friendly and the restrooms were very clean. The coconut shrimp however was very sad. I paid $14.06 for 6 pieces of shrimp that were absolutely flavorless. I had no sides, this was this much money for just 6 pieces of shrimp!!! That's $2.34 per shrimp!!! I didn't have time for a reorder because I had to get to work. This was my first experience here and sadly probably the last. Not a satisfied customer.

Kevin Waitkus

The food was good. The portions were large. The chicken fried rice was fantastic. Service is a bit odd, they delivered different plates at different times instead of all at the same time.

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